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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, April 19, 2003

"we want saddam back"

some iraqi's are not so happy with coalition forces, if by "some," we mean "hundreds of thousands."

some 50,000 people jammed the streets of al-sadr city, formerly known as saddam city, patrolled by kalashnikov-wielding guards.

hundreds of thousands poured out of mosques and demonstrated against washington’s presence. the sermons around the city offered the first clear reaction among muslim clergy to the three-week war and us occupation.

at the al-hikma mosque sheikh mohammad fartusi said the shia would not accept a brand of democracy “that allows iraqis to say what they want but gives them no say in their destiny.”

“this form of government would be worse than saddam hussein,” he said. he also urged the faithful to follow the hawza in najaf.

and things are still looking bad in mosul, according to the sfchron.

on wednesday, another shooting in mosul killed three people and wounded at least 11, including several who said american troops fired at them from rooftops. a marine sergeant near the scene said the americans were responding to fire from another rooftop.

they are killing us and no one's talking about it. we want saddam back," said zahra yassin, whose 17-year-old son was shot in the stomach and wounded. "let the embargo return. at least there was security

good thing this is getting plenty of coverage on cnn.

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