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skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, May 12, 2003

ahoy, permission to jump aboard!

looking over the mess in iraq, we accidentally thought this piece (from lew rockwell.com) was about us: skippering the yacht of state.

turns out the "skippering" part has nothing to do with bush kangaroos. it's about rich white privleged frat boys being in positions of power:

but the interesting aspect of the administration shakeup is what we all saw coming – the present-day political genoa jib is the bush re-election campaign. garner, with bad publicity regarding kick-backs and government scams, is electoral jetsam. think thomas "e. for enron" white as former army secretary, and the lovely richard "i wouldn’t dream of influence peddling with my newly formed venture capital company trireme partners" perle as former chairman of the defense policy board. (well, not true jetsam really, 'cause folks is folks.)

in contrast, not much is out on l. paul bremer, iii, or "jerry" to his friends...

while his performance of duty at his final state posting was criticized, relating to a certain lack of action taken on a particular warning about pan am flight 103, his overall outstanding qualifications were noted by powers that be. he was hired in 1989 – immediately after leaving state – by kissinger associates, and surely that must be a comfort to everyone.

last week, a mother of a lockerbie victim was asked about bremer’s new post in iraq. she said simply, "i was shocked he was given the job."
i’m not one to contradict anyone’s mother, especially so soon after mother’s day. but while we might have many feelings as we watch the slow unfurling of the statist flag over the u.s. channel into opec, "shocked" should not be one of them.

(a big thanks to antiwar.com for the link!)

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