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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

johnny paycheck: take this life and shove it

thanks to the skeptician, we find out that johnny paycheck, best known for his hit "take this job and shove it" has died at age 64.

rollingstone says:

paycheck never achieved the mythical notoriety of johnny cash and waylon jennings, two fellow out-of-control country music peers from the seventies. he lacked their cool: cash's was otherworldly and jennings' seasoned. those icons acted out their rebellious streaks, but it was a calculated rebellion of sorts, for both remained professionals dedicated to craft in spite of any chemical haze. johnny paycheck's fire teetered on the brink of control, sometimes it would land safely, other times he would lose his grip, as he did in 1985 when he shot a man outside a bar in ohio, putting an exclamation point on a barroom brawl. the incident sent paycheck to prison in 1989, where he stayed for two years.

johnny was never a huge country superstar, but everybody in the world knows his signature "ttjasi," if not in lyrics and music, in spirit at least.

rip, johnny paycheck. he ain't workin' here no more.

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