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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

people love the black dog

arriving in stores today, for you old hippies and also you youngsters who want to know what real headbanger rock is: 3 cd set of live led zeppelin performances "how the west was won" (merging two 1972 shows, at the los angeles forum and long beach arena). it sounds like it would be worth it just to hear the 23 minute jam on "whole lotta love" (and a reminder of the passion of john bonham with his 19 minute "moby dick" drum solo.)

and, if you insist on living in the 21st century, get the two dvd package "led zeppelin dvd" including perfomances at the royal albert hall ('70) and madison square gardens ('75).

both the cd set and dvd are released by atlantic. here's an interview with page, plant and jones found in usatoday.
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