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skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, April 18, 2003

thanks for the help, now go home

tens of thousands of iraqi's are protesting their country's "occupation" by foreign troops in the streets of baghdad today.

the demonstration was peaceful, news agencies reported, but it provided dramatic new evidence that the ouster of saddam hussein's secular government has unleashed pent-up religious sentiment, especially among the country's long-repressed shiite muslim majority. in the absence of strong government, islam often provides the organizing principle, and the civic institutions, of muslim societies.

converging from several mosques, the demonstrators carried banners with such slogans as "no bush, no saddam, yes to islam," and "no to america, no to secular state, yes to islamic state." organizers said the demonstrators included both shiite muslims and sunnis, who represent the majority branch of islam is most muslim countries but a minority in iraq.

boy, that was sure a good idea. invade a country so it can turn muslim. smart thinking, awol!

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