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Monday, February 17, 2003

sf protest marred by violence

san francisco, always marching to its own drummer, had an anti-war rally on sunday, one day behind the rest of the world. an approximate 150,000 people showed up, apparently one day after the rest of the world, so as to make way for the popular chinese new year parade, which is the largest chinese new year parade outside of china, and, skippy can personally attest, is also great fun.

unfortunately there was a large contingent of violent anarchists at the sf rally, which wrecked havoc on the city.

members of the group broke windows at several businesses and on a pair of police cars during their rampage. they spray-painted buildings and other objects with graffiti. they burned trash, climbed onto a cable car, and later tossed bottles and other objects at mounted police who were trying to control them.

those are the kind of demonstrators that give the left a bad name. luckily, the majority of the folks who attended the rally do not condone that sort of crap.

let us go on the record that we at skippy do not endorse violent protest. and if you don't agree we'll kick the bejesus out of you.
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