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Saturday, May 31, 2003

as goes missoula...so goes the left

we wouldn't think montana to be a hotbed of leftist thought. but here's an article from the missoula independent online - as the world burns:

or how about the loss of freedom that’s occurring not in afghanistan or iraq, but here in the u.s. under the rubric of “homeland security”? what was once labeled “creeping fascism” is now in full stride, with americans quickly becoming the most spied upon (by their own government) people in the world. with bush in the lead, our government is collecting massive amounts of data on citizens without their knowledge, consent, or even a hint that they may have done something wrong. who you call, what you say, where you go on the internet, what e-mails you send or receive, how much money is in your bank account and where and how you spend it are all now being secretly tracked, recorded and shared among government agencies—including the pentagon and the new, deep-shadow program known as the total information awareness project run by convicted iran-contra scoundrel john poindexter.

as we lose our privacy, we also lose our liberty. many are now experiencing what really happens as “homeland security” measures are ruthlessly imposed on the populace—not just by the scores of federal and state bureaucracies, but by non-governmental corporations who may find the excuse of “homeland security” a handy tool for any number of their own reasons. nor should we forget local governments. helena, using a $70,000 federal grant, now boasts the state’s first city-level “counter-terrorism planner,” who points to “ted kaczynski, the freemen, and flathead county’s project 7,” as reasons for montanans to be more like israeli citizens and be “aware of what is going on around them,” “seek out information,” and “join groups such as the newly-formed citizens corps.” it’s all part of what he says is “going to be a way of life.” but existing in a state of continuous suspicion and paranoia is not what most montanans would consider “life.”

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can't beat that capitalization style sheet

we know we've directed your attention to ...a certain shade of [green] before, but we must admit we love kim's blogging template, plus her eschewing of capital letters.
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email mikey

thanks to trish wilson's blog, we find this great page of fcc contact info...phone, fax and email numbers...call them by monday!
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no blood for bottled water

protesters head towards the tiny alpine town of evian, to rally against the meeting of the g8, at which the seven leading industrial nations, and has-been russia, will discuss such things as the world's economy and fancy bottled water.

and, apparently, according to the nytimes, wmds :

in an editorial today, the financial times assailed the bush administration and british intelligence over the weapons that washington insisted for weeks would soon be found in iraq. "it is time for a reality check," the newspaper wrote. "we have been deceived."

so the leaders of the industrialized nations "simmer with transatlantaic tension" as they sip their crovossier and eat their chocolates in the alps.

meanwhile, the actual people of the world are getting tear gassed in the very same city. well, not actually the very same city. apparently awol's idea of first amendment zones is popular amongst the elite of europe, as well:

security is so tight in evian, the french spa town where the leaders of the group of eight (g8) are due to open their annual summit today, protesters have been forced to focus their campaign around annemasse and geneva.

just so you know it's not all violence and class struggle at the spa, be aware that some protesters are streaking the summit:

in lausanne, some two dozen protesters bared themselves to security forces saturday.

they undressed outside of the media center and, each of them painted with a red letter, set themselves up in the right alignment to send the message: ''the naked truth, no g-8.''

under a blazing sun, they walked for the best part of an hour before getting dressed again.

for the best on the ground coverage of the protests, go to indymedia.org's g8 coverage, including reports about the riot in geneva, and the teargas in annemasse. and some good pictures, too!
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blogging around

steve gilliard on the daily kos has found a good slogan on the message boards: "bush lied, people died."

sorry we missed it! but our buddy eric at the hamster has resumed blogging again! today both he and calpundit comment on franken vs. o'reilly on c-span2 looks at books!

bear left! has their own new blog: k-marx!

and while we're at it, let us remind everyone that zizka has a new address. bookmark it!

anna of annatopia is rooting for the mavericks. skippy lives in los angeles, so he doesn't care.

atrios lets us know that a u.s. military supply trailer ran over and killed a child in iraq (plus 3 soldiers died in a traffic accident that happened yesterday).

the liquid list follows the story about americans who are islamic being detained and questioned at airports.

crowgirl at magpie looks at the us's good cop/ bad cop routine.

talkleft points out that another one of ashcroft's terrorism cases has fallen apart.

mydd remarks that public opinion watch is seeing a decline in support for awol among the young in america.

the smirking chimp links us to a sfchron story about nancy peloski declaring bush is now fair game for dems...it's about time, we say.
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humpty dumpty undercover

we love sasha, because, like humpty dumpty in alice in wonderland, she apparently believes "words mean precisely what i want them to mean."

for instance, sasha makes up the word prequementary when speaking about the great tim robbins movie "bob roberts." she thinks karl rove must have memorized it.
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mail call

a few fellow bloggers send their best...

our friend laura newton directs our attention to this mark moford column in the sfchron: lesbian wiccans save america. laura also recommends news of the weird for a laugh or two.

cowboy kahill at reach'm high network noose doesn't seem to think there are enough women blogging for the left (he could be right about the left...but then the left is usually right).

jenny at the little red cookbookwants us to help save the reading rainbow...and she suggests we read lisa english's ruminate this! to learn more.

jimm at the project for a new century of freedom wants us to be very aware of what media consolidation can mean to us all.

and eric at antidotal reminds us that the bushies are not above using hollywood to promote their agenda (or, in this case, canada, where the movie was shot).

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Friday, May 30, 2003

a bully is just a coward with add problems

and we've always known awol is a bully. how do we know for sure? because, as reported in counterspin central, awol's police force arrested a man in south carolina for, get this now, holding an anti-bush sign near where bush was standing!

we'd think that was something stalin would have done.

brett bursey was standing near some repubblicans in the columbia metropolitan airport, waiting for awol to show up and smirk at the people. the police approached him and warned him he'd have to go to the "free speech zone." we love his retort:

“i told them, i’m in a free-speech zone. it’s called america. of course they weren’t amused," bursey says. “i told them i felt perfectly comfortable right where i was and that i was going to stay there. they said, ‘we are going to arrest you if you stay there.’”

they did, after admitting it was because of the content of his sign (no war for oil). and now, even worse, ashcroft's justice department is prosecuting this case. mr. bursey could face up to a $5000 fine and six months in jail.

rep. barney frank and 10 other congressmen have sent a letter to ashcroft denouncing this ridculous action. we don't know if it will help mr. bursey's case. we don't even know if mr. bursey's case will help the first amendment's case, which is rapidly becoming shakier on a daily basis.

(big thanks to ampersand for the link!)
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say hello

to the high desert skeptic.
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why? kos we like you

in case you haven't figured out, there's a reason it's named the daily kos. kos you should be reading it daily.

case in point: today, kos is hot on the story that the story about the made up wmd story just won't die down. according to the kos, several in the intelligence community are not only angry that their apparati were perverted to create the lie about the saddam-al qaeda connection, they are totally refusing to take the heat for the fact that no wmd's are being found. and, lucky for us, they're becoming vocal about it.

there are current intelligence officials who believe it is a scandal," [vince cannistraro, a former chief of central intelligence agency] said in a telephone interview. they believe the administration, before going to war, had a "moral obligation to use the best information available, not just information that fits your preconceived ideas."

you read it here first (actually, on yahoo first): the 's' word: scandal!

and, kos also has put together a great chart (with cites and sources) showing the number of deaths of us and british troops in iraq during and after the war. did you know that since the photo op of saddam's statue being pulled down for the cameras on april 10th (the "official" fall of baghdad), there have been 64 american deaths in iraq? that's a lot for a war we won being over, don't you think?

kos also reminds us the terror alert level has gone back down to match the stripe down awol's back.
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call up mikey and tell him what for

yes, it's kind of late, sorry, but we just opened an email from moveon which gives us the phone number of michael powell's office: (202) 418-1000. moveon and the staff here at skippy urge everyone to phone up the chairman of the fcc early monday morning and let him know that changing the rules of media ownership is unacceptable to a healthy democracy.

once you've called, please let move on know.
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Thursday, May 29, 2003

be the 100th caller and win some bland media

skippy unfortunately, finally got a day's worth of work today, so he was forced to choose between making an income in awol's economy or joining the protest against awol's media monopoly. he chose to make money, because it's been so long since he's seen a paycheck, and thusly was unable to join the nation-wide protests against clear channel.

protesters gathered in front of clear channel outlets in pittsburgh and los angeles and san antonio (clear channel's headquarters) new york and washington dc and phoenix and portland and charleston.

we wish we could have been there. but the skippys have to eat. and we may want to retire someday!
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blogging around

kos says the dems are starting to find a backbone, one by one...starting with jay rockefeller.

atrios is saying that pfc lynch's family is denying she has amnesia, but aren't saying much more than that...

talkleft takes us over to stop george in 2004 (and she says she got it from cursor)

tom tomorrow reports that time is starting to respond to everyone pointing out they got hoodwinked by gop astro-turf.

spadehammer points out that the big dog is making noise about repealing the 22nd amendment...and spade provides facts and figures as to why this would be a good thing.

a couple of weeks ago (sorry for the delay in browsing, ann!) two tears in a bucket dredged up an old bloom county strip that seems terribly relevant to today.

the smirking chimp reprints a column from our favorite conservative, james pinkerton (even though the bastard has yet to reply to our fan email to him): "god save the iraqis from the american god."
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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

fun with google

we did a google search and found some interesting stories:

the newton board of alderman will ponder the patriot act, according to the newton townonline.com:

the resolution would instruct the newton police to not cooperate with federal officials in cases where civil liberties might be violated. it also asks that signs be placed at the newton free library informing all patrons that library records and computer files are now subject to secret search by federal agents under the act.

condeleeza rice admits us diplomacy with germany will circumvent chancellor schroeder, says reuters.

:we're now doing everything we can to improve relations to germany at all levels," the unnamed german visitor quoted rice as saying. "but we're going to work around the chancellor. it's better to leave him out."

and finally, the ultra-conservative sierra times brings us ted lang's column: the bush regime - he's gone over the edge!

[bush] guaranteed that al qaeda terrorists from afghanistan were responsible for 9-11, yet as john leboutillier points out, sent only 20,000 troops there and 200,000 troops to iraq
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you'll notice that happy face icon isn't a girl

cursor.org points out that carolyn sapp, miss american 1992, has begun a campaign to alert america to the fact that wal-mart treats its female employees unfairly. from the transcript of her cnn interview:

we want to reach out to people and say, look, this is what is going on at wal-mart. they are not paying women the same as they pay men. they are not promoting them fairly, and it is time that people out there knew, and as far as the consumers, women are the largest consumer at wal-mart, and i think that when they hear this news, they'll make a difference and take a stand against wal- mart.

we already have. we don't buy cheap crap.
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skippy's ancestors kicked ass

thanks to amcgltd.com, we find this story from new scientist: bizarre "horned" kangaroo fossils unearthed:

"the kangaroo really is bizarre. it doesn't look like any other living or fossil kangaroo yet discovered," long told new scientist. "the bony projections right above the eyes stick out laterally, and it has a strange bulbous snout."

skippy only grow horns once in a while, and we aren't sure if we'd call skippy's nose a "strange bulbous snout," but "the kangaroo is really bizarre" sure hits home with us.
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say hello

to dropstones and the suburban guerilla and easy bake coven's other site susan jayne.

also of note, kevin seems to be out of his doldrums and back blogging like crazy! always something worth checking out on calpundit!
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mail bag

spadehammer reminds us he has some action alerts for the upcoming media merger proposals before the fcc: sclm, fcc, powell, & media consolidation.

dr. tom thinks the drop in durable goods orders could create the perfect storm for politics in 2004.

and we need to give deltiology a shout out for giving us a shout out. thanks, chris!
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lynch pin

more on jessica lynch's supposed "rescue" from the smirking chimp:

but why should we give more credence to the bbc, the guardian and independent of london, or the toronto star, and other foreign sources, than we do to our domestic media? simply because the us media has squandered its credibility, while the foreign press displays the quality of responsible journalism that we once enjoyed at home and now have lost.
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coalition of the boiling

of course, the kos was all over uzbekistan's violation of human rights even before the war in iraq. but now, apparently, some others are waking up to the fact that the uzbeki's are as bad, if not worse, than saddam ever was.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

moveon over to your check book

moveon.org asked us for a donation to help fight media monopoly...so we thought we'd spread the word.
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wait a minute...how'd this wool get pulled over our eyes?

blah3 finds an editorial writer that is slowly changing his mind about awol's veracity in reasons for the the iraq war.
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welcome back, devra!

blue streak is up and running again!
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it takes an attorney general to stop an attorney general

we pass along ramsey clark's website information, in the slim hopes that it might help. help what, you ask? help impeach bush.

according to vti's [vote to impeach] web site, www.votetoimpeach.org, president george w. bush, vice president richard b. cheney, secretary of defense donald h. rumsfeld and attorney general john david ashcroft have all committed impeachable offenses listed under article ii, section 4 of the constitution.
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ashes to ashes, dung to dung

a sonoma county, calif, man is tussling with the california transportation department over his unique political advertising along state highway 116. aside from the usual banners and signs ("honk for bush behind bars," and "impeach me and my gang - george w. bush"), mr. john jenkel has used piles of manure and a casket to make his point, says the press democrat.com.

state transportation crews had taken away signs and the casket, which rested on top of the manure pile. when jenkel refused to move the manure pile measuring 6 feet high and 30 feet around, caltrans crews pushed it farther into his driveway.

however, some people applaud mr. jenkel's approach.

"you've got a lot of guts. and i know you've got to be putting up with a lot of crap," said john steward, of sebastopol.

maybe it's because he's putting out a lot of crap...literally.

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we'd hate to think how bad things would be if the war wasn't over

in yet another attack on american soldiers in iraq, gunmen opened fire on u.s. troops in the western town of fallujah, killing two and wounded nine others, says the nytimes.

if you're keeping score, that's seven soldiers dead in the last three days. technically, some of them were killed in accidents. but then, you have to decide if you're going to define "running over a land mine" and "explosion in a munitions dump" as accidents.
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o canada!

hopefully things aren't so bad that you are planning to move to canada. but you might want to vacation there, at least if what talkleft tells us comes to pass: canada introduces pot legalization measure.

those under 18 years old could face fines of up to $182 for minor possession while adults could be fined the equivalent of $292.

this move, along with maryland relaxing medicinal marijuana laws, must be making ashcroft quake in his crisco.
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say hello

to the subtleties of bushies suck!
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people love the black dog

arriving in stores today, for you old hippies and also you youngsters who want to know what real headbanger rock is: 3 cd set of live led zeppelin performances "how the west was won" (merging two 1972 shows, at the los angeles forum and long beach arena). it sounds like it would be worth it just to hear the 23 minute jam on "whole lotta love" (and a reminder of the passion of john bonham with his 19 minute "moby dick" drum solo.)

and, if you insist on living in the 21st century, get the two dvd package "led zeppelin dvd" including perfomances at the royal albert hall ('70) and madison square gardens ('75).

both the cd set and dvd are released by atlantic. here's an interview with page, plant and jones found in usatoday.
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people love the big dog

oliver willis reminds us that, in a new poll by usatoday, clinton was the third most admired president in history, behind only lincoln and kennedy, and tying with awol.

and, among 18 to 29 year olds, bubba was tops (and awol only garnered 10% of the vote).

as president, he routinely outflanked republicans' legislative efforts and frustrated the gop's attempts to make his moral failing an impeachable offense. now americans put him in the top ranks of great presidents. this has to make conservatives squirm.

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stop clearchannel! or at least, piss them off a little

may 29th has been designated as a national protest clear channel day. moveon.org sends us an email telling us that united for peace and code pink have organized protests in front of some clear channel outlets throughout the nation, including here in los angeles, as well as san francisco and washington dc.

cursor wants to know if the protesters will be marching along side of william safire.
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the jayson blair witch project

we enjoy sullywatch, even if only for the wonderful tone it has that strikes a delicate balance between irony and bitchiness, something not seen in english letters since oscar wilde.

but sullywatch is on a tear, and important tear, this week, as he finds so many other examples of down right dishonest reporting, by reporters who don't happen to be black, but somehow happen to escape national scrutiny for their errors. (too many great posts on this subject to link to, just go to sullywatch and spend a few minutes reading. you won't be sorry).

update: while you're surfing, check out romenesko who has nothing but stories about plagarism among "official" journalists.
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say hello

to the rusmeister.
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commentary on the chicks

our friend jenny at the little red cook book directs our attention to duncan campbell's commentary in the uk guardian about the recent ugly reception the dixie chicks received at this year's country music awards.

aside from this observation "one could not help but notice that maines's t-shirt had the letters futk on it. the last two letters, it transpired, stood for toby keith. (heaven only knows what the first two stood for)" [ed. note: we can guess!], we were taken with this thought mr. campbell had:

the sad thing is that country music, at its best, used to celebrate outsiders, people who bucked the system. the awards ceremony showed that it has now passed completely into the hands of the kind of folks who look up suspiciously in westerns when a stranger comes into the saloon. much of the music sounds as though it has been written by a self-pitying computer.

still, whatever happened in las vegas, the dixie chicks are playing to sold-out houses on their national tour. country music, at least the kind that was on display in las vegas, needs them more than they need country music.

many of the participants in the awards ceremony dressed like cowboys. but for some reason, sheep were the animals that kept coming to mind.
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hey kevin! write a poem!

kevin, don't be depressed by the repubbblicans! get even! write a dark, gothic poem with the goth-o-matic poetry generator! (thanks to easy bake coven for the link!)
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say hello

to peace tree farm.
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Monday, May 26, 2003

it can't happen here...eyah.

readers of this space will confirm we have often proclaimed our steadfast belief: fascism doesn't happen all at once, it creeps up on you a little at a time.

and it seems to be creeping up faster these days in barre, vermont.

apparently, according to the barre/montpelier times argus on line, a certain officer john mott of the barre police force was concerned over what tom treece was teaching in his spaulding high school public issues class.

things like bumper stickers saying "vermonters for a bush/cheney regime change." in other words, ideas from...gasp!...the left!

so what does concerned office mott do? approach the school board? write a letter to the editor of the times argus? go out in the woods and shoot at a target labled "commie teacher"?

no. he illegally breaks into the locked school room at night and photographs the students' history projects.

mott has steadfastly maintained he entered the school through an unlocked maintenance door that he frequently used when he worked for years as an instructor of spaulding’s jrotc program. he says he then found custodian arnold cliche. cliche, who is responsible for making sure all doors are locked, reportedly told school officials a different story. they claim the custodian insisted he let mott in through the school’s front entrance where he found the officer banging on the door.

and the photographs have wound up on rush limbaugh's web site:

according to [school superintendent dororthy] anderson, at least one parent has complained about a photograph of her child’s project that has been posted, along with other pictures on limbaugh’s website.

oh, no problem with the color of authority disobeying search and seizure laws and violating the spirit of the first amendment. come on, let's go burn some dixie chicks cd's!
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lynch mob

well, it's made it into the mainstream media! no, not the bush being awol story (come on, wake up, this is reality we're talking about).

no, we mean the questioning of the amazing super duper patriotic rescue of poor little jessica lynch, lying with multiple gunshot wounds in a hostile iraqi hospital, to be finally saved by gun-toting american commandos in a dangerously heroic raid.

the chicago tribune tries to sort "fact from fiction" in pfc. lynch's story.

"there was never a bullet wound," said [iraqi doctor harith] al-houssona, who operated on lynch to install a metal plate in her leg. "it's a myth if [someone said] there was."

despite her nationality, lack of supplies and the chaos of treating dozens of iraqi wounded, hospital workers were proud of how they treated lynch as a "guest" rather than a war prisoner. they said the staff donated two of the three pints of blood she received...

"i never saw any strangers near jessica," said furat hussein, one of the nurses. "she was never mistreated."

if this story, which first broke on the bbc, is actually being reported in america, then there might be hope yet.

jessica is said to have amnesia about the whole incident. hm. could it be audo (amnesia upon direct order)?

soldiers from jessica's el paso, texas-based 507th maintenance company have been warned not to talk. a soldier in that unit said, "it's almost `say a word and you'll be shot at dawn.'"
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say hello

to carl with a k (and his fine howard dean photo collection).
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who needs zoloft when we've got talkleft?

hey, kevin, don't be so down in the dumps over world affairs.

first of all, even though nobody will admit it, the economy has slid out of a recession into a depression (at least, by this standard: a recession is when your neighbor loses his job. a depression is when you lose your job. if that's the case, the skippy economy is in a depression).

so, if we're in a depression, no wonder you're depressed! but more than that, kev, be sure to read what our buddy talkleft has to say about fighting an uphill battle:

the message here: get out of bed. we don't have the luxury of being depressed. there is too much work to do. we have battles to fight and wars to win. we need you, kevin, and those feeling the same way, to recognize there is power in numbers, and if you all go to sleep instead of hanging in here to fight the good fight with us, then all of us have lost.

she's right, kids. liberty and equality aren't entitlements. they are valuable freedoms that must be fought for, every single day, because every single day there are those who, because of their small penises or fear of dying, grasp for all the power they can get on this earthly plane, and so will take your power away if you're not watching.

impossible odds? maybe. but that's when revolution, in thinking as well as in politics, works the best. like talkleft says,

we can take him out--through the electoral process. we just have to get out the vote and defeat bush. please, do anything except stand mute.
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those darn polls!

awol's job ratings numbers are dropping. check out the great graphic professor pollkatz has for you (and here's the numbers to back it up).
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happy memorial day from the bush economic team

everyone gets a tax cut for the summer! if, by everyone, we mean anybody that makes over $200,000 annually, or has a whole bunch of kids. so billionaires and white trash should enjoy a break real soon.

the nytimes discusses the sickly economy, with no cure in sight:

few policy makers or economists question the need for action, even if some are unhappy with the particulars. after roughly three years of falling stocks and rising unemployment, another downturn could create a whole new class of problems. the already big pool of the long-term unemployed could swell. inflation — now near its lowest level in decades — might turn into deflation, a sustained decline in prices that can set off a vicious cycle of wage cuts and unmanageable debt.

the article goes on to quote one of our favorite blogging economists:

economists overwhelmingly agree on the wisdom of running deficits during downturns, particularly one that has raised fears of deflation. "the deflation scenario is so dangerous," said j. bradford delong, an economist at the university of california at berkeley, "we want to take every step we can to avoid it."

james brosnan, writing in gomemphis.com, puts it rather well:

congress approved a $7 billion extension of unemployment benefits, passed a $330 billion tax cut and $20 billion in aid for local and state governments, and raised the government's debt ceiling by a record $984 billion, to just under $7.4 trillion.

the first of those actions was an admission that the first bush tax cuts didn't work. the second promised more of the same. and the third put off the day of reckoning for fiscal irresponsibility.

and, lest you get too comfortable in your insistance that all that doesn't matter as long as we have cash in our hands, mr. brosnan reminds us:

under the republican tax cut plan, every cut that favors the lowest and moderate-income tax brackets the most expires after next year's presidential election.

[ed. note: use of bold button and shock effect ours]

of course, most of the skybox class are absolutely giddy over the prospect of lower capital gains taxes. the conventional wisdom goes, lower taxes will induce more investors to buy stocks.

but mrs. skippy, ever the pragmatist, often asks this question when she hears that logic on the tv news: gee, won't a lower capital gains tax make people want to sell their stocks? hmmm....
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america knows what "awol" means

a google news-search of "bush" and "awol" comes up with more than a few questions from regular americans who want to know why bush, who is obviously awol from his tang duty in the 70's, is still allowed to play with big toys like a jet plane landing on an aircraft carrier.

bryon krol, writing to the editor of the arizona republic: besides, if president bush really wanted to experience a landing on a carrier, he shouldn't have gone awol while he was in the service.

galen watts, writing to the editor of the charleston gazette: or was it [landing on the carrier] so that george bush could claim he’d reported back for duty after having gone awol during the vietnam war?

robert florence, writing to the editor of the times-picayune: of course he's glad he did it [land on the carrier]. he missed his chance to do it in 1972, when as an air force reservist he was called up for duty and apparently went awol for eight months.

richard e. snyder, writing to the editor of the modesto bee: this is the same guy, by the way, who went awol and didn't finish his last year of duty in the cushy national guard unit in alabama, even though he was ordered to do so.
bill gallagher, writing in the niagra falls reporter: so it wasn't surprising that the corporate-bought shills for the administration made no mention of the fact that the commander in chief went awol and neglected the final two years of his military obligation. too delicate and too embarrassing to bring up at such a triumphant moment.

gene fitzgerald, writing to the editor of the salt lake tribune: awol for more than 30 days makes you guilty of desertion, the maximum penalty for which during war time is death. bush did not even receive a reprimand. if the information is correct, bush should be serving time in the brig, not in the white house.

andrew greeley, writing in the chicago sun-times: it is a useful political label for a president who wants to be re-elected as a wartime leader and to land on an aircraft carrier dressed in flight gear (even though he was in effect awol for at least a year during the vietnam war).

brandon keim, writing in the boston's weekly dig: but what did they expect from a president who went awol from his own military duties for more than a year during the early '70s? the technical term for such behavior is, after all, desertion.

the boulder daily camera editorial page: and well-documented stories about sketchier aspects of his hitch — he went more-or-less awol for a year, during which time he failed to take a physical, thereby losing his flight status — remain unknown to most americans.

becky waddingham and yuri el dorado, writing in the colorado state collegian: and if w. really wanted to experience landing on a carrier, maybe he wouldn't have gone awol from the air national guard for a year while he was defending the skies over texas and alabama during vietnam.

[full disclosure: colroado state is skippy's alma mater! that's not really full disclosure, just a bit of serendipity, we suppose]
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the war that keeps on giving

the world tribune reports that the us will send 20,000 additional troops to iraq, obstensively to stabilize that country. that's nice, considering we were the ones that de-stablized it in the first place.

guess those 20,000 troops are needed to protect the ones that are already there. one soldier was killed and four wounded in ambushes yesterday, and one soldier was killed and one wounded in a munitions explosion on sunday, according to reuters.

"they deserved it and they deserve more. they are occupiers, not liberators," said ali abbas, a resident of the amiriyah area in western baghdad.

well, nice to know how the natives feel about us.
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mail call

matt over at earth-info.net sends us this bbc news video about british bike patrols in basra.

eric over at antidotal alerts us to this report that the chinese tradition of eating the civet cat may have been the cause of sars.

and jenny of the little red cook book wants us all to read lisa english's post at ruminate this! about the dangers of "black box voting," something we here at skippy have been expounding upon since finding the great site black box voting. beware any voting mechanism that can't be verified, folks!

jenny also directs us to a great site from her own blog where we can leave a message for tony blair telling him exactly what we think of his support for the iraqi invasion.
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Sunday, May 25, 2003

thanks for the good wishes

one great thing about blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) is the feeling of community we have, among people we have never even met face to face. we were touched by lisa's anniversary wishes for the skippy's over at her fine blog, ruminate this!

for the record, the skippy's had a great time in bakersfield, buck owens played bob wills on his fiddle and picked some mighty fine guitar licks, whilst the buckaroos accompanied him, and everyone danced all night long.

thanks much, lisa!
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are we sure we won?

the iraqi people, no longer cowering in terror at the brutal whims of the blood thirsty dictator saddam hussein, are now cowering in terror at the brutal whims of the blood thirsty gangs that roam the streets, according to the uk guardinan:

baghdad is being carved up by armed gangs. towns in the south - apart from the port city of basra, under british control - are even more dangerous. in the city of hilla, near babylon, the poor quarter of nada, where scores of civilians were killed by cluster bombs during the war, is out of bounds to strangers and us troops alike. both the observer and human rights watch were warned not to enter without an armed escort.

and the latimes says that the disarray in iraq threatens us plans:

the lack of essential services and the diminishing quality of life also appear to have strengthened support for shiite muslim conservatives, some of whom already are organizing anti-u.s. protests. in some cases, shiite imams are distributing charity and organizing cleanups, casting themselves as the group most concerned about the plight of ordinary people and trying to build support for an islamic government.

doesn't sound like we won much, after all.

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Friday, May 23, 2003

happy memorial day

skippy is taking mrs. skippy up to listen to buck owens at the crystal palace this weekend to celebrate the skippys' wedding anniversary, so there will be light to no blogging this weekend.

go read talkleft or atrios or calpundit or little red cookbook or roger ailes or tom tomorrow or body and soul or eric alterman or wtf is it now? or the daily kos or the horse or ruminate this! or lean left or spadehammer or plucky punk or liberal oasis or cursor or blah3 or antiwar or the smirking chimp or the daily rant or madkane or gail davis or brad de long or the democratic veteran or the rittenhouse review or max sawicky...

or any other fine blog on our blog roll. we'll be eatin' some dwight yoakum baby back ribs and dancin' to "act naturally" with the missus, so have fun!
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Thursday, May 22, 2003

magilla guerilla

here's a site we recently found, which looks to be interesting: guerilla news network.
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this...is bush's brain...this is bush's brain on pretzels

we ourselves haven't read the book yet, but bush's brain: how karl rove made george w. bush presidential looks like it's worth the time.

one of the authors, james c. moore, writing in the latimes, opines:

rove fancies himself an expert in both policy and politics because he sees no distinction between the two. this matters for a number of reasons. there is always a time during any president's administration when what is best for the future of the country diverges from what best serves that president's political future. if rove is standing with bush at that moment, he will push the president in the direction of re-election rather than the country's best interests.

mr. moore, and his co-author, wayne slater, were reporters who followed rove's career for 15 years down in texas, so they should have some insight into it all.
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congressjerks don't have a (media) monopoly on being obnoxious

the lovely common cause and the even lovelier jenny of little red cookbook remind us that next week, since our congressjerks will be home for a few days, it would be a fine time to contact them and bug them about upcoming media consolidation (fcc) votes.

common cause has a page where you can enter your zip code and see if there will be any meetings with congressjerks in your area that you can attend and make your voice heard. we'd recommend that everyone do so, unless you hold michael savage and joe "what dead woman in my office" scarborough as models of news dissemination.
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update on stupidy

soundbitten, who is not a lawyer, but sounds like he plays one on tv, analyzes michael weiner's lawsuits against the web sites that dare parody his brand of vitrol.
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going down faster than drunken twins at spring break

the kos reports that awol's approval numbers are dropping unusually fast.

the latest nbc/wsj poll has his approval numbers down 9 points from last month:

[62 percent approval rating] was a drop, however, when compared to bush’s support in the same poll a month ago, when 71 percent backed the president as the u.s. invasion of iraq dominated news coverage. and it was below levels as high as 67 percent in surveys conducted before the war. [ed. note: use of bold button ours]

his positive numbers are disappearing faster than saddam's wmd! or saddam, for that matter...or osama, either...or jobs for americans...or a budget surplus...
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down under on the blue danube

reader laura newton sends us this sad story about one of our cousins who was killed by a hit and run in vienna, austria...

vienna, austria -- the carcass of an australian kangaroo was discovered near the town of steyr, 100 miles west of here, police say. the animal -- the pet of a private owner -- had apparently escaped from its cage before hopping onto a road where it was hit by a car.

the driver then sped away, leaving the poor pet owner inconsolable.

we kangaroos mourn for our fallen comrade...we hope he's hopping to a strauss waltz somewhere in heaven now.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

more chicks news

counterpunch has it all, although we're happy to say we've already brought you most of it, courtesy of little red cook book's updates.
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notes from a broad (and one from a guy)

our friend laura newton sends us these two tongue-in-cheek articles from the borowitz report:

in first breakfast at home, ari fleischer dodges wife's questions, and

martha stewart obtains nuclear weapons, plans strike on cybill shepherd.

while we were there, we checked out weekly world news fires reporter over batboy story.

but on a more somber note, dave over at seeing the forest sends us this unfortunate bit of news: michael wiener is suing a website which takes issue with his "savage nation" folderol.

dave says his friend who runs the savagestupidity.com website is in need of financial assistance to obtain a lawyer, so why not surf over to his site and help him out?
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freep the beard

left hand side bar, as usual.
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so much for bombings, now the important stuff

skippy did not see american idol last night (he was busy trying to get a job). but from what we saw on monday night, we will go out on a limb and reverse our ealier predicition: the geeky guy will win over the big fat guy.

on monday, clay akins looked calm, professional and sure of himself. ruben studdard, while a crowd pleasure, seems a bit nervous and off his game. we cannot wait to see the results tonight.

whatever happens, we are looking forward to their first movie together: from ruben to clay.

oh yeah. and david e. kelley has fired the stars of the practice. because we all know it was the realistic writing that made that show worthwhile.
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winning the war but losing the world

sure, we're winning the war on terrorism. just don't tell that to the al qaeda operatives who left saudi arabia and may be headed to the us, according to the latimes:

days before the suicide car bombings here that killed at least 34 people last week, members of an al qaeda cell slipped out of the country and headed for europe or america, a senior saudi official said monday, adding that there is a "very serious" threat of another terrorist strike.

and don't tell that to prince bin sultan, a saudi official, who, according to ananova, warns of new terrorist threats:

prince bandar bin sultan said "there is chatter, a high level of chatter regionally and in other international spots" that something could happen in saudi arabia or the us.

and don't tell that to the fbi who warms there might be terrorist attacks in this country, says usatoday:

officials are fearful that al-qaeda could expand its plans for a wave of attacks overseas into the united states. fbi director robert mueller stressed wednesday, however, there is "no specificity" as to potential targets or times of attack.

and don't tell that to senior al qaeda official ayman al-zawahri, who urges attacks on americans and jews, reports haaretz.com.

hey, who cares about the economy anyway?

(al qaeda story links thanks to antiwar.com, cs monitor story courtesy of argmax.com)
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blogging around

the horse is good today. among other things, they take us to tom tomorrow, who points out that time magazine fell for the gop astroturn form letter that appeared all over the country, word for word, under various "real people's" names. tom has an action alert to time magazine to politely point out that they were hornswoggled (and here's an excellent reference page about the very gop letter).
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the mail bag

the reach'm cowboy network noose has found quite a few flash videos and animations poking fun at awol.

and spadehammer points out that there is no specific data to go with the raised terror threat level; just a general feeling that bush's numbers are dropping.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

to practice class warfare, first, you need some class...

atrios links us to the latest article from warren buffet, who warns against the tax cut that awol wants to put in his billionaire buddies' pockets:

supporters of making dividends tax-free like to paint critics as promoters of class warfare. the fact is, however, that their proposal promotes class welfare. for my class.

we wish we remember who said "democrats preach class warfare...repubbblicans practice it."
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watch out for citrus fruit

upon realizing that al qaeda is not shaking in its collective sandals, the office of fatherland security has raised the threat level to orange. so, don't buy any oranges this week! or even tangelos!
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fan mail from some flounders

we get a slew of letters from other bloggers alerting us to different stories that we may have missed.

matt prescott of earth-info.net sends us a few notes: here's nobel laurete joseph stigler's take on "dubyanonmics;" and here's a review of the times the us army was ordered to intervene in the coal strikes of 1920-21; and finally, apparently sesame street is being used to torture iraqi prisoners, according to this.

then, reader laura newton sends us this musing from religion & ethics newsweekly (from wnet in new york) about awol's religious rhetoric; and a transcript of bill moyers' interview with jay lifton; and finally, laura wonders if skippy is ab negative when she sends this report about dracula's mother.

and, chuck simmons, one of our friends from the other side of the aisle, sends us this article from the hill which points out that dick gephart has missed 85% of the votes in congress this year.

and finally, our friend jenny over at little red cook book, continues the saga of the dixie chicks, with more proof that the "grass roots" swell of outrage against the chicks was actually orchestrated in republican headquarters.
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Monday, May 19, 2003

ding dong the witch is dead!

which old witch? the wicked witch!
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wanna bet bill dislikes bill's take on bill?

both atrios and the rittenhouse review point out william f. buckley's unforgiving stand on bill bennett's hypocrisy.

he is objectively discredited. he will not be proffered any public post by any president into the foreseeable future. he will not publish another book on another virtue, if there is any he has neglected to write about. it is possible that the books written by him on the subject, sitting in bookstores, will work their way to the remainder houses. these are the consequences of the damage he has done to himself. it could always be that his inherent talents will prevail over undiscriminating fate. there are those who hope it will be so.

you go, bill!
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thanks for the help, no go home

upwards of 10,000 shi'ites held a peaceful but noisy demonstration in baghdad, demanding that us troops leave their country, says the nando times.

up to 10,000 people gathered in front of a sunni muslim mosque in baghdad's northern district of azimiyah, then marched across a bridge on the tigris river to the nearby kadhamiya quarter, home to one of the holiest shiite shrines in iraq.

it appeared to be the largest protest against the u.s. occupation since the war ended.

"what we are calling for is an interim government that represents all segments of iraqi society," said ali salman, an activist.

the uk telegraph reports that anti-us sentiment is growing in leaps and bounds all throughout iraq.

the victory bunting has now been replaced by ominous graffiti, some of it posted adjacent to us military positions. the more polite slogans state: "you have done your job us, now please go home". others declare: "us army, you will die." the us troops are no longer being seen as liberators, but as occupiers, and incompetent ones at that.

the independent on line says that most iraqis doubt the us's intentions to leave at all.

senior iraqi political figures who have returned from exile have in any case expressed deep suspicion of the term "interim authority" rather than a more powerful "interim government" to pave the way for elections.

they said an "authority" was unlikely to grant iraqis full control over sensitive ministries and foreign policy.

(thanks and a tip of the bush kangaroo hat to antiwar.com for the links!)
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Sunday, May 18, 2003

blogging around

steve gilliard on the daily kos points out how awol wound up raising our taxes: mainly the state and local taxes that have to be raised to make up for the federal dollars no longer available.

but at least those millionaires are getting a break!

and atrios offers a hopeful note: mrs. theresa heinz kerry might kick in a few bucks for an anti-repubbblican campaign, just to let her husband john catch up with the others.

[ed. note: fire that joke writer!]
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Saturday, May 17, 2003


the world lost two of the greats this week, june carter cash and robert stack.

according to the voice of america news, miss carter cash started out singing on her family's radio show, and then went on with her sisters and mom to tour as the carter sisters back in the 40's. she then began touring with johnny cash in the early 60's and eventually wore white for the man in black, marrying him in '67. june co-wrote johnny's best song (in this bush kangaroo's humble opinion) ring of fire, and the two won a grammy for the duet jackson.

she was a pillar in nashville history, and probably was the proverbial great woman behind the great man. country music fans, and fans of music in general, will mourn her.

robert stack had been a favorite of ours at every stage of our tv watching career. as youngsters, we delighted in his tough-as-nails rendition of g-man elliot ness in the untouchables. as goofy college flakes, we loved his self-parody in the airplane movies. and as deeply respectable spouses, we tolerated mrs. skippy's insistance that the tv be tuned to unsolved mysteries, even when it went to the ultra-boring lifetime network.

but mr. stack was also a highly successful movie actor, coming up throught the ranks with such notables as clark gable and jimmy stewart, and was also proud to serve his country in world war ii as a naval gunnery instructor. he was a class act who never took himself too seriously, something today's "stars" could afford to learn.

rest in peace, june carter cash and robert stack.
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the airwaves belong to the highest bidder

jenny over at little red cookbook sends out this warning:

look what just appeared on alternet:

fcc passed a measure allowing certain licensed users of radio spectrum to lease their airwaves to other users, effectively allowing private parties to control a vast amount of spectrum rights. proponents believe the measure will help spread emerging wireless services. critics believe this is illegal due to the absence of public interest safeguards.

we really need to keep a watch on these guys...and sign those petitions!

we have nothing to add to what jenny says, except...help!
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Friday, May 16, 2003

rummy doesn't like the where's waldo books, either

now that al qaeda seems to be back in the news, that nasty old question is popping up again. where's osama bin laden? and, unfortunately, rumself doesn't know. and he admits it.

"why haven't we found him? one, it's very hard to find a single individual in the world. it's a big place." [rumsfeld] said that when the bin laden search escalated after the sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the u.s. military was not organized to do manhunts.

come on, guys, they can't find those weapons of mass destruction either, or even saddam hussein, so lay off!

and his assessment of bin laden's fate: "he's either alive, or he's alive and injured badly, or he's dead. who knows?"

apparently not you, rummy!

(thanks to antiwar.com for the link!)

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freep the beard!

left hand sidebar, as usual!
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attack from the right

though we are unabashed lefties, we have always enjoyed james pinkerton's work. he is one conservative with whom we find ourselves agreeing more often than we would expect, because mr. pinkerton actually puts individual thought into his columns, rather than just repeating the standard repubbblican meme of the day.

case in point: his latest in the latimes: victory in iraq shows signs of unraveling

after a series of attacks on gi’s, the american "peacekeepers"… have been under orders to travel as little as possible. it's especially critical to avoid casualties now, as body bags might upstage the administration's declare-victory-and-let's-cut-taxes blitz. of course, the problem is that not much policing — let alone nation-building — gets done.

mr. pinkerton makes an excellent point that everyone in the us seems to miss: "in the muslim world, to ignore a problem is not to make it go away." (of course, that happens everywhere in the real world, but the american administration seems think that if you don't admit it, it doesn't happen).

mr. pinkerton goes on to describe the rapidly deteriorating situation in afghanistan:

afghan president hamid karzai… is considering asking washington to crush his rivals… during a year and a half of u.s. occupation of afghanistan, americans have never stopped operations against the taliban, but it would be a huge escalation if americans started fighting afghans on behalf of "our" afghans.

and, mr. pinkerton also touches the "mysterious matter" of weapons of mass destruction: "before the war: chapter-and-verse specifics about the location of saddam hussein's wmds. after: vague calls for patience."

he also points out israel's refusal to adhere to awol's "road map" isn't helping matters any in the region, and the recent saudi terror attacks could be just a portent of things to come.

but what we have always liked about mr. pinkerton is that he holds the same opinion about awol and 9/11 that we do: reveal all the information to the american public, don't hold anything back:

on the home front, the web spun by the bush administration is being unwoven. sen. bob graham (d-fla.), former chairman of the intelligence committee, accuses the white house of a "cover-up" over 9/11.

…it's not hard to imagine that a bushie or two missed a clue. moral clarity may be admired, but intelligence myopia that perhaps failed to prevent the deaths of thousands will not be easily excused.

here, here, mr. pinkerton!
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happy armed forces day from the bush economic team

a minor rally in the dow jones fizzled out today, landing in negative territory, upon the release of a couple of downbeat reports (market it still open as of this writing, but not looking good).

the consumer price index fell 0.3 percent last month, after falling 0.3 percent the previous month. that's the largest decline in 18 months.

but wait, you say, aren't lower prices a good thing for consumers? you'd think so, but that signals a possibility of deflaction, something nobody wants. we don't really understand it ourselves. go ask max or brad or megan.

we assume that falling prices, coupled with a flat core index of inflation, looks like the folks selling us stuff won't be making as much money as they thought. and they're the ones who run things, so it's bad bad bad.

but wait, there's more! the hot hot hot real estate bubble seems to be cooling down. housing starts fell a larger-than-expected 6.8% (hey, is anyone besides us getting tired of the words "larger than expected" when talking about declines in economic indicators?)

most economists expected a decline of about half that.

things are bad in the economy? what do the repubblican's do? tax cut time!
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Thursday, May 15, 2003

it's football, dammit!

there is a supporters club from austrailia for the celtics soccer team, who are from glasgow. and the mascot for this australian csc (celtic supporters club) is none other than...skippy!

interactive tv manager martin sweeney, 35, originally of maryhill, glasgow, is secretary of sydney csc. he will be joined by president tery mckechnie and vice-president gerry heron.

tery left glasgow to work as an electrician down under while gerry, from paisley, runs his own firm in oz selling scottish sweets.

the bhoys will take the club mascot, skippy the 6-2 kangaroo. martin said: "skippy , who was christened in honour of the great win against rangers, wears a half- australia, half-scotland top. we had about 300 people watching the boavista game in our local pub."

we are so remiss in keeping up with our soccer! the celtics will face off the portuguese porto in seville, spain, next week, for the uefa cup final. of course, skippy is rooting for the celtics! (we have to, we're the mascot! and besides, rod stewart will be there rooting for the celts as well!)

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look to the skies!

thanks to byrd's brain, we were reminded that there will be a total eclipse of the moon tonight "from 8:14 pm to 10:30 pm pacific standard time."
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master debaters

it does our hearts good to see spirited debate on this blog. we especially are proud of the discussion about the definition of fascism among many of skippy's long time readers and friends, including timmy the wonder dog, and spade hammer and linda, who seems not to have a blog (apparently she has a life, instead).
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the final results are in: dixie chicks have won

at least they have, according to the denver post: with war over, dixie chicks back on top

this week, their album "home" stands at no.2 on billboard's country album chart, 8 1/2 months after its release. on the road, the music and cheers are drowning out the few voices of protest.

other celebrity politicos - eddie vedder of pearl jam, tim robbins, bruce springsteen, madonna and susan sarandon - also were attacked as "unpatriotic" and "anti-american" for having the temerity to publicly criticize the bush administration. but now, two weeks after the end of fighting in iraq was declared, the whole storm seems anti-climactic, a media-manufactured brouhaha worse than the actual money lost in sales.

radio & records, a music industry trade magazine, has conducted a telephone poll, asking people how they feel about this statement: "i think radio stations should not play dixie chicks music anymore because they disrespected the president." this week, 72 percent of the people disagreed or don't care.

and we leave with a description of the chicks' concert in moline, from the quad cities online:

“they said you might not come...'' maines began, and while i'd love to quote the rest of her statement, i can't because it was cut off by deafening applause

[ed. note: prolific use of bold button, for emphasis, ours].

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you've got mail

a couple of our friends send us regards...

nathan newman has his take on john kerry and the iran-contra fight.

and matt over at earth-info.net sends us a link to this bbc story: saving private lynch story 'flawed':

witnesses told us that the special forces knew that the iraqi military had fled a day before they swooped on the hospital.

“we were surprised. why do this? there was no military, there were no soldiers in the hospital," said dr anmar uday, who worked at the hospital.

"it was like a hollywood film. they cried 'go, go, go', with guns and blanks without bullets, blanks and the sound of explosions. they made a show for the american attack on the hospital - action movies like sylvester stallone or jackie chan."

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freep the beard!

lefthand side bar! drive him nuts!
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top story tonight

well, aside from the picture of us soldiers arresting former baath party members in tikrit, what's the top story on cnn.com today? could it be halliburton getting a posh billion dollar deal with no bidding to rebuild iraq? could it be republican operative katrina leung turned out to be a spy for china? could it be the fifth member of the lackawanna six being coerced into pleading guilty of "providing material support" to a terrorist organization? could it be mike hawash being arrested as a terrorist after weeks of being held without charges as a material witness?

no, it's something far more important.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

blogging around

cursor.org directs us to the memory hole, who examines a manufactures photo from the london evening standard which overstates the crowd at the toppling of saddam's statue by about, oh, 50,000 or so. and, it's a pretty shoddy job of fakery, to boot!

cursor also points out tonight in new york is a screening of dr. stangelove, our favorite kubrick flick (with appearance by janeane garafalo!)

bo cowgill says that the condemnation of the terror attacks by the english-based arab news may not be so great, because most people in the arabic countries don't actually speak english.

talkleft, our favorite defender of civil liberties, points out that reporters' phone calls to scott petersen have been tapped.

lean left looks at tennessee (and other states) wanting to have an earlier primary to influence national politics (gee, why don't they just start a blog, like the rest of us?)

steve gilliard, on the daily kos, writes about how the saudis are afraid it will come out just how much osama is supported amongst the saudi people.

anti-war.com tells us the us authorizes gi's to shoot iraqi looters.

and, finally, atrios corresponds with michael graham (oh, we just want to beat graham to death with a tire iron. good night, folks, we're here all week, try the veal!).
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welcome to blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!)

tompaine.com begins a new blog today called take on the news.

our favorite line so far: they found this from harold meyerson of the american prospect: "apparently, bush administration intelligence is to intelligence as fox news is to news."

we suggest everyone go check it out!
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just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't fascists

allie gottlieb, writing in the bay area metroactive, muses on media de-regulation and what it means to diversity, in her article airwaves, shockwaves:

who owns the airwaves, anyway? the answer is simple. according to the fcc, the public owns the airwaves. but in light of recent reports of airplay selectivity, political lobbying by networks and the repercussions of political dissent by artists, some critics believe that it would be easy for the public not to know it.

"most people think it's advertisers buying time from the broadcasters," says san jose state university professor kimb massey, who teaches the media and society class in the tv-radio-film-theater department. "that's not what's really happening. advertisers are buying us from the broadcasters. we are the product."

we wish we had a higher price tag.
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friends don't let friends blog drunk

[ed. note: and we shouldn't let the headline writer write drunk, either]

we got a couple of notes from other bloggers that we'd like to link you to. spade hammer over at hammerdown continues the friendly debate about "what is fascism" and "is bush's picture in the dictionary under that word?" with an excerpt from ben tripp.

and jenny of the little red cookbook mentions that the self-righteous wing has now locked danny glover into it's astro-turn sights. there's a link on her blog to direct you to an action alert where you can let mci know that danny should not be ostracized for his anti-war views.

and david marsden sends us another asticle. this time concentrating on bush's vow to "hunt down and punish" those responsible for the terrorist attacks in saudi arabia earlier this week. one interest note david has:

and, of course, as far as anyone in authority seems to know—or admit—the person ostensibly responsible for 9/11 has not yet been hunted down and punished.

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you are the 130,000th visitor to skippy!
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happy call the hill day

remember, today's the day to call your senator and lodge your vote against tax cuts for billionaires! go to stopbudgetdisaster.com for details!
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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

say hello

to the douglas kelly show list.
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there's that "i" word again

denise giardina, writing in the charlston gazette, uses the "i" word, when discussing the recent war with iraq:

the american people should be clear about two things. history never judges kindly a rich, powerful nation that attacks a small, poor one. the second is that empires -- all empires -- end up on the ashbin of history.

george w. bush should be impeached. after that, he should stand beside saddam hussein in the dock to be tried for war crimes.

[ed.note: emphasis ours, link thanks to the smirking chimp]

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look up fascism in the dictionary and you see a picture of...guess who?

our friend on the right, timmy the wonderdog, has been hounding (pun intended) this bush kangaroo for a working definition of "fascism." while we have been too busy in real life to answer timmy's question, we are happy to see the smirking chimp take a whack at it. we will be pleased to defer to the chimpster, as the analysis by laurence w. britt in free inquiry that they found more than adequately states a lot of what skippy means when he says "f*ck that fascist bush!" [ed. note to secret service: notice we did not say anything about snipers. leave us alone].
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you want a rooti tooti fresh n fruiti with that redistricting?

the reachm high cowboy network noose sends us an update about the texas dems who have walked out of the legislative session to destroy the quarum needed to redistrict the state into a repubbblican utopia.

reachm high cowboy says it's "some of the best political theater" he's seen in a while. apparently the awol dems are in a holiday inn in ardmore, oklahoma, chowing down at the denny's across the street, while the repubblicans are having a hissy fit, even though the daily kos finds a texas editorial that points out that those self-same repubbbs did it first way back in 1971.

if you want to send a message of support to the texas dems, here's the email.
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call your senator to stop tax breaks for millionaires day

democrats.com sent us a reminder that may 14 is call your senator to stop tax break for millionaires day.

here's what they suggest:

call the capitol switchboard toll free at (888) 280-6279 (paid for by the afl-cio)

if you can't get through, try calling the switchboard yourself at (202) 224-3121 or visit stopbudgetdisaster.com to look up your senators' local phone numbers.

ask for your senator by name and the switchboard operator will patch you through to their office. when you reach your senator's office, ask to leave a message for the senator. (visit the website to find talking points for your call).

after your call - send a free fax to your senator by visiting the website. you can chose one of six messages to send your senator and sign up to get more information.

and, finally, to learn more about the ongoing campaign, visit www.fairtaxes4all.org.

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thanks, ladies

a big thank you goes out to talkleft and ruminate this! for continuing the fight to get people to sign these two petitions to the fcc to stop media consolitdation.

also, lisa of ruminate this has a fine listing of other bloggers (including yours truly) who are talking about this issue.
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good thing we stopped terrorism with those wars we fought

al qaeda made quite a come back yesterday, killing over 90 people in riyadh, saudi arabia, with a series of different attacks.

the times online speculates that colin powell's visit to the region was the signal for the attacks.

attacks on western targets in riyadh last night were synchronised to coincide with the arrival later today of colin powell, the us secretary of state, in the saudi capital. the carefully stage-managed series of bombs aimed at residential compounds housing western workers and at a commercial building in the city appeared to be a public demonstration that terror groups loyal to al-qaeda can thwart a recent security crackdown.

good thing we found those weapons of mass destruction saddam was making. what's that you say?

more than 90 people, including 10 to 12 us citizens, were killed in suicide bombings that rocked three expatriate housing compounds in saudi arabia, state department officials said tuesday.
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say hello

to omni-curious
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Monday, May 12, 2003

ahoy, permission to jump aboard!

looking over the mess in iraq, we accidentally thought this piece (from lew rockwell.com) was about us: skippering the yacht of state.

turns out the "skippering" part has nothing to do with bush kangaroos. it's about rich white privleged frat boys being in positions of power:

but the interesting aspect of the administration shakeup is what we all saw coming – the present-day political genoa jib is the bush re-election campaign. garner, with bad publicity regarding kick-backs and government scams, is electoral jetsam. think thomas "e. for enron" white as former army secretary, and the lovely richard "i wouldn’t dream of influence peddling with my newly formed venture capital company trireme partners" perle as former chairman of the defense policy board. (well, not true jetsam really, 'cause folks is folks.)

in contrast, not much is out on l. paul bremer, iii, or "jerry" to his friends...

while his performance of duty at his final state posting was criticized, relating to a certain lack of action taken on a particular warning about pan am flight 103, his overall outstanding qualifications were noted by powers that be. he was hired in 1989 – immediately after leaving state – by kissinger associates, and surely that must be a comfort to everyone.

last week, a mother of a lockerbie victim was asked about bremer’s new post in iraq. she said simply, "i was shocked he was given the job."
i’m not one to contradict anyone’s mother, especially so soon after mother’s day. but while we might have many feelings as we watch the slow unfurling of the statist flag over the u.s. channel into opec, "shocked" should not be one of them.

(a big thanks to antiwar.com for the link!)

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