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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

winning the war but losing the world

sure, we're winning the war on terrorism. just don't tell that to the al qaeda operatives who left saudi arabia and may be headed to the us, according to the latimes:

days before the suicide car bombings here that killed at least 34 people last week, members of an al qaeda cell slipped out of the country and headed for europe or america, a senior saudi official said monday, adding that there is a "very serious" threat of another terrorist strike.

and don't tell that to prince bin sultan, a saudi official, who, according to ananova, warns of new terrorist threats:

prince bandar bin sultan said "there is chatter, a high level of chatter regionally and in other international spots" that something could happen in saudi arabia or the us.

and don't tell that to the fbi who warms there might be terrorist attacks in this country, says usatoday:

officials are fearful that al-qaeda could expand its plans for a wave of attacks overseas into the united states. fbi director robert mueller stressed wednesday, however, there is "no specificity" as to potential targets or times of attack.

and don't tell that to senior al qaeda official ayman al-zawahri, who urges attacks on americans and jews, reports haaretz.com.

hey, who cares about the economy anyway?

(al qaeda story links thanks to antiwar.com, cs monitor story courtesy of argmax.com)
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