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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, July 20, 2003

but what about uncle war?

we stop by antiwar.com daily, for obvious reasons. to wit, today's stories:

office of special plans behind phony 'intelligence':

secretary of state colin powell appears to be the only white house official who questioned the accuracy of the intelligence information coming out of the office of special plans. a day before he was set to appear before the united nations feb. 5…powell omitted numerous claims provided to him by the office of special plans about iraq’s weapons program because the information was unreliable, according to an early february report in u.s. news and world report.

first campaign against iraq's transitoinal governing council:

imams of the sunni mosques in baghdad yesterday launched a campaign against the transitional iraqi governing council calling on iraqis not to recognize it and to reject its decisions, while a commission for their scholars criticized the "sectarian and ethnic" composition of the council which "gives a certain sect a majority at the expense of the iraqi people group and without a referendum."

prominent shiite cleric denounces u.s.-picked council:

an influential shiite muslim cleric condemned iraq's u.s-picked governing council as made up of "non-believers" and vowed to create a rival body, as his followers in a historic mosque shouted "death to america."

american combat deaths in iraq top 150:

“i always feel like i’m a target,” says spc. anthony gisi, standing in a humvee behind the most powerful weapon these soldiers have to defend themselves — a mounted .50-caliber machine gun. “kind of feel like bait up here in the gunner’s hatch.”

and, unfortunately, we find that two more u.s. soldiers were killed in iraq today:

the two u.s. soldiers died when rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire struck their convoy early sunday near tal afar, a town west of the northern city of mosul, said military spokesman cpl. todd pruden. another soldier was injured. all the victims were from the 101st airborne division.

we recommend a daily reading of antiwar.com.
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