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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

blogging around

barney gumble at mwow(4) has whitewater for dummies.

talkleft has a name for it: radio radial right radio. (we've got a whole other name for it).

calpundit muses on man-on-dog sex, and why rick santorum might or might not have been misquoted.

instapundit reports on matt welch's analysis of the bush/saudi connection.

avedon carol keeps on blogging even as she recovers from her surgery. today the good doctor links us to a kentucky editorial which laments the irony that cable and the internet has "clobbered diversity" instead of expanding it.

and cursor.org brings us truly scary news: religious group helps lawmakers with rent. and if you're not scared enough by that, read jesus plus nothing from harpers (also courtesy of cursor).
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