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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, April 20, 2003

just asking

talkleft links us to the london independent, which wants to know, mr. blair, where are those weapons of mass destruction?

but, mr blair, where are they? a month has passed since american and british troops entered iraq, more than a week since the fall of baghdad. but thus far not even a sniff. not a drum of vx or mustard gas, not a phial of botulin or anthrax, not a shred of evidence that iraq was assembling a nuclear weapons programme.

but that wasn't what they told us. remember colin powell at the security council two months ago (though today it seems another age on another planet): the charts, the grainy intelligence satellite pictures, the crackly tapes of the intercepted phone conversations among iraqi officials? how plausible it all sounded, especially when propounded by the most plausible figure in the bush ad- ministration.
[ed. note: that's damning with faint praise!]

and the paper calls for a parlimentary investigation if no wmd turn up...the government investigating the reasons for the war? something you'll never find in this country

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