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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, April 26, 2003

some updates

tendentious gives us an update on the reporter who was fired from the sfchron after participating in the anti-war demonstrations...apparently it wasn't so much that he was anti-war, but that he was pro-palestine.

also, we were pretty sure, but then we found out for a fact...nezumi is firmly on the left. great! we love those little mouse icons!

and david of let's try that again (a fine australian blog) thinks we should have made more of this story:

skippy's home to go for $500k

the home of australian icon skippy is set to be sold for $500,000 after the park was closed down following claims of animal cruelty.

the troubled wildlife sanctuary waratah park, in sydney's ku-ring-gai national park, is to be sold to earth sanctuaries ltd.

earth sanctuaries said it had been selected as the preferred purchaser of the assets of waratah park pty ltd, subject to relevant approvals. it said the $500,000 purchase price would be funded from earth sanctuaries' cash reserves.

waratah park is best known as the setting for the famous 1960s television series skippy the bush kangaroo.

we had seen that article, but to be honest, it broke our hearts too much to bring it up.

everybody, now:

skippy, our friend ever true.....

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