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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, May 29, 2003

blogging around

kos says the dems are starting to find a backbone, one by one...starting with jay rockefeller.

atrios is saying that pfc lynch's family is denying she has amnesia, but aren't saying much more than that...

talkleft takes us over to stop george in 2004 (and she says she got it from cursor)

tom tomorrow reports that time is starting to respond to everyone pointing out they got hoodwinked by gop astro-turf.

spadehammer points out that the big dog is making noise about repealing the 22nd amendment...and spade provides facts and figures as to why this would be a good thing.

a couple of weeks ago (sorry for the delay in browsing, ann!) two tears in a bucket dredged up an old bloom county strip that seems terribly relevant to today.

the smirking chimp reprints a column from our favorite conservative, james pinkerton (even though the bastard has yet to reply to our fan email to him): "god save the iraqis from the american god."
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