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skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, May 26, 2003

who needs zoloft when we've got talkleft?

hey, kevin, don't be so down in the dumps over world affairs.

first of all, even though nobody will admit it, the economy has slid out of a recession into a depression (at least, by this standard: a recession is when your neighbor loses his job. a depression is when you lose your job. if that's the case, the skippy economy is in a depression).

so, if we're in a depression, no wonder you're depressed! but more than that, kev, be sure to read what our buddy talkleft has to say about fighting an uphill battle:

the message here: get out of bed. we don't have the luxury of being depressed. there is too much work to do. we have battles to fight and wars to win. we need you, kevin, and those feeling the same way, to recognize there is power in numbers, and if you all go to sleep instead of hanging in here to fight the good fight with us, then all of us have lost.

she's right, kids. liberty and equality aren't entitlements. they are valuable freedoms that must be fought for, every single day, because every single day there are those who, because of their small penises or fear of dying, grasp for all the power they can get on this earthly plane, and so will take your power away if you're not watching.

impossible odds? maybe. but that's when revolution, in thinking as well as in politics, works the best. like talkleft says,

we can take him out--through the electoral process. we just have to get out the vote and defeat bush. please, do anything except stand mute.
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