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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

osama says, "kill saddam." now that's a connection!

al-jazeera has broadcast a tape, purportedly made by osama bin laden, in which the bearded one calls saddam hussein a "socialist" and says that the iraqi people should overthrow hussein and kill him.

this happened just hours after colin powell told a senate panel that the tape would claim osama to be "in partnership with iraq."

poor mr. bush, just can't catch a break. it's like he's been saying for months that there was a definite connection between the hatfields and the mccoys.

uh, mr. bush, if hatred connotes a close connection, then you are close to most of america.

in other news, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

addendum: skippy's staff heard on msnbc and cnn tv this afternoon, a translation that said osama called for the iraqi people to overthrow saddam. however, now the closest thing that can be found in the news is this report wherein osama calls saddam an infidel.

here's a report from the uk independent which states "the tape contains no evidence of an organisational link between iraq and al-qa'ida. indeed it specifically differentiates between true muslims and 'infidel' and 'socialist' secular regimes such as iraq.

just so you don't think skippy is crazy (at least for this reason) somebody in the bay area noticed the same thing. also, atrios is reporting that the translation has changed over the course of the afternoon.

personally, we wonder if there are any independent translators out there who have heard the tape and have a non-bushian translation.

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