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Sunday, July 20, 2003

brett bursey update

brett bursey's lawyers field a motion last friday requesting documents from the federal government and the state of south carolina, in hopes of bolstering the case that mr. bursey was arrested to silence his protest, rather than for any safety issues, according to the atlanta journal constitution.

mr. bursey, you will recall, was arrested in the columbia airport while holding a "no blood for oil sign" in an area in which awol was expected to arrive.

the journal-constitution says his lawyer, lewis pitts, cites in his motion a similar case from michigan where a student was arrested after refusing to put down an anti-awol sign.

in his motion, pitts wants the secret service and the state law enforcement division to turn over security plans for bush's visits to south carolina in march, august and october of 2002. they also want all memos, e-mails or other notes concerning bursey.

pitts said a sled agent gave a signed statement saying agents discussed that bursey was planning to protest the president's visit and asked one agent to make sure he was sent to an area a half-mile away from bush.

to bolster his argument, pitts included parts of a transcript from a michigan state trial where a college student was arrested for trespassing after he refused to put down a sign critical of bush.

in the transcript, a police captain said the secret service told him to move anyone protesting the president away from areas near where bush would speak.

as always, we will keep you up to date on mr. bursey's progress. (a big thanks to lambert at eschaton for alerting us to this new development!)
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