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skippy the bush kangaroo

Friday, February 21, 2003

blogging around

the daily kos thinks dean is the guy to beat in the dem's primary field.

however, t.c.mits is looking at general wesley clark.

atrios wants to know how low bush's numbers have to go before the press stops referring to him as a "popular" president?

roger ailes (the other one) points out the left behind series forsees armegeddon in the iraqi war (the only thing we left behind is our desire to read these books).

pax liberalis has some good cartoons (we like the one by toles).

pandagon has a new look, and it's orange, soon to be downgraded to yellow!

the liquid list has an erie pic of today's refinery fire in jersey, as seen from manhattan.

lean left points out that the republican house took more steps to ensure a permanent underclass in this country.

the hamster is having computer problems this weekend, so go read his friday posts and get your fill.

freepie finds a story that hints republican leaders are telling awol he's losing congressional support for unilateral war.

and finally, and perhaps most importantly, gail davis is warning us about the trusted computer alliance program. read it. get scared.
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