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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

he put the compassionate in compassionate conservatism

rummy thinks the recent "war" should get high marks for its "compassion towards innocent civilians," according to the bbc.

us defence secretary donald rumsfeld has said that his country has entered a new era in which it must pre-emptively seek out and prevent attacks by terrorists and terrorist states.

he told coalition troops at us central command in the gulf state of qatar that the wars in afghanistan and iraq showed that america had made a good start.

of course, the argument could be made that the war isn't actually over yet. saddam has yet to be accounted for. in fact, tariq aziz says saddam is still alive:

iraq's former deputy prime minister tariq aziz has told u.s. interrogators he saw saddam hussein alive after the two airstrikes mounted by coalition forces to kill him, a senior defense official says.

[ed. note: no big surprise...osama bin laden and ken lay are still both free men.]

and the shooting's not even over yet.

conflicting accounts emerged tuesday about a clash between the u.s. military and civilians in iraq that witnesses and red cross officials said killed at least 15 iraqis and wounded up to 53 others.

and as for actually letting the people of iraq have a democracy, and choose their own government? well, just ignore those thousands of people out on the streets of baghdad, ok?

street protests by thousands of iraqis and a boycott by leading shia muslims today marred us-sponsored talks on the formation of a new government in baghdad.

besides, if rummy says there'll be democracy, by god, there'll be democracy!

if you're suggesting, how would we feel about an iranian-type government with a few clerics running everything in the country, the answer is: that isn't going to happen," he said.

even if we have to keep invading this stupid country over and over again until they get it right!

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