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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, July 20, 2003

blogging around

thanks to talkleft, we find the bushwar's research and analysis of dr. dean's 16 questions for awol.

the sideshow talks about media cover-up, and provides examples.

kathryn cramer finds another instance of the media cleaning up awol's garbling of our language.

body and soul reports that bush had no intelligence.

gail davis reports that the government's do not call web site has already been hacked, and people's numbers have been stolen.

cursor.org finds numerous instances where awol told the iraq-niger-uranium shaggy dog story in other places than the sotu speech.

steve gilliard on the daily kos likens tony blair's problem with the deceased scientist david kelly to the scottish play. [ed. note: we are from the theatre, we dare not speak its name!]

why we love hammerdown.

and hey, be sure to buy the great big book of tomorrow!
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