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Wednesday, July 23, 2003


after a long, long hiatus, the staff at skippy international decided to participate in this week's edition of the carnival of the vanities (the brain child of our friend big wig over at silflay hraka).

this week's edition is found at da goddess, and she did a bang up job of putting together the various work of many fine bloggers. we highly recommend you go read some of the suggested pieces.

you may ask, why now? you may ask yourself, why participate after several months of staying away? you may ask yourself, this is not my beautiful house! and the days go by...

the reason is, of course, a couple of weeks ago we wrote what we thought was a brilliant piece of satire, commenting on abby's mention of blogging in her national column: instapundit writes dear abby. we thought for sure we'd get a response from somebody in blogtopia! (y!wctp!)

nobody said boo! not even a "this is stupid, skippy." so we re-posted it and sent our link away to da goddess. whatever our own egotistical reasons, (egotistical being the operative word in this whole exercise), there are plenty of good pieces on the carnival this week, like the axioms of liberty at coerdroia, and can democrats learn from blair at wizbang, and our personal favorite, six quick fixes for the economy at resurrectionsong.
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