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skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, April 14, 2003

we fought for their freedom, so shut up and get in line!

nancy nall, in the fort wayne news-sentinel, observes the irony of fighting a war to bring freedom to one country while simultaneously shutting it down in this one.

every angry claim that president bush ordered an unjust war is matched by one on the other side, suggesting those who speak against it should be muzzled, preferably voluntarily, but perhaps not. one new york post columnist casually mentioned that speaking against the war might be considered giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and that, in some cases, was "punishable by execution. hope springs eternal."

yes, i guess it does. what a hollywood ending that would be, to liberate iraqis to enjoy freedom of speech and adopt the tactics of saddam hussein stateside, mmm?

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