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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

dead baghdad cat bounce

those poll numbers sure are fickle. the war hasn't even been officially declared over yet, and awol's job approval rating is already dropping.
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blogging around

talkleft reports that there was a big rally in support of mike hawash, the intell employee who has been detained (disappeared?) up in oregon. he is charged in the oregon terror case.

kos has some good graphs illustrating presidential polls (ie, awol can't even get his numbers as high as his daddy after the first gulf war).

devra, over at the bluestreak, tells us that john kerry's wife (previously a repub) has switched parties (presumably to endorse her hubby's bid for president). devra also kindly and correctly attributes the phrase "blogtopia" to us.

antidotal muses on ashleigh banfield getting heat for criticizsing the media's handling of the war.

jenny at little red cookbook links us to an article that dares to hope that "the web will win the culture wars for the left."

cursor.org reports that tompaine.com made the pentagon blink (also a nice link to dan kennedy's thoughts about the banfield v. weiner affair).

crowgirl over at magpie links us to some good reporting about the sars epidemic.

thanks to annatopia, we found the bush v. bush debate from the daily show w/john stewart.
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say hello

to speedkill and share alike and cynic for change and food for thought
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dear mr. bush...nyah nyah nyah, you missed me, you missed me

a london-based arabic paper has published a letter purportedly from saddam hussein:

the london-based al-quds al-arabi daily frontpaged wednesday, april 30, what it described as a letter handwritten by ousted iraqi president saddam hussein, urging his people to rise against the anglo-american occupation forces.

the letter was dated april 28, the 66th birthday of saddam whose whereabouts remain a mystery, the paper chief editor abdul bari atwan told agence france-presse (afp) over the phone from london.

and saddam adds a ps: "osama sends his regards!"

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us forces shoot protesters protesting shootings

2 people were killed in fallujah, iraq, when us forces fired upon a demonstration which was protesting against the recent deaths when us forces fired upon a demonstration, according to cbc news.

u.s. soldiers fired on anti-american protesters for the second time this week, as iraqis demonstrated wednesday against the previous shootings

sounds iraq is becoming a mobius news strip.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

blogging around

antiwar.com tells us the us force in post-war iraq could top 125,000.

gianna of she sells sanctuary wonders how benign awol really feels about the dixie chicks when the administration has warned frace against defying its policies.

sasha, who's undercover, wants to know, where's condaleeza? she also links us to what paul wolfowitz really thinks of al franken's act.

cursor.org reinforces what we've known all along with this link: corporate media defaults on 9/11.

the horse has some good stuff from krugman and conason, plus readers comments as well.

angut iglarpok links us to the understatement of the year: "george w. never makes anyone feel less intelligent than he." yeah, but does he do that on purpose?
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he put the compassionate in compassionate conservatism

rummy thinks the recent "war" should get high marks for its "compassion towards innocent civilians," according to the bbc.

us defence secretary donald rumsfeld has said that his country has entered a new era in which it must pre-emptively seek out and prevent attacks by terrorists and terrorist states.

he told coalition troops at us central command in the gulf state of qatar that the wars in afghanistan and iraq showed that america had made a good start.

of course, the argument could be made that the war isn't actually over yet. saddam has yet to be accounted for. in fact, tariq aziz says saddam is still alive:

iraq's former deputy prime minister tariq aziz has told u.s. interrogators he saw saddam hussein alive after the two airstrikes mounted by coalition forces to kill him, a senior defense official says.

[ed. note: no big surprise...osama bin laden and ken lay are still both free men.]

and the shooting's not even over yet.

conflicting accounts emerged tuesday about a clash between the u.s. military and civilians in iraq that witnesses and red cross officials said killed at least 15 iraqis and wounded up to 53 others.

and as for actually letting the people of iraq have a democracy, and choose their own government? well, just ignore those thousands of people out on the streets of baghdad, ok?

street protests by thousands of iraqis and a boycott by leading shia muslims today marred us-sponsored talks on the formation of a new government in baghdad.

besides, if rummy says there'll be democracy, by god, there'll be democracy!

if you're suggesting, how would we feel about an iranian-type government with a few clerics running everything in the country, the answer is: that isn't going to happen," he said.

even if we have to keep invading this stupid country over and over again until they get it right!

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wmd's? we don't need no wmd's!

not that any of us expected any different, but so far there is no proof of powell's arms claims, us empty-handed in iraw search for wmd, according to the sfchronicle.

powell's speech on feb. 5 signaled the end of the bush administration's support of continued u.n. weapons inspections and set the stage for military action by providing information that he said showed iraq was in continued violation of security council resolutions that required it to disarm.

he told the council he was sharing "what the united states knows about iraq's weapons of mass destruction as well as iraq's involvement in terrorism."

in the 38 days since u.s. and british troops invaded iraq, however, military forces have yet to produce any of the weaponry or chemical or biological agents powell described, nor have they produced iraqi scientists with evidence about them, officials said.

they also have not turned up anything to support powell's claim to the security council that "nearly two dozen" al qaeda terrorists lived in and operated from baghdad.

we found that link thanks to the smirking chimp, one of whose readers pointed us to abcnews, who says white house officials privately admit that 9/11 was the main reason for war.

officials inside government and advisers outside told abcnews the administration emphasized the danger of saddam's weapons to gain the legal justification for war from the united nations and to stress the danger at home to americans.

"we were not lying," said one official. "but it was just a matter of emphasis."

yeah. emphasis on the wrong country entirely.
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you are the 120,000th visitor to skippy!
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Monday, April 28, 2003

no blogging today

sorry, folks, but between real life errands and a slower-than-molasses-on-a-snail's-butt-after-sex internet today, skippy will not be posting. go read the rittenhouse review, or daily kos, or eschaton, tom tomorrow, or the daily rant, or any of the fine blogs on our blog roll.

also, check out calpundit's analysis of tim lambert's latest skewering of john lott's funny games with reality.

and, as always, go freep the beard (lefthand sidebar).
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Sunday, April 27, 2003

the benevolent liberators

jenny over at little red cookbook (rapidly becoming one of fav new blogs) links us to this story in commons dreams:

american troops 'paraded naked thieves':

american soldiers guarding an arms dump in baghdad stripped four suspected iraqi thieves, burnt their clothes and forced them on to the streets naked, witnesses said early this morning.

a muslim member of the delta squadron 10 engineer corps is alleged to have written “ali baba. haram” in arabic across the men’s chests before they were evicted at gunpoint from an amusement park in the city.

sounds like the same people who got a hold of the dixie chicks.
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Saturday, April 26, 2003

a whole lott of nothing

atrios directed us back to tim lambert's exquisite living tome on john lott's adventures with the truth. and it looks like, no matter how you slice it, john lott's thesis "more guns, less crime" is just "more gristle, less meat."

apparently, when all is said and done, lott made numerous coding (we assume mathematical) errors in his data...the question remains as to whether the errors were honest mistakes or an attempt to make the numbers fit the conclusion, instead of the usual scientific way of looking at the data and then reaching a conclusion.

this was pointed out by ian ayers and john donahue of standford (full disclosure...this paper is 120 pages long...we are taking tim's word on it. if anyone wants to read it and dispute tim, feel free to use our comments section).

apparently, after much back and forth in the vein of "did not did so did not did so" and "i'm rubber and you're glue," lott eventually asked for his name to be removed from one of the "i know you are but what am i" responses circulating in the intellectual ether. apparently, yes, the data is bad, and what do you know, it actually turns out that, according to the figures and the history, more guns = more crime.

but we suppose that won't stop lott. it never did before.
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some updates

tendentious gives us an update on the reporter who was fired from the sfchron after participating in the anti-war demonstrations...apparently it wasn't so much that he was anti-war, but that he was pro-palestine.

also, we were pretty sure, but then we found out for a fact...nezumi is firmly on the left. great! we love those little mouse icons!

and david of let's try that again (a fine australian blog) thinks we should have made more of this story:

skippy's home to go for $500k

the home of australian icon skippy is set to be sold for $500,000 after the park was closed down following claims of animal cruelty.

the troubled wildlife sanctuary waratah park, in sydney's ku-ring-gai national park, is to be sold to earth sanctuaries ltd.

earth sanctuaries said it had been selected as the preferred purchaser of the assets of waratah park pty ltd, subject to relevant approvals. it said the $500,000 purchase price would be funded from earth sanctuaries' cash reserves.

waratah park is best known as the setting for the famous 1960s television series skippy the bush kangaroo.

we had seen that article, but to be honest, it broke our hearts too much to bring it up.

everybody, now:

skippy, our friend ever true.....

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letters...we get letters...

folks, jenny at the little red cookbook wants us to know (mainly 'cuz we've been bugging her about it) that her blog now has a comments feature! go! leave a comment! (keep it nice, though).

and spadehammer at hammerdown is aghast (but not particularly surprised) that awol's administration admits that there really weren't wmd's over there...it's not that they were lying, it was "just a matter of emphasis." yeah, right. emphasize this, pal!

ps, we gotta give a shout out to free pie for sending all that traffic our way...kim is away from the computer till monday, but there's plenty of good stuff up on her site now, so go read!
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Friday, April 25, 2003

fun with google

you can actually find news articles with the two key words "santorum" and "sars."

also, here's another fun google search.
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win a few, lose a few

is there an anti-war backlash? on one hand, the arizona republic reports that anti-war celebs see payoffs for piping up:

in the weeks after [natalie] maines' comments, sales of the [dixie] chicks' latest album, home, fell out of the top spot on the country charts - before bouncing right back into the no. 1 position last week.

after his outburst at the oscars last month ("shame on you, mr. bush!"), michael moore saw his book stupid white men return to the top of the new york times bestseller list. two days after the oscars, he reported on his web site that his documentary bowling for columbine had received more video orders on amazon.com than the oscar winner for best picture, chicago.

even [actor tim] robbins, who frets about "a climate of fear" for lesser-known actors, can't really complain. "i'm ok," he says in an interview. "i just finished two films," including one with clint eastwood. "i don't believe there's fallout."

well, that's great. if you're a celebrity.

if you're a work-a-day regular joe, you might get fired.

a san francisco chronicle reporter who was arrested while participating in an anti-war demonstration last month said he has been fired for falsifying his timesheet. henry norr, who covered technology and wrote a weekly column for the chronicle, said he was fired on monday.

norr was suspended without pay after his arrest. the day before the march 20 demonstration, norr said he sent an e-mail to his supervisor that said he planned to participate and expected to be arrested. norr said he took sick leave for the day of work missed, which the chronicle determined was a falsification.

too bad his name wasn't janeane garafalo or martin sheen.
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graphics r us

uggabugga has a great set of playing cards, a la iraq's most wanted, only with awol's gang (big thanks to annatopia for the link!)

and maru the crankpot has a great billboard posted on her site.
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say hello

to the left leaner.
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and media press for some...

we have to agree with michele at a small victory: why is the laci petersen murder getting all the press? she's sure not the only woman to ever get killed by her cheatin' husband.
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bloggers on santorum

kos talks about rick santorum's grieving process...and it's as weird as "man on dog" sex.

atrios has several posts, including a good cartoon by auth.

balloon juice and his readers have a good ol' time with rick.

the mad prophet sends us to these posts at lean left and morons.org.

sisyphus shrugged analyzes the analysis of santorum's remark.

as of now, 3 gop senators have come out of the closet of dissent to go on the record against sen. santorum: snowe, chaffee and smith.
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does anybody know what happened to blah3?
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does anybody know what happened to blah3?
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Thursday, April 24, 2003

say hello

to idols of the marketplace and be the water not the rock.
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tom paine on santorum

ralph g. neas, president of people for the american way, writes an essay on tompaine.com showing that sen. rick santorum's recent anti-gay remarks are just part of the larger problem the republican party has with, uh, well, with bigotry.

santorum's record closely matches that of other far-right ideologues. alabama attorney general william pryor -- who is one of president bush's troubling federal appeals court nominees…equated the right of gay americans to engage in consensual sex within their own homes to "activities like prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia...."

while you're over at tompaine, you may also want to check out these articles: wars on earth and downing the dipolomats (gingrich leading the neocons).

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substitute blogger

hey kids, tom tomorrow is actually on vacation. but his blog goes on, thanks to guest blogger bob harris. be sure to drop by!
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defiant dixies

listening to the self-righteous wing, you'd expect that the dixie chicks are crawling back with their tails between their legs, sorry for being such bad little americans and dissing awol. not so, says cnn.

true, natalie maines is sorry for the wording of her london gaffe where she said she was embarrassed that awol is from texas...but, "am i sorry that i asked questions and that i just don't follow? no."

the article, which talks about the chicks' upcoming interview with diane sawyer, goes on:

maines and the trio's other members -- sisters emily robison and martie maguire -- also tell sawyer the fallout was too harsh for the offense and they've always supported u.s. troops, even though they questioned the war.

"it's the people who have gone overboard and done such irrational things that take you back to the days of book burning. that is a concern for me," maguire said.
"we know some of our fans were shocked and ... upset. i totally understand it. my problem is, when does it cross the line? when is trashing emily's property ok? when is writing a threatening letter ok?"

robison added that the band was dealing with "bigger issues" than the loss of record sales. "i'm concerned about my safety. i'm concerned about my safety for my family," she said. "when you're getting death threats ... at our concerts this year, we have to have metal detectors, and to me that's just crazy. but we have to take precautions because this thing has gotten so out of control."

plus, the chicks git naked! and hey, while you're there at cnn, go freep the beard! (left hand side bar).

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watch dem dems!

the kos has the latest cattle call for the democratic candidates, including a california field poll, which has liberman on top.

meanwhile digby wonders "what's wrong with the democratic party?" and then he decides, "nothing."
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is seymour butts designing the web site?

our friend eric over at the hamster points out that the family research council, whose vp of media relations is genevieve wood, has a url address that might be a subliminal message: http://www.frc.org/expert.cfm?get=wood
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brand new bowl, same great soup

hey kids, our scientist bud dave appell has a great new look for his blog quark soup, so please check it out. among other fine topics, dave delves into why he thinks the term "sars" is misleading and inappropriate.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

ari caught in a bald-face lie (pun intended)

thanks to the roger ailes' reader known as ras-nesta, we were alerted to today's white house press briefing, where the journalists actually got fed up with fleischer's dodging of questions he doesn't want to answer (scroll down to about 3/5 of the page):

q you're saying they've turned the corner, they just haven't gone quite far enough?

mr. fleischer: i'll leave it as i put it.

q why won't you answer the question about --

mr. fleischer: greg.

q hold on. we're entitled to follow up, ari -- this isn't homeroom.

mr. fleischer: greg.

q why won't you answer the question about whether or not -- he said there are going to be consequences --

mr. fleischer: david, there are other qualified reporters in here, too, who can follow-up.

q i didn't say they were not qualified, ari. i'm saying you're running it like it's homeroom, like we can't follow-up when you're refusing to answer a question that's been posed twice to you, directly. the secretary of state said that there would be consequences. why won't you say what they might be?

mr. fleischer: greg.

q do you want to elaborate on what those consequences would be?

mr. fleischer: i addressed it earlier. you heard what i said about consequences.

q you didn't address it, which is the point. but you can't tolerate that kind of dissent.

whoa! we bet that guy gets sent to the back of the room with helen thomas from now on!
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blogging around

the horse has an action alert for the latest candy crowley fiasco (she likened the democratic candidates to the "iraq's most wanted" playing cards deck). there's plenty of links to send emails to lou dobbs' sponsors to let them know you don't like it when a national news organization equates the leaders of one party to the leaders of the enemy country we recently fought. (scroll down to about the middle of the page).

what better place to learn about the rapid mutation of the sars virus than db's medical rants?

bo cowgill's blog got named in this stanford daily article about blogs originating out of that fine institution.

speaking of school, ever wonder what made the difference between that "a minus" you wanted and the "b plus" you got on a paper? eric tam at antidotal explores his thoughts, as one who doles out the grades.

jeanne d'arc of body and soul has a moving tribute to the recently departed nina simone.

devra (of blue streak) is on a semi-hiatus...turns out she has a life, and has to actually live it! imagine that!

talkleft tells us that city of santa cruz, california, has filed a lawsuit challenging the federal government over medical marijuana! good luck, santa cruz! dynamite roller coaster on their boardwalk, if this suit is victorious, let's all take some medicine and go for a ride!

over on avedon's other weblog, dr. carol links us to a washpost article that tells us the awol administration was underprepared [ed. note: duh!] for the strength of the shi'ite organization in iraq (and she got the link from ampersand, another fine friend of this blog!)

eric alterman has plenty of links proving that the administration wasn't ready for the "peace" in iraq after our little war...plus some great thoughts about how the self-righteous wing is whining about journalists being "too" educated.

liberaloasis has a great explanation of why we didn't get too excited over gephardt's new health care plan.

food for thought has an excellent email dialogue with jan mickelson, who is is against the "gay agenda" in our schools.

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backlash? or bad mow?

viewers avoided susan sarandon's tv movie about the woman with cancer in antartica this last weekend, says e! online news.

sarandon's cbs tv movie ice bound was slaughtered by practically everything last night, including abc's easter sunday four-hour broadcast of cecil b. demille's the ten commandments, starring charlton heston (chalk one up for the gun-toting right)...the real-life story of stranded cancer survivor dr. jerri nielsen, placed last in overnight ratings with an average 8.9 million viewers and lost close to 40 percent of audience levels from the eye network's ratings last sunday.

we must concur with e!'s conclusion however...that is, it's hard to draw a conclusion from this whole thing:

of course, there's no way to tell if the ratings crash stems from anti-sarandon sentiment or the telepic's sobering subject of a doctor suffering from breast cancer who must perform her own biopsy--rescuers had to wait four months before approaching the forbidding south pole surroundings to bring her back to civilization.

personally, though we have met ms. sarandon and love her work, both acting and cause-related, we watched moses ourselves. we always love demille's camp classic, it's the best part of easter for us. several reasons come to mind:

1. it's john derek's greatest role
2. anne baxter was a babe
3. it's the one film where vincent price is overshadowed as a bad guy (nobody can touch yul brenner)
4. say what you will about his politics, heston was born to play moses
5. edward g. robinson: "nyah! where's your god now, moses? nyah!"

so, if it's a choice between going to camp de mille another year, or watching susan sarandon slice open her own breast, it's no contest!

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traffic update in sunnyvale, calif.

at least 25 anti-war protesters were arrested in their demonstration against lockheed-martin in sunnyvale, ca, up in the bay area yesterday, sayes reuters.

one person who had linked himself to other demonstrators with plastic piping was injured as police drilling through the tubing reached his arm by mistake. he was treated at the scene.

drilling through the guy's arm? yeah, we'd call that a mistake, all right.
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now if we can do something about the other 49 states...

oliver at the liquid list sends us this heads up: awol may not get on the alabama's ballot in time for the next presidential election, says cnn.

the problem is that the republican national convention is being held later than usual to avoid conflict with the olympics, and the gop won't choose a candidate until september 2 -- two days after alabama's august 31 deadline to certify presidential contenders.

republicans are asking the democrat-controlled legislature to change the law and extend the deadline until september 5.

personally, we don't think awol will have any problem, as it is projected that he will spend more money ($200 million) than any candidate in history for this next campaign.

wow. good thing we don't have any use for that money anywhere else.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

blogshares sucks!

you heard us. blogshares sucks! we registered, and have yet to receive our confirming email, in spite of clicking the "if you have not received your confirming email" button twice.

not only that, when we tried to "claim" our blog (supposedly, you get 5000 shares of your own blog when you register) the site told us there was no such blog, even though it's listed and indexed (but not for trading, yet, because we haven't "claimed" it, but we can't "claim" it, because it says it's not listed).

not only that, because we have no confirmation email, we can't complete the registration process, so we can't join any of the forums or message boards to ask questions about how to fix these problems.

and we even sent an email to the head blogshare, asking about it. and what did we get back? nothing. nada. zip. zero. goose egg. null set. void. the middle of the donut.

we are angry. and we realize we are spending way too much time and effort on blogging to get upset about not being able to trade imaginary stock from our blog, but, gee whiz, the stock has really gone up in the last few weeks! we're frickin' on fire here! if only we could get a piece of our own action!

blogshares sucks!!!

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the boss bats for the chicks

bruce springsteen went on the record supporting the dixie chicks' right to have an opinion, according to chartattack.com. in a message on his website, the boss says,

for them to be banished wholesale from radio stations, and even entire radio networks, for speaking out is un-american. the pressure coming from the government and big business to enforce conformity of thought concerning the war and politics goes against everything that this country is about — namely freedom. right now, we are supposedly fighting to create free speech in iraq, at the same time that some are trying to intimidate and punish people for using that same freedom here at home. i don't know what happens next, but i do want to add my voice to those who think that the dixie chicks are getting a raw deal, and an un-american one to boot. i send them my support.

we can guess what happens next...a bruce springsteen boycott manufactured by the south carolina republican party.
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blogging around

barney gumble at mwow(4) has whitewater for dummies.

talkleft has a name for it: radio radial right radio. (we've got a whole other name for it).

calpundit muses on man-on-dog sex, and why rick santorum might or might not have been misquoted.

instapundit reports on matt welch's analysis of the bush/saudi connection.

avedon carol keeps on blogging even as she recovers from her surgery. today the good doctor links us to a kentucky editorial which laments the irony that cable and the internet has "clobbered diversity" instead of expanding it.

and cursor.org brings us truly scary news: religious group helps lawmakers with rent. and if you're not scared enough by that, read jesus plus nothing from harpers (also courtesy of cursor).
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friends don't let friends make "mr. and mrs. north"

who knew we were joanne woodward's personal friend? not us. but we got this important email from her concerning global warming, and thought we'd share it with you:

dear friend:

this earth day, please join with me and my husband paul newman to help secure the health of our planet for future generations: add your name to environmental defense's petition on global warming and join one million citizen co-sponsors of the mccain-lieberman climate stewardship act to halt global warming.

click here to sign the petition.

if you'd like to read the rest of joanne's email, please go to our sister site skippy junior.
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update on the chicks

a reader, responding to an earlier post we had about the "backlash" against the dixie chicks (for telling the truth), wrote in our comments section:

i don't suppose that it's possible that all of these radio stations and dj's were just practicing their own right to disagree and start their own protest, were they? i think that conspiracy theories about ties with the bush white house are a little bit of a stretch.

well, you sneaky little fox, jenny at the little red cookbook reports that, according to utne reader and capitol hill blue, those radio stations and dj's were just jumping through the hoops of the gop (no surprise there). utne says:

but as doug thompson reports for capitol hill blue, the whole “spontaneous” uproar was apparently generated by the republican party, which sent out thousands of e-mails instructing the party faithful to complain to their local country radio stations. national gop staffers themselves hit the phone lines, demanding stations remove the group’s music from playlists.

yeah, those poor dixie chicks! still number one!

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it's still ok to protest (as long as it's against democrats)

the 8 anti-war protesters who occupied sen. john edwards' office in february have had the charges against them dismissed.

jennifer palmieri, press secretary for edwards' presidential campaign, said the campaign played no role in the arrests or dismissals.

thank goodness for small favors. meanwhile, anti-war protesters are tying up traffic in sunnyvale in the bay area demonstrating outside of lockheed martin.

organizers say protesters also are starting a massive ``die-in'' event by lying down on nearby streets to protest lockheed martin's contract with the u.s. government to make weapons for the u.s. military.

sunnyvale police, in riot gear, are vowing not to let protesters block mathilda avenue or other heavily traveled streets in the area. a police spokesman says that protesters will be arrested if laws are violated.

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on the street where you rove

madkane sends us a link to her latest "all i want is a new regime" (from my unfair dubya).
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Monday, April 21, 2003

we thought they were just protesting his ability to raise money

some anti-war activists who occupied sen. john edwards' office, demanding to speak to him, are headed for their day in court.

raleigh -- eight peace activists arrested for trespassing in the raleigh offices of north carolina senator john edwards go to court monday. the eight were protesting edwards' support for the war on iraq and demanded to talk to him, but the senator wasn't in when they arrived at his office in february.

is the senator ever there? we thought he was busy raising money.

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you employees need to take a pay cut...pass me that caviar on your way out, would you?

american airlines, facing bankruptcy, had convinced its employees to take massive pay cuts. uh, but not all its employees. the execs were going to get huge bonuses if they stayed on with the troubled airline. only, they didn't tell the employees about it until after the vote on pay cuts.

ok, ok, the airline then promised to forego the bonuses for the execs. uh, but not all the bonuses. the big pension pay-outs to the execs are not going to be rescinded. and several of the unions are demanding a re-vote on the pay cut concessions for their members.

some experts in labor law said the union could have valid cause for conducting a new election because the company did not disclose bonuses and payments to a pension trust for top executives while it negotiated with unions for pay and benefit cuts.

the bonuses were rescinded, but the company won't try to recover the undisclosed amount it paid to fund the pensions for 45 top executives. a spokesman for the flight attendants union said members were just as upset monday as they were when they learned of the executive perks late last week

this can't be helping the airline's stock prices.

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say hello

to food for thought and the art deadlines list (we're wondering why we're on this page, not that we're complaining...but it's an interesting compiling of upcoming deadlines for grants, contests and scholarships in artistic endeavors...go check it out!)
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skippy is embarrassed that bush is from texas...hey, is our blog #1 yet?

atrios points out that all that hoopla surrounding the boycott of the dixie chicks after natalie maines' dissing of awol seems to have done absolutely nothing. their album home is still #1 on the country charts, and #30 overall.

but things are still rough for anybody who dares speak out against awol and his cowboy politics. andrew gumbel, (any relation to barney?) writing in the uk independent, says,

beyond the film world, powerful radio station chains with strong political ties to the bush white house have been orchestrating boycotts and hate campaigns against several anti-war performers…the venom behind these campaigns is disturbing enough but there is a second strand to the story. and that is that hollywood might not be such a liberal place after all.

as we live here, we can attest to the fact that it actually is, but we're just not allowed to say it out loud.
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Sunday, April 20, 2003

just asking

talkleft links us to the london independent, which wants to know, mr. blair, where are those weapons of mass destruction?

but, mr blair, where are they? a month has passed since american and british troops entered iraq, more than a week since the fall of baghdad. but thus far not even a sniff. not a drum of vx or mustard gas, not a phial of botulin or anthrax, not a shred of evidence that iraq was assembling a nuclear weapons programme.

but that wasn't what they told us. remember colin powell at the security council two months ago (though today it seems another age on another planet): the charts, the grainy intelligence satellite pictures, the crackly tapes of the intercepted phone conversations among iraqi officials? how plausible it all sounded, especially when propounded by the most plausible figure in the bush ad- ministration.
[ed. note: that's damning with faint praise!]

and the paper calls for a parlimentary investigation if no wmd turn up...the government investigating the reasons for the war? something you'll never find in this country

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and now for something completely different

ampersand has a brilliant cartoon today.
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we can't tell you about the patriot act

this is frightening: found in the modesto bee (our second favorite newspaper named after an insect): what you read, watch, might be an open book.

is big brother watching the books you buy or the videos you rent? that question cannot be answered, under the usa patriot act.

the law, passed before the dust from sept. 11 settled, lets government agents seek court orders to seize records "for an investigation to protect against international terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities."

critics have sounded a warning because such court orders cannot be challenged. businesses are barred from telling anyone if they get one. not even congress can get an answer from the justice department on how many people are being monitored.

so, basically, you don't even have the right to ask if what you read is being monitored, because answering that question could put the country in danger.

danger of what? new ideas?

(thanks to wil wheaton, via tom tomorrow, for the link!)

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Saturday, April 19, 2003

blogging around

brad delong has the goods on the latest corporate accounting scandal: healthsouth.

our bud conrad of the gweilo diaries is having an adventure with a beautiful semi-famous indonesian television celebrity. and, conrad doesn't have sars!

dr. tom of thinking it through takes on lott and reynolds. again.

happy easter from lisa english of ruminate this!
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wmd? uh, never mind

tenditious links us to an article from the guardian telling about the growing concern by the labour party that nobody has yet to turn up any weapons of mass destruction...thereby making mr. blair and awol's little war illegal:

tony blair is facing the threat of a fresh rebellion from labour backbenchers who are growing increasingly alarmed that the failure to uncover weapons of mass destruction in iraq will confirm that the war was illegal.

gosh, you don't think they were fibbing, do you?
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change of address card

make a note, everybody, calpundit has a new url: calpundit.com (and, great new look to his blog! good work, kevin!)
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say hello

to archpundit and soapbox canyon
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the day the statue died

by popular demand (ok, madkane and the demveteran), here are the lyrics to the day the statue died:

did you write the patriot act,
and do you have faith in un’s pact?
if dick cheney tells you “no.”
do you believe in awol bush,
and should we save some arab tush,
and can you teach me how to snub nato?

well i know destruction could be mass
unless we kick iraqi ass,
we bombed them in basra.
i dig that shock and awe!
we left poor mosul in a pinch,
but israel thinks we’re a mensch,
while we were saving private lynch
the day the statue died.

i started singing
bye bye you iraqi bad guy
drove my hummer through the summer
but the bummer won’t die
and rummy’s boys drinkin’ whiskey and rye
sayin’ this’ll be the day saddam dies
this’ll be the day saddam dies.
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"we want saddam back"

some iraqi's are not so happy with coalition forces, if by "some," we mean "hundreds of thousands."

some 50,000 people jammed the streets of al-sadr city, formerly known as saddam city, patrolled by kalashnikov-wielding guards.

hundreds of thousands poured out of mosques and demonstrated against washington’s presence. the sermons around the city offered the first clear reaction among muslim clergy to the three-week war and us occupation.

at the al-hikma mosque sheikh mohammad fartusi said the shia would not accept a brand of democracy “that allows iraqis to say what they want but gives them no say in their destiny.”

“this form of government would be worse than saddam hussein,” he said. he also urged the faithful to follow the hawza in najaf.

and things are still looking bad in mosul, according to the sfchron.

on wednesday, another shooting in mosul killed three people and wounded at least 11, including several who said american troops fired at them from rooftops. a marine sergeant near the scene said the americans were responding to fire from another rooftop.

they are killing us and no one's talking about it. we want saddam back," said zahra yassin, whose 17-year-old son was shot in the stomach and wounded. "let the embargo return. at least there was security

good thing this is getting plenty of coverage on cnn.

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mathematic irony

five demonstrators were arrested outside the pentagon yesterday.

at least five anti-war protesters were arrested outside the pentagon on friday when several dozen people tried to block subway entrances at the sprawling defense department headquarters, officials said.

glenn flood, a department spokesman, told reuters that five arrests were made by pentagon police after the group conducted what he and other defense officials called an annual anti-war protest made on good friday, a christian holy day remembering the crucifixion of jesus.

we're lucky it wasn't built in the shape of a triskadekagon or even more people would have been arrested.

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buy talkleft! sell instapundit!

talkleft is (according to daily kos) apparently the highest priced blog on blogshares, a fantasy stock market to buy and sell interest in blogs. our own blog is "indexed, but not available for trading," whatever that means, thus reaffirming mrs. skippy's contention that what we do here everyday is pretty darn worthless. but we congratulate our friend talkleft, because she actually does fine work and very keen obeservation. go buy some shares!

addendum: whoops! we meant to say talkleft is the highest price "lefty" blog out there! didn't mean to slight all you righties! because we know the right never slights the left!
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letters...we get letters

a few bloggers sent us some alerts to what they're doing these days:

david marsden writes a funny asticle: bush polls topple (in iraq).

dave johnson notes that his post about "countering the right's mighty wurlitzer" (though we don't think republicans have such big organs) on his blog seeing the forest parallels some other blog writings, found specifically on the watch and hullabaloo and worldgonewrong.
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Friday, April 18, 2003

what we've been saying all along

it's a sad sad day when the co-star of cadillac man has more balls than the american journalistic community (thanks to the smirking chimp for the link!)

here's the entire transcript of what tim robbins said to the national press club on april 15. an excerpt:

a chill wind is blowing in this nation. a message is being sent through the white house and its allies in talk radio and clear channel and cooperstown. if you oppose this administration, there can and will be ramifications.

every day, the air waves are filled with warnings, veiled and unveiled threats, spewed invective and hatred directed at any voice of dissent. and the public, like so many relatives and friends that i saw this weekend, sit in mute opposition and fear.

as we said below, fascism creeps up on you, a little at a time.

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meanwhile, is it saddam or is it memorex?

abu dhabi tv aired a tape of what is purported to be saddam hussein greeting cheering crowds in baghdad, taken on what was purported to be april 9 (the day the statue died, and everyone was singing bye bye you iraqi bad guy drove my hummer thru the summer but you still didn't die and rummy's boys drinking whiskey and rye saying someone better make sure he dies...sorry, we were channeling madkane there for a second).

nobody is sure if (a) it really is saddam or (b) when the tape was shot. it does make one wonder though, if saddam's regime is dead, why does it keep popping up more than jason in the friday the 13th films?
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thanks for the help, now go home

tens of thousands of iraqi's are protesting their country's "occupation" by foreign troops in the streets of baghdad today.

the demonstration was peaceful, news agencies reported, but it provided dramatic new evidence that the ouster of saddam hussein's secular government has unleashed pent-up religious sentiment, especially among the country's long-repressed shiite muslim majority. in the absence of strong government, islam often provides the organizing principle, and the civic institutions, of muslim societies.

converging from several mosques, the demonstrators carried banners with such slogans as "no bush, no saddam, yes to islam," and "no to america, no to secular state, yes to islamic state." organizers said the demonstrators included both shiite muslims and sunnis, who represent the majority branch of islam is most muslim countries but a minority in iraq.

boy, that was sure a good idea. invade a country so it can turn muslim. smart thinking, awol!

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adventures in fascism continued

let's get one thing straight. nobody wakes up and says, "hey, let's make this a fascist country." it comes in teeny tiny increments, too subtle to be noticed, until, suddenly, it's difficult to speak your mind in what you heretofore thought was a free country.

the concentration camps didn't just spring up in germany all of a sudden. fascism comes slowly, inperceptively. that's what makes it so dangerous.

reggie rivers, writing in the denver post, talks about a man who hung an american flag upside down in his bookstore, indicating "distress," a metaphor in his mind for the political scene. he was visited by the police and threatened with arrest unless he took it down.

huh? it's against the law to hang the flag upside down? since when?

well, the aclu got into it and the city agreed the police were wrong. but by then someone had thrown a dead coyote on the bookstore's stoop, and the guy got the message.

shut up! fall in line! do not question! big brother is watching you!

it's not a "free market place of ideas" when someone anonymously, and cowardly, harrasses someone else with dead animal carcasses. that's domestic terrorism.

and as mr. rivers says in the post:

fleming's case illustrates the difficulty of protesting a war in a nation with such hawkish tendencies. war supporters don't fight back with words, they enlist law-enforcement officers, other government officials and corporations to silence dissent.

if you criticize the bush administration, congress or u.s. foreign policy, you're being unsupportive of the troops and the police may visit you.

if you protest through diplomatic channels - as france, germany and russia have done - you're cowardly and disloyal, and you'll be punished later when contracts are awarded in the rebuilding of iraq.

if you go on iraqi tv and criticize the war, as nbc's peter arnett did, you'll lose your job. if you make disparaging comments about u.s. aggression during a music concert, as the dixie chicks did, you'll be the target of a widespread corporate boycott.

all of this makes defense secretary donald rumsfeld's recent comments extremely interesting. on npr this week, rumsfeld responded to reports that iraqi citizens were protesting the interim government. he said that we shouldn't be surprised or dismayed that people in iraq were protesting. instead, we should celebrate because protests are a sign that they live in a free society.

talk about irony.

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syria: what's good for the goose is good for the (kosher) gander

according to reuters, syria is refusing weapons inspections (here we go again) but is willing to work to rid the entire middle east of wmd's. and this means you, israel! (thanks to antiwar.com for that link!)

asked by reporters in cairo whether syria would allow arms inspections, visiting foreign minister farouq al-shara said: "no...after this initiative, this syrian proposal (at the united nations)...syria won't allow any inspection. it will only participate with its (arab) brothers and all of the states of the world in turning the middle east into an area free of weapons of mass destruction."

but should syria be worrying? not according to the western press. but if you read the arabic press, you'll get a different answer.
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fan mail from some flounders

some other blogs have posted some writing they'd like us to note...

timmy the wonder dog likes scrapple face's latest: security council requests u.s. proposal to vote down

the daily kos has started a movement to draft clark.

hammerdown is looking at how rumsfeld lays another one ("bioweapons may be hard to find"...duh! could it be because there weren't any in the first place?) ps. spadehammer, we could have sworn we put your blog on our blogroll, an oversight we have corrected as of today!

and the better rhetor muses about awol's tendency to only tell us "what we need to know."
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Thursday, April 17, 2003

say hello

to i protest.
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warning! make sure you only use the genuine propaganda tools, not a knock-off!

thanks to cursor.org, we find out that there were fewer than 200 decks of those "iraqi most wanted" playing cards originally printed up, according to stars & stripes.

“everyone wants them,” a weary pentagon official said. they say, ‘not for me, you understand — for my mother,’ or ‘my friend,’ or ‘my cat’ or whatever. but we’ve never had a set here.”

the troops don’t have the cards yet, either, according to pentagon spokeswoman megan fox.

“the cards have been sent to centcom, but they have not been distributed yet,” fox said tuesday, after speaking to an official in qatar.

skippy's cat prefers a game of 'sorry.'

we guess then, these cards are not the real thing.
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blogging around

happy birthday to echaton!

good stuff on the horse today, including an analysis of the anti-american rallies in iraq, some anti-petrosky backlash from the "bull durham" cancellation, and an action alert to let unabashed left robert scheer know there are some folks on his side.

eric alterman has some more on the media unable (unwilling?) to report the iraqi demonstrations, also.

liberal oasis says the bush plan for re-election is to "look busy."
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can he beam skippy's portfolio back to 1999?

the misanthropyst has a great story about an wall street insider trader with an inventive excuse: he's from the future:

federal investigators have arrested an enigmatic wall street trader on insider-trading charges - but he insists he's a time-traveller from the year 2256. andrew carlssin, 44, hasn't convinced investigators though.

like the misanthropyst, we're open to believing his story. it gives us hope for the future (and our own ability to go back to high school and punch out that jerk who gave us a melvin in front of that cute girl). and, don't be too quick to dismiss it out of hand:

in a bid for leniency, carlssin has reportedly offered to divulge "historical facts" such as the whereabouts of osama bin laden and a cure for aids...

officials are quite confident the "time-traveler's" claims are bogus. yet the source admits, "no one can find any record of any andrew carlssin existing anywhere before december 2002."

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

the no spin zone spins out of control - again

think o'reilly learned his lesson when he called latinos "wetbacks" on the air? guess again.

oliver of the liquid list directs us to posts by oliver willis and tapped, reporting that bill o'reilly, while emceeing a dinner event for "best men," a charity for inner city kids, remarked "does anyone know where the best men are? i hope they're not in the parking lot stealing our hubcaps."

funny? oh yeah. you bet. the washpost reports:

a witness spotted attendee bo derek's jaw dropping, and yesterday she confirmed that she did hear it, but declined to comment further. channel 9 anchor andrea roane was overheard murmuring: "unbelievable."

"to say that this conservative audience -- dominated undoubtedly by many of mr. o'reilly's biggest fans -- was aghast, is an understatement," one attendee e-mailed us, asking for anonymity. "the well-known republican politicians and their spouses seated at or near my table were appalled."

of course, o'reilly is poo-pooing the whole thing, pointing out that he helped raise lots of money for the poor little colored kids (ok, ok, we made that part up, but, we bet that was what he was thinking!)

liquid list has an action alert for us, including fox phone number and fox and o'reilly email addresses. we suggest everyone who would like this institutionalized racism to come to an end go to that site and participate.
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com or net, it's still suckful!

hey folks! suckful has moved from .com to .net. make a bookmark.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2003


you are the 110,000th visitor to skippy!

(a big big tip of the bush kangaroo hat to everyone who has linked to us, but especially to tom tomorrow, whose frequent linkage in recent days created a record-breaking run from 100,000 to 110,000 in less than two weeks!)
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and now for the really important news

let's take a minute to examine the story that has been on everyone's mind for the past week:

kelly clarkson really sucks!

you heard it here first. we must admit our mixed emotions in reporting this. nobody was a bigger fan of kelly's on last year's american idol. we knew she would win, and we wore our little redial button down voting for her so many times.

but after watching her two recent performances on national tv this week, we have to admit it.

she sucks.

not that she's a terrible singer. she's just not anything special.

but isn't that kind of the exact opposite of what the "american idol" should be?

we watched her return to fox tv's semi-professional amateur hour last week (our fav this year is the geeky clay whats his name. mrs. skippy reminds us that frank sinatra looked real geeky as a young man, too. although we won't be surprised if 2 tons of fun rooooooo-ben wins).

kelly was doing some lame dancing number to her new single, "miss independent" (co-written by christina aguilera, whom she seemed to try to emulate with her clumsy attempt at dancing). we attributed her lack of fire, spark, and originality to trying to remember which foot went where when.

but then we saw again last night on leno.

what happened to her voice? her confidence, her control, her big booming here-i-am-world-streisand-can-kiss-my-ass attitude?

she seemed sooooo miscast. lost and alone. she shouldn't be on national tv.

perhaps without the folderol of the contest and simon making remarks and the nail-biting who'll win this week atmosphere, it turns out kelly is just another cute girl who sings.

but nothing special.
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cnn...the most trusted name in news...not!

[ed. note: seriously, put a want ad in the paper for a new headline writer]

cursor.org brings us this story of the toronto star media column's documented evidence that cnn was way behind the bbc in an important "friendly fire" story in iraq, but cnn still accuses the star of "multiple and gross" inacuracies.

too bad the columnist actually taped cnn's coverage. he was able to prove that everything he said in his column was true.
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another day in paradise square

thanks to the smirking chimp, we find pierre tristam's essay in the daytona-beach journal occupation of paradise square is an illusory promise of peace:

there was no national celebration on paradise square. there was a gathering of a few dozen people orchestrated by the u.s. military in front of the palestine hotel, where the world's press has its baghdad headquarters. like saddam, the statue was brought down by the invading force, not by a popular uprising from within. the "celebration" that followed was contained to the very few people there, and rimmed by american tanks around the square...it was a celebration at gunpoint, however benevolent the arsenal shadowing the celebrants, and it was no more authentic than canned celebrations of iraqis dancing around saddam in those many propaganda films his regime distributed like baath party porn. to compare last week's events on paradise square to the celebrations that involved hundreds of thousands of people dancing on the berlin wall for weeks in 1989 is as ludicrous as comparing the american invasion of grenada in 1983 to the normandy invasion in 1944.

and mr. tristam comes to this conclusion:

one question should be faced head-on. are iraqis better off today, under american occupation, than they were five weeks ago, under saddam's boot? yes. but the more pertinent question is this. are americans -- and the world -- better off today than they were five weeks ago? no. no occupation or benevolent foreign military presence in the middle east has yielded peace in the last 50 years.

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freep the beard!

remember, for this one (left hand side bar), skippy still needs a job.
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let's liberate these people from their bodies

thanks to a heads up from bill howell at stoutdem, we were alerted to this story coming out of iraq: troops fire on protesters:

us troops opened fire on a crowd hostile to the new pro-us governor in the northern iraqi city of mosul today, killing at least 10 people and injuring as many as 100, witnesses and doctors said.

the incident overshadowed the start of us-brokered talks aimed at sketching out a post-saddam hussein iraq and could ignite anti-us sentiment sparked in protests in baghdad and at the talks in the southern city of nasiriyah...

"there are perhaps 100 wounded and 10 to 12 dead," dr ayad al-ramadhani said at the city hospital.

of course, the us press has a different spin on it: at least 10 killed in mosul shooting, us denies accusations it is to blame. we couldn't even find a reference to it on cnn.com.

we are not surprised. even though some 20,000 sunni iraqi's are protesting the us in nassiriya (""no to america, no to saddam;" hey, we didn't make the connection, the iraqi's did!), you won't hear about any iraqi dissent on american media.

baghdad - united states forces on tuesday tried to hamper the media from covering a third day of anti-american protests by iraqis outside a hotel housing a us operations base, an afp correspondent said.

about 200 to 300 iraqis gathered outside the palestine hotel to express their rage at what they said was the us failure to restore order after the fall of iraqi president saddam hussein's regime last wednesday.

for the first time, visibly-angered us military officials sought to distance the media from the protest, moving reporters and photographers about 30m from the barbed-wired entrance to the hotel...

the crowd later moved to the nearby square where a statue of saddam was toppled last wednesday
[ed note: emphasis ours, irony god's], signalling the end of the regime. as three of the marines' armoured amphibious vehicles passed by, the iraqis chanted: "no, no, usa." [ed. note: see smart-ass remark above]

doesn't look like the marines like the press.

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Monday, April 14, 2003

janeane on randi (not that there's anything wrong with that)

our reader chris brings our attention to a great interview of janeane garafalo by the wonderful randi rhodes, which he found on mediawhoresonlinewatchwatchwatchwatch:

garofalo: "there's nothing wrong with being a conservative, if you're a legit conservative who believes in fiscal prudence and small government and personal accountability. those are three very legitimate and very honorable traits of the conservative. but this is new-this whole new rightward shift of the country and this whole new conservative movement is not that…they call themselves conservatives but what they are, are very narrow minded people, very mean-spirited borderline sociopathic people, closet racists, closet sexists, closet homophobes, all these people that have just latched on to the conservative party and hijacked it, and they just sort of wrap it in the flag, hide it behind jesus and pretend it's patriotic…and you have the kind of "radio pundits" or celebrity journalist on a network like fox or like mike savage on msnbc that just shouts at you."

rhodes: "well you know what we have is jingoism-"

garofalo:"-jingoism and knee jerk reactionary-"

rhodes:"-parading around as patriotism. people are walking around, like you said, the very unsophisticated non-curious people are saying things to me like "my country right or wrong."

garofalo: "well that's just unexamined patriotism--that's just merely self-worship. that's not patriotism. it's like narcissism."

we would disagree. ioho, what it is, is gangsta activity for white people. word!
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say hello

to scum at the top and idols of the marketplace
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sometimes it's just too strange for words

heaven knows we love to get visitors from any and all kinds of sites...but we have absolutely no idea (a) what this is, or (b) how the hell they got from there to here in the first place.

[ed. note: we love mindy's capitalization style sheet, however].

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why we miss the big dog

maybe because he doesn't have anything to loose nowadays, but bill clinton seems to be the only democrat actually speaking his mind. thanks to tenditious, we get a transcript of the point/counterpoint from last night's 60 minutes:

there's the old bob dole! you know, i worked for years to get bin laden and almost did, when most of your party could have cared less. and, he's still at large. as for saddam, you're the one who paid him a courtesy call and tried to weaken sanctions on him just before he invaded kuwait, and after he had used chemical weapons on his own people.

oh yeah. that oral sex thing was such an evil evil act. who needs logic in the white house, as long as nobody is actually having sex. right, laura?

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this is scary.

with republicans expecting president bush to roll to reelection in 2004, their focus is fast turning to 2008 and whom the gop will run against expected democratic nominee sen. hillary rodham clinton. now, whispers is told that florida gov. jeb bush looks strong. "if jeb is in the mix" for the nomination, says a top gop official, "it's his."

(thanks to tom tomorrow for the link!)
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kos we like you

always read the daily kos. daily.

too many great posts there today to select one.

go read it. now.

what are you still doing here?
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politics aside, funny is funny

we don't say enough about scrapple face. we don't like his politics, or his point of view. but we love his writing. unless you are a rabid trotskyite who thinks everyone who owns something should be killed, you've got to admit that scrappleface is one funny dude.

irrespective of your feelings about the big dog, we dare you not to laugh at today's headlines on that blog:

worldcom changes its name to clinton

shroud of cnn missing from baghdad museum

syria says it can't stop flow of celebrities

much like our feelings toward dennis miller, we must admit, we wish scrappleface weren't so taken by the dark side, but we love his stuff!
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no blood for oil, specifically, chevron oil

anti-war protesters in the bay area are attempting to shut down a texaco-chevron oil refinery in san ramon. it's not working too well.

police arrested almost 50 anti-iraq war protesters on monday as they attempted to block the entrance to the headquarters of chevrontexaco corp, in san ramon, just east of san francisco, in the latest bay area demonstration against the u.s.-led invasion.
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we fought for their freedom, so shut up and get in line!

nancy nall, in the fort wayne news-sentinel, observes the irony of fighting a war to bring freedom to one country while simultaneously shutting it down in this one.

every angry claim that president bush ordered an unjust war is matched by one on the other side, suggesting those who speak against it should be muzzled, preferably voluntarily, but perhaps not. one new york post columnist casually mentioned that speaking against the war might be considered giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and that, in some cases, was "punishable by execution. hope springs eternal."

yes, i guess it does. what a hollywood ending that would be, to liberate iraqis to enjoy freedom of speech and adopt the tactics of saddam hussein stateside, mmm?

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happy palm sunday from the bush economic team

well, now that we've won the war, the economy will be bouncing back to its pre-bushian heights, right? er, maybe not.

a rebound will be subdued primarily by the economy's structural problems - excess capacity, high consumer debt, weak markets abroad, and lack of confidence on wall street. in fact, economists expect the unemployment rate - one measure of the nation's economic vitality - to remain at 6 percent through the year. "the end of the war [in iraq] will be a stimulus, but not as big as some expect," says ken peng, an economic analyst at citigroup.

in fact, ceo's offered a bleak view in a survey released last thursday by business roundtable:

executives at top u.s. companies expect a weaker economic performance this year than last, with many anticipating a need to reduce payrolls over the next six months.

yeah, but the dow jones is up today, right?

you bet! good for us! too bad the nikkei index hit a 20 year low yesterday. it's all inter-related, doncha know.
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blogging around

chris at interesting times makes an observation...the left needn't apologize for anything, because it hasn't been wrong yet.

our bud eric at the hamster has some interesting words from ron reagan jr. about awol...and they ain't pretty!

the horse has everything you need to know about the baseball hall of fame vs. robbins and sarandon.
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talk about a domino theory

hey, if it worked once, do it again!

the united states will examine possible diplomatic or economic measures against syria, which the united states suspects of developing chemical weapons, secretary of state colin powell said on monday.

sure! we convinced stupid people everywhere that saddam had wmd, so it gave us a great excuse to invade, er, sorry, liberate! too bad the head chemical guy of iraq says there were no banned weapons in the country.

oh, well, that won't stop us in syria!
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happy anniversary

our friend matt prescott informs us that it's been one year since he organized the oxford earth summit, and he's graciously provided links to mp3 files of the talks by the various speakers over on earth-info-net. chech them out! and happy anniversary, matt!
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Sunday, April 13, 2003

we're shocked, shocked! to find unoriginality in hollywood!

we couldn't believe our kangaroo ears when we heard this: [ed. note: warning! if you have recently eaten, you may want to wait a while before reading the following bit of news]

lopez and affleck want to remake 'casablanca,' according to reports

london's daily star reported that lopez and affleck have secured a deal and are in talks with american producers. the star quoted a friend of the engaged couple saying they are "overjoyed at the prospect of being in 'casablanca' together."

that makes two of them.

we liked tina fey's comment on satnitelive last night: "this will appeal to all the people who liked the original movie but wished that it was bad."

thanks to the rittenhouse review who found in on tbogg, we can present you with an alternative: an online petition to stop this madness
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Saturday, April 12, 2003

when you wish upon a sars

we all know what a world wide plague of a heretofore unknown disease can mean...lower amusement part attendance.

the walt disney co. has warned in a filing with federal regulators that a deadly new virus sweeping asia could harm the troubled travel industry and hurt its global theme park business.

in a filing with the securities and exchange commission, disney said concerns over severe acute respiratory syndrome, or sars, "and uncertainty surrounding the transmission of this illness may also contribute to a reluctance to travel. this tends to adversely affect our resort locations and in particular our largest resort location, walt disney world, where our guests tend to travel from farther away."

now that's just goofy!
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let's just call it the war between the states, er, tribes

steve gilliard over on the daily kos has a good analysis of what the end of the coalition's war in iraq could bring: the beginning of a civil war in iraq (we especially like this observation steve made yesterday: "so in less than a month, we turned baghdad from the home of one of the most repressive regimes on the planet, to a land closer to mad max.")

the agonist links us to disturbing news about the chaos in mosul (including this link from indymedia)

antiwar.com directs us to this nytimes article: sniper fire greets gi's in mosul.

(also, nice analysis of the "toppling of saddam's statue celebration" in antiwar.com).

and we ourselves found this bit of news: as many as 20 dead in mosul in fighting between kurds and arabs.
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to atrios at echaton for getting his 2,000,000th visitor!

(and congratulations to him for lifting the "congratulations" gag from this blog!

seriously, we don't begrudge him the use of it! we are glad to know the gag gets good use around blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!)

we are looking forward to his 3,000,000th visitor!
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indiana jones and the temple of loot

whoops! magpie links us to a report that says those nutty baghdads (apparently, no baghmoms involved) are not just stealing from saddam's palaces, but from their own cultural heritage as well!

looters ransack baghdad museum:

thousands of valuable historical items from baghdad's main museum have been taken or destroyed by looters.

nabhal amin, deputy director at the iraqi national museum, blamed the destruction on the united states for not taking control of the situation on the streets.

on saturday, unesco - the un's cultural agency - has urged the us and britain to deploy troops at iraq's key archaeological sites and museums to stop widespread looting and destruction.

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say hello

to nezumi's journal (she's got cute little mouses icons!)
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lefty blog watch watch watch

peter cammarano over on stand down directed us to mr. krempasky.com, who decided to peruse all the lefty anti-war blogs on the official vi (victory in iraq) day, and see which, if any, actually mentioned the victory.

full disclosure: we had left a comment on mr. krempasky's post, mentioning that he failed to mention skippy's blog, who actually did report it on april 9th. mr. krempasky wrote back, saying he was sorry he missed it, and would post it soon. we responded that we were more joking than raging at him, but would happily mention his work on our blog.

however, as of this writing, he has still failed to mention in his analysis that our blog was one who did report what he thought was history on the day he thought history was being made.

peter points out that mr. krempasky did this without comment or partisanship. if any problem is to be had with his results, it's that he expected everyone to blog about it on that day. pesonally, many at skippy feel that "vi" day is a bit of an arbitrary misnomer, as there is still fighting going on, saddam was reported to have been killed on day one of the hostilities by many sources anyway, and the looting and rioting seems to add to the general feeling of wartime, as opposed to victory.

therefore, we personally could excuse someone for not repeating the pr line that we won on the 9th of april. cases could be made for victory on days before and after.

also, many bloggers actually have lives, and may not get to the events of the day right away.

in other news, this just in, hindenberg explodes in new jersey, fox news suspects terrorists! oh the huge hannity!

[ed. note: that joke didn't work the first time. fire that gag writer]
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not that we're paranoid or anything

this is spooky...russian scientist says sars is a biological weapon (this post on charlie's diary found thanks to avedon's other weblog!)
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blogroll housecleaning

we're in the middle of consolodating our blogroll, which means dumping the blogs that not only don't have links to our blog, but didn't even bother to answer our letter discussing it. so you may not be able to link to your favorite blog from ours. that is because we thought we were your favorite blog, and are in a snit about it.

however, we're very happy to add some new blogs to our roll, including left is right, the very bipolar shock and awe, the raven mad magpie, as well as anger management course, and dr. avedon carol's other weblog. and we are very happy to keep on strategy page, who has kindly consented to add our blog to their roll.

we continue to keep jane galt's asymmetrical information on hand, in the hopes that someday she will add us to her roll. we know, we know, we've been hurt before, and we should just grow up and move on; but jane, you were the very first blog we visited, before we even began our own; doesn't that mean anything to you?
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kill one for the gipper

thanks to rantavation, we stumble across this nostalgia for the centrism of ronald reagan from the american prospect: the most dangerous president ever.

but politics deals in comparatives, not absolutes. and when i compare reagan with his ideological heir currently occupying the white house, i'll take the gipper, hands down. george w. bush is much the meaner president (and man). he is far more factional than reagan was. and he is incomparably more dangerous than reagan or any other president in this nation's history.

and, you were still allowed to make fun of the president back in the 80's...

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coalition of the willing to ignore human rights

thanks to michael hanscom of djwudi.com, who put together this exhaustive study of the human rights record of all the countries in the "coalition of the willing." luckily, most of the countries have great to pretty good records in this area. however, countries whose records could improve greatly include afghanistan, albania, azerbaijan, colombia, costa rico, the czech republic....sigh...ok, we're only on the c's, and you get the picture. we don't have the tenacity to get all the way to turkey, uganda and uzbekistan.

totally off topic addendum: michael's got a great list started: rock songs about stalking...how man can you come up with?
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