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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

blogging around

cursor.org directs us to the memory hole, who examines a manufactures photo from the london evening standard which overstates the crowd at the toppling of saddam's statue by about, oh, 50,000 or so. and, it's a pretty shoddy job of fakery, to boot!

cursor also points out tonight in new york is a screening of dr. stangelove, our favorite kubrick flick (with appearance by janeane garafalo!)

bo cowgill says that the condemnation of the terror attacks by the english-based arab news may not be so great, because most people in the arabic countries don't actually speak english.

talkleft, our favorite defender of civil liberties, points out that reporters' phone calls to scott petersen have been tapped.

lean left looks at tennessee (and other states) wanting to have an earlier primary to influence national politics (gee, why don't they just start a blog, like the rest of us?)

steve gilliard, on the daily kos, writes about how the saudis are afraid it will come out just how much osama is supported amongst the saudi people.

anti-war.com tells us the us authorizes gi's to shoot iraqi looters.

and, finally, atrios corresponds with michael graham (oh, we just want to beat graham to death with a tire iron. good night, folks, we're here all week, try the veal!).
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