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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

blogging around

talkleft reports that there was a big rally in support of mike hawash, the intell employee who has been detained (disappeared?) up in oregon. he is charged in the oregon terror case.

kos has some good graphs illustrating presidential polls (ie, awol can't even get his numbers as high as his daddy after the first gulf war).

devra, over at the bluestreak, tells us that john kerry's wife (previously a repub) has switched parties (presumably to endorse her hubby's bid for president). devra also kindly and correctly attributes the phrase "blogtopia" to us.

antidotal muses on ashleigh banfield getting heat for criticizsing the media's handling of the war.

jenny at little red cookbook links us to an article that dares to hope that "the web will win the culture wars for the left."

cursor.org reports that tompaine.com made the pentagon blink (also a nice link to dan kennedy's thoughts about the banfield v. weiner affair).

crowgirl over at magpie links us to some good reporting about the sars epidemic.

thanks to annatopia, we found the bush v. bush debate from the daily show w/john stewart.
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