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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

ashes to ashes, dung to dung

a sonoma county, calif, man is tussling with the california transportation department over his unique political advertising along state highway 116. aside from the usual banners and signs ("honk for bush behind bars," and "impeach me and my gang - george w. bush"), mr. john jenkel has used piles of manure and a casket to make his point, says the press democrat.com.

state transportation crews had taken away signs and the casket, which rested on top of the manure pile. when jenkel refused to move the manure pile measuring 6 feet high and 30 feet around, caltrans crews pushed it farther into his driveway.

however, some people applaud mr. jenkel's approach.

"you've got a lot of guts. and i know you've got to be putting up with a lot of crap," said john steward, of sebastopol.

maybe it's because he's putting out a lot of crap...literally.

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