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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

we prefer osama's earlier stuff

we agree with jimmy kimmel (whose late night show is starting to grow on us) that, after listening to osama bin laden's new audio tape released yesertday, we prefer his earlier stuff.

that being said, let's get down to the facts, however twisted they might be.

as posted here and elsewhere, the original translation broadcast over msnbc and other outlets yesterday had osama calling for the overthrow and death of saddam hussein. but, everyone back tracked, and now only say that osama called saddam an "infidel."

somehow, osama's calling for unity with the iraqi people in the face of an american invasion, while decrying saddam as an infidel, is "proof" of a link between saddam and al queda, at least in the administration's eyes. (we still like gil christner's version of proof, with saddam linked, through 6 degrees of separation, including kevin bacon, to osama).

however, not everyone is buying the corporate media line. germany especially. (and if that's not enough for you, the u.s. general in charge of operations in afghanistan doesn't even think it proves that osama is alive.

and here's mark kleinman (again, link thanks to atrios) with his analysis of lies that colin powell told, and a theory that maybe osama isn't dead, but instapundit is (as judy tenuta would say, it could happen). and, cnnlies has a rant or two about it.

here's the official ap transcript.
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