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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

fan mail from some flounders

we get a slew of letters from other bloggers alerting us to different stories that we may have missed.

matt prescott of earth-info.net sends us a few notes: here's nobel laurete joseph stigler's take on "dubyanonmics;" and here's a review of the times the us army was ordered to intervene in the coal strikes of 1920-21; and finally, apparently sesame street is being used to torture iraqi prisoners, according to this.

then, reader laura newton sends us this musing from religion & ethics newsweekly (from wnet in new york) about awol's religious rhetoric; and a transcript of bill moyers' interview with jay lifton; and finally, laura wonders if skippy is ab negative when she sends this report about dracula's mother.

and, chuck simmons, one of our friends from the other side of the aisle, sends us this article from the hill which points out that dick gephart has missed 85% of the votes in congress this year.

and finally, our friend jenny over at little red cook book, continues the saga of the dixie chicks, with more proof that the "grass roots" swell of outrage against the chicks was actually orchestrated in republican headquarters.
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