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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, February 13, 2003

happy valentines day from the bush economic team

consumer spending fell in january by .9%, more than the .6% most economists thought. but the spin is, if you don't count drooping auto sales, the consumer spending rose.

(that's like saying, if you don't count all the money skippy spends on rent and groceries and bills, he's doing pretty good.)

outside the auto category, spending rose, especially at building and garden materials stores. that's where you buy duct tape and plastic sheeting, which, cnnmoney says, "apparently have some magical powers to twart chemical, biological and radiological weapons."

stocks have fallen to a new 4-month low, says forbes. and has anybody besides the staff here at skippy noticed the dow jones is now lower than the 9/11 bottom?

speaking of forbes, that magazine reports that the national bureau of economic research has declined to declare the recession of 2001 over. apparently they're waiting for more data. we wonder when they will declare the beginning of the depression of 2002.

the daily kos explains that the bush budget is the explicit cause of deficits, and he also talks about the cbs poll on the economy (hint: most americans think it sucks).

don't think it sucks? here's a google search of news items for the words "economy" and "sucks."

notice how many of them mention the word "bush."
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