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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

backlash? or bad mow?

viewers avoided susan sarandon's tv movie about the woman with cancer in antartica this last weekend, says e! online news.

sarandon's cbs tv movie ice bound was slaughtered by practically everything last night, including abc's easter sunday four-hour broadcast of cecil b. demille's the ten commandments, starring charlton heston (chalk one up for the gun-toting right)...the real-life story of stranded cancer survivor dr. jerri nielsen, placed last in overnight ratings with an average 8.9 million viewers and lost close to 40 percent of audience levels from the eye network's ratings last sunday.

we must concur with e!'s conclusion however...that is, it's hard to draw a conclusion from this whole thing:

of course, there's no way to tell if the ratings crash stems from anti-sarandon sentiment or the telepic's sobering subject of a doctor suffering from breast cancer who must perform her own biopsy--rescuers had to wait four months before approaching the forbidding south pole surroundings to bring her back to civilization.

personally, though we have met ms. sarandon and love her work, both acting and cause-related, we watched moses ourselves. we always love demille's camp classic, it's the best part of easter for us. several reasons come to mind:

1. it's john derek's greatest role
2. anne baxter was a babe
3. it's the one film where vincent price is overshadowed as a bad guy (nobody can touch yul brenner)
4. say what you will about his politics, heston was born to play moses
5. edward g. robinson: "nyah! where's your god now, moses? nyah!"

so, if it's a choice between going to camp de mille another year, or watching susan sarandon slice open her own breast, it's no contest!

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