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Monday, April 14, 2003

janeane on randi (not that there's anything wrong with that)

our reader chris brings our attention to a great interview of janeane garafalo by the wonderful randi rhodes, which he found on mediawhoresonlinewatchwatchwatchwatch:

garofalo: "there's nothing wrong with being a conservative, if you're a legit conservative who believes in fiscal prudence and small government and personal accountability. those are three very legitimate and very honorable traits of the conservative. but this is new-this whole new rightward shift of the country and this whole new conservative movement is not that…they call themselves conservatives but what they are, are very narrow minded people, very mean-spirited borderline sociopathic people, closet racists, closet sexists, closet homophobes, all these people that have just latched on to the conservative party and hijacked it, and they just sort of wrap it in the flag, hide it behind jesus and pretend it's patriotic…and you have the kind of "radio pundits" or celebrity journalist on a network like fox or like mike savage on msnbc that just shouts at you."

rhodes: "well you know what we have is jingoism-"

garofalo:"-jingoism and knee jerk reactionary-"

rhodes:"-parading around as patriotism. people are walking around, like you said, the very unsophisticated non-curious people are saying things to me like "my country right or wrong."

garofalo: "well that's just unexamined patriotism--that's just merely self-worship. that's not patriotism. it's like narcissism."

we would disagree. ioho, what it is, is gangsta activity for white people. word!
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