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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, March 22, 2003

the baghdad bounce

awol has gotten a "baghdad bounce" in the polls, thanks to his illegal invasion of iraq. according to a new cbs/nytimes poll, support for the war has risen since the war began. last week, 67% of people with telephones who took time to answer pollsters' questions approved of the war; this week, 76% do.

bush has got to be feeling good (we know he is; he was pumping his fist and saying so a few days ago). but don't get too cocky, awol! this is not your daddy's baghdad bounce!

george h.w. bush senior the first, back in desert storm, saw his approval ratings leap from 66% to a starting 84%.

and awol's approval has sky rocketed from 64% last week to a breath-taking 67%!

that's right. even with corporate media cheerleading, even with his buddy running clear channel, even with talk radio trumpeting his accomplishments, with all this, awol can only squeeze 3 lousy percentage points from the deaths of americans, britains, and iraqis.

when it comes to brilliant political strategy, he makes gerald ford look like winston chruchill.
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