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Sunday, July 20, 2003

backwash - a skippy rant

our faithful reader tekflower found an interesting article in the uk independent. it seems one of the unforseen consequences of global snottiness is repercussions in the corporate boardrooms (and profits) of good ol' ameircan companies...

but what if american products have started to stand for something else? such as bullying imperialism or intolerance of the rest of the world's problems?

…this is indeed what corporate america has been asking itself, and now it may have the first inkling of an answer. according to a report just completed by the new york consulting firm roperasw, the value of america's favourite brands abroad is showing unmistakable signs of slippage. for now, at least, it is just possible that selling a product inextricably linked with uncle sam and the stars and stripes may be more of a liability than a boon.

on a broader level, this is the obvious problem with orthadox religious-based social intercourse of any kind, be it global-political, or just standing in a line at a bank.

(by "orthodox" we don't mean a specific sect, but a particular mindset, and we've all seen it, thus: "my beliefs are not only right, they are the only way to look at the world and god and humankind's place in the universe, as well as how to go to school and eat lunch and dress and watch tv and things like that. and every body else is not only wrong, they are all damned to hell until and unless they agree with me. and i have every right to shout it loud and clear all the time, and if you disagree, you are suppressing my right to religious freedom, you heathen you.")

see, that's the sort of attitude that just turns people off. we are always amazed when born-again wacko's [ed. note: not all born agains are wacko's, nor are all wacko's born agains] cry that people are "bashing" christianity. well, why not? christianity, at least their brand of it, doesn't just bash other people, it damns them to eternal hell of torment just because they don't agree. shouldn't you expect a little "bashing" in return? and gosh, we're betting that of the two, you'd rather be "bashed" than "damned." at least, we would.

so it should be no suprise at all that our perceived (and real) holier-than-thou attidues make the rest of the world in general want to boycot american products. america used to be a place to look up to, a place to want to go to. and not because of the running water, and britny spears, and rolex watches and paved roads and who wants to marry my dad and spongebob squarepants. those are only material representations of wealth, and gee, doesn't some famous old book say something about moneychangers and camels in the eye of the needle and stuff?

and now, even those representations of wealth mean very little to the rest of the world. again, from the independent:

of the top 10 global us-based firms, only one saw an increase in its brand-power compared with a year earlier. all of the others were either unchanged, which is bad enough, or in negative territory. this is the fifth year that the same survey has been carried out. and 2003 is the first time that american companies have seen their brand-power starting to sink. by contrast, the survey shows gains for the best-known non-us brands.

no, america was looked up to by every other country in the world because it was the land of the free. the place to be whatever you could muster yourself into, without fear of reprisal. but folks, nobody thinks it's that way any more. it's the land of the shut up and buy, and then pray, in that order. it's the land of the boycott the chicks if they disagree with bush. it's the land of the fbi will question you about your reading material. it's the land of the no more paper trails to count your vote. again, the independent:

the advertising agency mccann-erickson recently sent a memo to its us clients advising them to rethink their marketing approaches and, above all, to avoid trying to "wrap their brands" in the american flag, while trying to stress local roots in the markets for which they were aiming. the war, the agency said, risked "tarnishing the reputation of american culture and the mythic 'american dream', which has long drawn consumers around the world to the united states to live, work or visit".

a lot of places don't find american culture any more free than their own these days (just ask the iraqi's about their free elections). so why be amazed that america is no longer looked up to, but rather down upon?

there is such a thing as karma, even on a geo-political scale.
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Born agains are freaks plain and simple.

They have been brainwashed to the point they will lie, cheat, and sneak to get what they want in business, with friends and family, and slaughter you with THEIR view of the Bible. They prey on the under educated (Africa is a favorite target), jail birds (meetings with those in jail), naive teens in their development stages of making informed judgments, and anyone else who is an easy target. They are as dangerous to a society as Hitler's Gestapo was in Europe.

When you run into one, don't be nice since that is one of their sneaky tactics and run as far way from them as you can. If you are in a store or in line to purchase something, drop it and tell the manager on your way out you don't want to shop there because of Born Again freaks solicitation on their premise.

The born again club/society has gone far enough. Since they are brainwashed to the danger point, it is hard to stop them. Any engagement with them is usually fruitless because they are so clever and manipulative. You can not trust them in any way, form shape, or matter. Period.
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