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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

blogging around

the daily kos thinks awol is doing the gop a disservice by working to criminalize gay marriage.

the horse examine's louis freeh's role in resisting security measures against al qaeda (and the horse also brings us this new gallup/cnn/usatoday poll: less than half of america would vote to re-elect awol!)

one of people powering howard has created some people powered howard t-shirts for sale.

calpundit has a great examination of awol's falling polls, complete with color charts! it's almost as if we were reading usatoday!

spadehammer points out awol's on vacation again (uh, oh...remember what happened 2 years ago after his that month long vacation...)

dr. carol at the sideshow muses on the theofascist state we seem to be entering into...

nathan newman points out the rosy outlook of the newest beige book may be a lot of smoke and mirrors.

my daddy's blog found evidence of wmd's!

alterman enumerates the many ways that awol is awol on terrorism.

too many good articles at the smirking chimp to list individually...go there and read them.

and tom burka is a funny, funny dude.
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