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Friday, February 28, 2003

watch out george bush and gore vidal

we've not really ever been a fan of norman mailer, but we have to pass this article of his on to you: gaining and empire, losing democracy. in it, mr. mailer makes some pithy comments that we are afraid we ourselves have conjectured in the recesses of our minds late at night.

my guess though, is that, like it or not, want it or not, america is going to go to war because that is the only solution bush and his people can see. the dire prospect that opens, therefore, is that america is going to become a mega-banana republic where the army will have more and more importance in americans' lives. it will be an ever greater and greater overlay on the american system. and before it is all over, democracy, noble and delicate as it is, may give way. my long experience with human nature - i'm 80 years old now - suggests that it is possible that fascism, not democracy, is the natural state.

woe to the world if mr. mailer is correct.

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shameless plug

hey, thanks to eric alterman for printing our letter about continuing the virtual march in today's altercation! we always like to see our name in print. go read it, not only to stroke our egos here at the office, but to see what eric has to say about donahue getting fired. we tend to agree with alterman: it's less of a conservative conspiracy and more of a point that the show was boring and bad.

when people talk about entertaining liberals that need airtime, our vote goes to the outrageous and hilarious stephanie miller, who was unceremoniously dumped from the los angeles radio airwaves without cause or reason...her ratings were great, her jokes were fast and furious, and she could debate with the phone-in freepers better than most.

also, kids, remember to call clear channel and demand that randi rhodes get a syndication deal!
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virtually trouble-free

hey, for those of you who, like us, kept getting busy signals on wednesday during the virtual march, we suggest trying again today! the staff here at skippy got through to both our senators and the white house, with no trouble at all!

and, speaking of the virtual march, jeanne d'orleans of body and soul forwards a letter from a reader of hers:

well,i am speaking at a war debate again....this time against some pro-war state dept types and professors.....does this mean ashcroft will revoke my citizenship? anyway, the point of this letter is that the folks here, mostly connected to the book store.....want to start some kind of virtual march against biased media......send out e-mails to all cable news shows and even print media about the obvious pro-war bias.....the fact that one sees far more of richard pearle and larry eagleburger and james woolsey than one sees of james ridgeway or even doug ireland or david corn or alterman or god forbid chomsky or people like karon talbot and jonathan schell......and the clear bias is becoming unbearable......so we thought something might be proposed......or at least informally encouraged......send out to all media outlets to be fair........thats all.........just be fair.......(just like fox news says...fair and balanced.......hahahaha)........

sounds like a good idea to us. how about it, blogtopia? (yes, we coined that phrase!)
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Thursday, February 27, 2003

say hello

to the mudshark
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it's a sad day in the neighborhood

fred rogers, the last man we could trust, has died at age 74 of cancer.

mr. rogers' neighborhood was arguably the best children's program of the last millennium:

the recipient of two peabody awards, four emmys, a “lifetime achievement” award from the national academy of television arts and sciences, and the nation’s highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom.

mr. rogers would always bring up adult subjects in ways little kids could comprehend; important, moral issues, like loyalty, trust, integrity, being truthful, and, most importantly, feeding the fish everyday.

he never talked down to kids, his place was a safe haven for everyone, no matter what age, and lady elaine fairchild was the original zorak.

we at skippy are sad; we were too old to enjoy mr. rogers when we were baby bush kangaroos, but we always loved him those lazy afternoons in college when we weren't at classes.

god rest your soul, mr. rogers. the world is a better place because you hung your sweater here.
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freep the beard!

go vote on wolfie's page! (left hand sidebar)
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this is not my beautiful war

eric alterman on altercation discusses the phenomenon of celebrities against war, and how some celebs come off as disorganized and shallow, and thereby not helping the cause.

we neither agree nor disagree. we at skippy believe (in fact, know from personal experience) that celebs are human beings and citizens, with as much right to their opinions as anybody, however shallow or deep, thoughtful or hastily-conceived they are. like the rest of the population, there are a few serious thinkers among the subset celebrity, and a few real dolts, and most of them are so average as to be below average.

it is a pleasant perk for them that their celebrity-hood allows them air time to express their views. of course it is a shame that eric or bartcop or michael moore must struggle to get on tv or radio (though eric will be on "fresh air" with terry gross tomorrow, one of the few npr shows worth tuning in to). and it's a damn shame that most of you folks reading this blog will never get on the air to opine about awol.

but we do not hold the nature of celebrity against celebrities. believe us, folks, there's an awful lot of downside to celebrity-hood.

that being said, we thank eric for bringing to our attention musicians united to win without war. they are part of moveon.org, the non-communist folks that brought you yesterday's virtual march, and apparently founded by david byrne (see? the headline suddenly becomes clear! and you told us to stop making sense!)

here is their ad taken out in today's nytimes. we're glad to see such stellar names as tweet and li'l mo, and musiq, and floetry, among the lesser folks like natalie imbruglia, sheryl crow, lou reed and rem (ani di franco, suzanne vega, roseanne cash, all personal faves!)
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say hello

to hammerdown.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

salvage nation

atrios directs us to the glaad page with an action alert to protest the hiring of bigot michael savage by msnbc.
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freep the beard!

wolf's latest poll...go vote.
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march on thursday, too!

if you're like most of the staff here at skippy, you tried to call your senators and/or the white house on wednesday to participate in the virtual march, but only got busy signals.

the solution? keep calling on thursday! the anti-attack-iraq message means just as much on the day after hump day!

addendum: thanks to talkleft for linking to our idea, and also for providing this common dreams article about the jammed phone lines!

amended addendum: and a couple of big shout outs to devra of blue streak and digby of hullabaloo for the linkage!

double amended duo-addendum and to susan of easy bake coven too!
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keep marching

so far the virtual march by all reports is doing its job, with thousands of phone calls coming into the senate offices every hour. but if you tried and got a busy signal, don't give up! keep calling! and remember, the white house number is 1-202-465-1111! call awol, tell him to find osama, deal with korea, give us jobs and apologize for skipping out on his own tour of duty before he goes to war with iraq!
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say hello

to planet swank (who links us to an interesting mother jones article about awol's national guard days [or lack thereof]), and to something's got to break.
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movin' on up

hey kids, kieran healy's blog is moving to this address, so change your links and bookmark it!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

say hello

to tendentious.

and, while we're doing some housekeeping, we are pleased to add natasha's fine blog, the watch, to our permanent blogroll.
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the economy is just bushed

consumer confidence plunged to its lowest numbers in 9 years, says cnnmoney.

though the drop, which was far worse than economists expected (!!!!) [ed. note: yelling ours], doesn't necessarily mean consumers will stop spending, it's a sign that the economy's recovery from a recession in 2001 is being seriously tested by unusual events, including war, terror fears and bad weather.

instead of the 77 that the conference board expected, the numbers plunged 15 points to a low low low point of 64 (the third monthly decline in a row).
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more guns, less snowballs

john lott must be proud. a ten year old girl is is critical condition after being shot by a man because he didn't like the way she was playing against his daughter in a neighborhood snowball fight.

police said [joseph] best's daughter was walking with friends when she was hit by the snowball. a scuffle then broke out between two groups of girls. they said best returned to the scene after that fight broke up and got in another fight -- this time with adult relatives of both groups. police said best came back again hours later, leaned out the passenger side of a moving car and fired at least five shots into a group of kids.

wonder what mary rosh has to say about this?

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let's keep chips out of the judicial system

we think that headline is suppose to be a pun about eric estrada.

but miguel estrada, awol's judicial nominee that is the subject of a current democratic filibuster, is in the middle of a partisan scandal, according to the horse.

the horse says newsday.com reports that the supposedly "non-partisan" lawyer who recommended that the american bar association endorse estrada, is actually a republican operative:

while serving on the aba's nonpartisan standing committee on the federal judiciary, veteran washington lawyer fred f. fielding also worked for the bush-cheney transition team, accepted an appointment from the bush administration and helped found a group to promote and run ads supporting bush judicial nominees, including estrada.

we suggest you go over to the horse and get in on their action alert to email several congressjerks (hatch, daschle, leahy) to demand the defeat or withdrawl of estrada (plus a phone number to mr. waffle, bill nelson of florida!)
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let's all pretend to march tomorrow!

if you haven't already, be sure to sign up for the virtual march on washington which happens tomorrow. it's just an organized effort to get thousands of phone calls and faxes into our congressjerks, to let them know we are against attacking iraq without cause or provocation.
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Monday, February 24, 2003

letters from ordinary joes

actually, an ordinary max, as it were. from the chattanoogan.com letters to the editors page:

i am proud to live in a country where people can express their opinion without fear of being shot or hung like they do in iraq and other countries that hate the united states. i'm sure these were good people who love america.

president bush didn't want to go to war when he joined the national guard, then went awol for two years. why should he be permitted to send our brave young fighting men to war when he wouldn't go himself? ...

i wouldn't trade one american for every arab in the world. i am a retired navy chief and i know what war is like. let bush, rumsfeld, rice and colin powell go if they want to, but keep our men here.

max payne
ducktown, tn.

love that ducktown!
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i have a meme

a particularly disgusting meme is making its rounds amongst the warbloggers and the self-righteous wing of america. and that is, that if someone is anti-war-in-iraq, then by default, that person is also against the troops.

well, of course, nothing could be further from the truth. as any one of us on the anti-invasion contingent will tell you, we are 100% in support of anybody who completes their tour of duty.
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freep the beard!

wolfie's latest poll, go vote (left sidebar).
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say hello

to antiwar.com (found via cursor.org)!
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grammy, how i love ya, how i love ya, my dear old grammy

a few anti-war sentiments crept into last night's grammy awards, in spite of the rumored decree by network execs that "microphones could be unplugged" if live performances turned political.

(too bad they didn't worry so much about the microphone during robin williams' introducing of the boss and the e street band. williams' voice could barely be heard above a huge annoying electronic buzz, so now we'll never know whose jokes he stole for that intro).

while sheryl crowe insists that the producers told her manager she shouldn't make any anti-war speeches (though she did wear a "no war" necklace), a couple of artists managed to sneak some in, says the sf chronicle:

limp bizkit's fred durst defied a grammy ban on political statements by saying before he began his presenter's statement that he hoped "this war would go away."...bonnie raitt's four-word anti- war statement -- "let's build some peace" -- was slipped in so subtly that viewers awestruck by the spectacle of aretha franklin may have missed it.

of course, execs being the dunderheads they are, nobody at cbs realized that opening the show with a re-united paul simon and art garfunkel (for the first time in 10 years) singing "the sounds of silence," a classic anti-establishment tome from the 60's, was pretty much the biggest anti-war statement that could have been made, short of getting country joe and fish onstage to do the feel-like-i'm-fixin'-to-die rag.

the surprise, political or otherwise, of the night, was norah jones sweeping a record 5,837 grammies for every category, including best bluegrass gospel, best children's spoken word, and best classical duet with a dead opera singer.

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Sunday, February 23, 2003

say hello

to left is right.
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however you spell his last name, we love jim capazzola!

the ever-magnanimous rittenhouse review has paid to get rid of the banner ad from plucky punk's happy land blog.

we can personally attest to jim's altruistic generosity, for it was he who also paid to get rid of our banner ad! thanks jim, on both counts!

da man is da bomb!
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if obsession is a crime, let bush be guilty

does anybody else besides us think awol's concerns over iraq has gone from national interests into unhealthy obsession?

sf chronicle: [european] criticism of president bush and his inner circle for what europeans consider an obsession with iraqi dictator saddam hussein does not extend to the american people themselves...

tallahassee democrat: which is the greater immoral act, president clinton's affair or george w. bush's obsession to send young men and women to kill and be killed in an unjust war?

krugman in the nytimes: is this administration ready for the long, difficult, quite possibly bloody task of rebuilding iraq? the europeans don't think so. in fact, they view mr. bush's obsession with invading iraq as a demonstration of why he can't be trusted to deal with what comes next.

cnn: [president jimmy carter] has since promoted human rights and recently criticized u.s. leaders' "pre-eminent obsession" with iraq while not pressing for resolution of the israeli-palestinian conflict or pressuring north korea to stop developing nuclear bombs.
cnn: [president jimmy carter]

la daily news: for the protesters, president bush apparently was the chief villain, a casualty of what some called an obsession with his father's persian gulf war in 1991 and its failure to oust saddam hussein.

niagra falls reporter: the europeans know very well the difficult war on bin laden and al-qaeda terrorism was quickly morphed into an obsession for regime change in iraq. saddam is dangerous in his neighborhood, but what's wrong with keeping un inspectors there indefinitely?

eric alterman on msnbc: i admit that the beefed-up containment policy vis-à-vis iraq, driven exclusively by the bush administration’s obsession with the issue, has been a smashing success. but rather than declare victory and stay in iraq — with inspectors and the threat of force if they are resisted — the administration insists on embarking on an unnecessary and potentially ruinous war.

geov parrish in working for change: even without being able to name what's wrong, an awful lot of normal, usually apolitical americans see in the lies and inconsistency and outright bullying of george bush's iraq obsession a parable for what has gone wrong with bush's leadership and with american politics itself.

nigerian vanguard: many groups, and many of them apolitical, have protested against the near obsession of the bush administration with protecting the world by attacking iraq, supposedly to seize or destroy saddam’s weapons of mass destruction - since this part of it has been the least discussed point of all at home in the united states.

korea herald: it's not that all of the anti-war skeptics believe the bush administration's obsession with iraq has its sole roots in the oil reserves in the middle east. but many believe that the u.s. president needs flexibility in his foreign policy to listen to the opinion of critics - particularly those who live in small countries with far different cultural and historical backgrounds. a preemptive strike may be an expedient surgery. but it may incur too much bleeding for the faceless local population.

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Saturday, February 22, 2003

a cursory look

thanks to cursor.org, we found:

nytimes: a new power in the streets

wsj: antiwar groups plan end-run to run tv ads

thomas friedman to the bush team: tell the truth

daytona beach news-journal: bush dragging us through muck with fixation on babylonian lewinsky

and our favorite - monkey media report: zombies have sucked glenn reynolds' brain dry
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that's one for you, nineteen for ken lay

on the comments section of one of our previous posts, the always loquacious mr. helpful, as well as timmy the wonder dog, not only take exception to our view of awol's give-away to those who receive dividends in his s.t.r.i.f.e. plan (stimulate the rich idle folks' economy), but try to explain to poor simple-minded us how economics work.

we hate to rain on their parade, but we ourselves have been accountants for a small business in our younger life. we know, like the guys who ran enron, how to move something from one column on a ledger to another, and make the outcome look one way, as opposed to the other (more truthful) way.

arianna huffington enlightens us as to how this can be done. and daniel gross in slate explains how most of the fortune 500 have avoided paying their fair share.

but what we are trying to get to here, is timmy's and mr. helpful's assertion that most corporations do pay income tax. even if that were so, when taken with the corporate welfare the government (that they disdain so much) gives back to corporate america more than offsets the tax liability. and, even when all is said and done, the amount of income taxes paid by corporations is far less than a third of income tax collected from everybody in the u.s.

so don't cry those crocadile tears for those poor rich people who say they are getting "double taxed" when they get their dividends.
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Friday, February 21, 2003

blogging around

the daily kos thinks dean is the guy to beat in the dem's primary field.

however, t.c.mits is looking at general wesley clark.

atrios wants to know how low bush's numbers have to go before the press stops referring to him as a "popular" president?

roger ailes (the other one) points out the left behind series forsees armegeddon in the iraqi war (the only thing we left behind is our desire to read these books).

pax liberalis has some good cartoons (we like the one by toles).

pandagon has a new look, and it's orange, soon to be downgraded to yellow!

the liquid list has an erie pic of today's refinery fire in jersey, as seen from manhattan.

lean left points out that the republican house took more steps to ensure a permanent underclass in this country.

the hamster is having computer problems this weekend, so go read his friday posts and get your fill.

freepie finds a story that hints republican leaders are telling awol he's losing congressional support for unilateral war.

and finally, and perhaps most importantly, gail davis is warning us about the trusted computer alliance program. read it. get scared.
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don't pick on the rich

one of our interns at skippy was just wondering...since awol's tax plan wants to eliminate the dividend tax on the basis that those dollars had already been taxed as coroporate profits, why is it that when employees get year-end bonuses, they are taxed? does that seem fair?

[ed. note to staff: tell the kid we're talking republican, not fair].
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happy washington's birthday from the bush economic team

the good news? the market is up, over 100 points, as of this writing.

the real news? consumer prices edge higher:

rise in government's main inflation gauge is biggest in 9 months, but price pressures scant.

and: as war threat looms, americans pay at the pump:

as of thursday, the national average for regular unleaded is $1.665 per gallon, according to aaa, the nation's largest auto club. states such as california and hawaii are the highest, at $1.914 and $1.884 respectively - and at least 500 gas stations around the country are charging $2 or more for a gallon of regular unleaded

and: us 2002 deficit hits record $435.3 billion:

the united states recorded a $435.2 billion trade deficit for 2002, the largest imbalance in history, as the weak global economy set back american exports while imports of autos and other consumer goods were hitting all-time highs. in other economic news, the labor departmentreported thursday that inflation at the wholesale level shot up by 1.6 percent in january, the biggest increase in 13 years, led by a sharp 4.8 percent rise in energy costs.

we cannot tell a lie; this economy sucks!
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he said horse! did you hear him! he distinctly said horse!

we dislike disagreeing with other leftist blogs, especially those who graciously link to ours. but we must take exception to the horse's admonition of gary hart for the non-issue of the senator's comments about "homelands."

the horse has fallen into the trap that the conservascists have set for unsuspecting patriots. for some reason, the horse, and tucker carlson, and a bunch of rightie bloggers, read into senator's hart's speech some sort of anti-semitism.

the story so far: gary hart made a speech in san francisco, part of which goes like this [edited for brevity]:

we must not let our role in the world be dictated by ideologues...or by americans who too often find it hard to distinguish their loyalties to their original homelands from their loyalties to america and its national interests.

the horse says [again, edited for brevity]:

we do wonder which americans hart meant...it seems to us to be a rare occurrence that americans undermine the national interest because of difficulty sorting out their loyalties…because of this context, a reasonable conclusion could be drawn that hart's remarks (including within the context of the speech) were directed at americans with loyalties to israel [ed note: empahsis ours] as well as to the us. he should issue a public statement clarifying them and an apology for their egregious insensitivity.

sorry, horse, but we cannot see anywhere in hart's words where he is referring specifically, and only, to israel, or to jewish people. when we first read his speech, we thoght immediately of the americans in boston and new york (and elsewhere) who send money and support to the ira in ireland...we thought of the brouhaha the cuban americans made over elian gonzales...and we really hate to bring this up, but we are of the opinion that clinton would not have bombed bosnia if madeleine "i heart czechoslovakia" albright had not been born in that region.

we are reminded of woody allen in "annie hall:" i distinctly heard him say 'jew.' he said, 'jew want something to eat?' he said 'jew!'

we are 100% with our good buddy talkleft on this one: in our opinion, it's time to put this one to rest. the critics' concerns are groundless.

gary hart, while not particularly our choice for president, is a democratic challenger who needs, if not support from his own side, then at least a clear path to get his message out. unless the horse and tucker and conservascists have other proof that hart is specifically anti-sematic, we'd appreciate it if everyone would stop inferring that which was not there, and then demanding apologies for their mypotic fantasies.

[unrelated plug: speaking of talkleft, she's over subbing for alterman on msnbc today, so, go read her!]
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say hello

to the stout dem.
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Thursday, February 20, 2003

virtually virtual

we got a letter from a good friend with whom we used to work:

please join me in registering for a virtual march on washington on february 26th. we are asking congress to stop the bush administration's rush to war, and to let the inspections work. time is running out.

with your help, on february 26th, every senate office will receive a call every minute from a constituent, as they receive a simultaneous crush of faxes and email. in new york and los angeles, "anti-war rooms" will highlight the progress of the day for national media. local media will visit the "anti-war room" online, to monitor this constituent march throughout the day.

with your help, every senate office switchboard will be lit up all day with our anti-war messages. this will be a powerful reminder of the bread and depth of opposition to a war in iraq.

just go to: moveon.org virtual march headquarters

please join me and sign up today. this has never been done before. let's be part of it.

we all have our own thresholds for action and obviously i've crossed mine. but i really believe if we oppose war with iraq, after a time, silence becomes betrayal. and what could be easier than a phone call!

p.s. also please check out: impeach bush now and vote no war referendum

and for fun: takebackthemedia.com: bush no nazi.

of course, we emailed our friend back and told him we have put up links to move on and take back the media long ago.
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freep the beard!

go vote "no" in today's wolf blitzer pandering of the day (left sidebar).
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some housekeeping

we've added some new blogs to the roll, including the skeptician and stafanki radio links and political strategy.

plus, oliver willis wants us all to go read the first two chapters of his new novel, valley girl. it's about porn and scandal. no, it's not about clinton.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

bush numbers up after powell's un speech...too bad that was 2 weeks ago

most polls showed awol's job ratings back up in the 60's directly after colin powell spoke to the u.n. on feb. 5.

but what a difference 2 weeks makes. again, every major poll taken this week has awol down in the 50's.

the cbs new york times poll saw his numbers dive from 63% approval right after general powell spoke to a measly 54% this week. that's 9 points in two weeks. that's minus 4 and half points per week! that's 0.64285714285714285714285714285714 etc. per day! (much like bush himself, it's a repeating and irrational number).

56% of the people in that same poll think the country is headed in the wrong direction, as opposed to 35% who think it's in the right direction. and a majority (53%) disapprove of awol's handling of the economy.

like poppy, like son!
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johnny paycheck: take this life and shove it

thanks to the skeptician, we find out that johnny paycheck, best known for his hit "take this job and shove it" has died at age 64.

rollingstone says:

paycheck never achieved the mythical notoriety of johnny cash and waylon jennings, two fellow out-of-control country music peers from the seventies. he lacked their cool: cash's was otherworldly and jennings' seasoned. those icons acted out their rebellious streaks, but it was a calculated rebellion of sorts, for both remained professionals dedicated to craft in spite of any chemical haze. johnny paycheck's fire teetered on the brink of control, sometimes it would land safely, other times he would lose his grip, as he did in 1985 when he shot a man outside a bar in ohio, putting an exclamation point on a barroom brawl. the incident sent paycheck to prison in 1989, where he stayed for two years.

johnny was never a huge country superstar, but everybody in the world knows his signature "ttjasi," if not in lyrics and music, in spirit at least.

rip, johnny paycheck. he ain't workin' here no more.

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wolf blitzer freep poll of the day

go. vote. freep blitzer. watch his beard twitch.

while you're at it, here's a cnbc poll to vote in.
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the post formerly known as the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

ol' man ribber, he must know sumpin, but he don't say nuttin'

paul robeson jr., the son of the great man who sang those words on broadway, spoke at dartmouth college a couple of weeks ago, where he said that the bush government is neo-confederate.

among other things, mr. robeson claimed there is an "over-representation of white southern protestants" in washington, including bill frist, trent lott, dick cheney, and the man for whom this recurring feature is named, attorney general john ashcroft. and, he said "that while certain politicians may be more polite on the outside than Trent Lott they are all 'made of the same stuff'."

robeson also outlined his theory that america is developing into two separate and distinct countries, one dominated by african-americans and one controlled by the ideals of white southern protestants…he was especially negative on the bush administration's declared "war on terrorism" and the creation of the homeland security department. as a scholar of russian studies, robeson said that the homeland security act was modeled after a collection of documents authored by joseph stalin and that president bush "is part of a neo-confederate government geared at destroying the union."

he jes' keeps rollin' along...
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tom ridge has a new defense against terrorism, and it ain't duct tape!

it's a website.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

too much cash from those nigerian emails?

team murder has a great response to those nigerian emails begging for help to get rid of their cash.
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say hello

to natasha at the watch.
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blogging around

stonerwitch has an interesting musing on memes and fascism and the hate radio emminating from the airwaves.

cnnlies is trying to organize a boycott of (what else?) cnn.

the rittenhouse review lets us know about the next three wars after iraq.

dr. avedon carol of the side show asks the question we've been wondering for sometime: how serious can awol be about democracy in iraq when he's doing everything possible to undermine it here in this country?

freepie links to an essay which points out that awol's iraq policy is much more complicated and bizarre than simply "blood for oil."

not to be outdone by the left's amazing appearance all over the globe last weekend, instapundit links to pictures and a report on the 300 people in denver who rallied in support of the upcoming iraqi war.

talkleft discusses the case of the gulf war veteran on death row who is seeking clemency from awol (good luck, fella!) based on the idea that exposure to nerve gas in during desert storm destroyed his brain.

the hamster reports on, among other things, cheney's attacks on clintons, carville's musings on the lack of us popularity in the world, and the downright disgusting attitudes of freepers for human life.

and, we don't know how this managed to slip under our radar for so long, but we are as of now adding a permanent link to our good friend scott of gamer's nook (which, by the way, has a great new look) to our blogroll!!
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if you can't stand the emails get out of blogtopia*

my oh my. apparently any number of mean old lefties have had the audacity to send jane galt (aka megan macardle) nasty emails with cuss words. so, she's taking her blog and going home. she quits (at least for now).

we suppose that jane, former model and self-described libertarian, has never heard a cuss word in her life. we are truly sorry for this.

the story so far: jane made an off-handed remark on her blog that she wouldn't mind if someone took a 2X4 to the heads of the anti-war protesters last weekend (to be fair, she was responding to a rumor that the rally might become violent).

max sawicky mentioned, with disdain, that jane had said as much, and then atrios opined (tongue in cheek) that, since some anti-war protesting children in georgia had cinder blocks thrown at them, perhaps jane's goon squads had moved down south.

mark kleiman took atrios to task for connecting the promotion of violence to actual violence, because apparently words have no effect if they come from the right. personally, we think atrios was being humorous, and of course he does not think that some dickwad in georgia read jane's blog and said "hey, that's a good idear, but i ain't got no 2X4's, let's use cinder blocks and hurt us some young'uns!"

next, a veritable slough of emails were sent by nasty leftists to jane galt, admonishing her for advocating violence on non-violent protesters.

jane, in her defense, said that at the time of her post, she had no idea how big a 2X4 actually was. (but as we said in her comments section, jane, didn't the numbers "2" and "4" give you a clue?) ted barlow thinks that it's not a nice thing to send nasty emails.

we don't think it is, either.

however, we ourselves have been called rather rude names on jane's comments section by complete strangers who not only didn't know us, but attacked us personally rather than discuss our political stands and viewpoints.

folks, don't attack the person, attack the argument. don't get personal. be nice. do you kiss your mother with that mouth? etc. etc. etc.

our point being, blogtopia* is contentious, and full of jerks. but so is life. jane, darling, you're not going to shuffle off this mortal coil if somebody flips you off in reality, are you?

grow a thicker skin, dear. there are loons on both sides of the aisle (though it's our opinion that freepers are more likely to send immature and hateful mail than pinko's; nonetheless, we ourselves can attest to the irrationality of certain individuals on the left).

also, jane, if you don't want people to be angry at you, you might want to stop advocating violence on total strangers. just a suggestion.

*yes! we coined that term!
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so, will they now be called bloogles?

yikes! as if it's not unreliable enough, pyra labs, or blogger to those of you who can never find your archives when you need them, has been bought by google, inc, according to forbes.

"blogs are a global self-publishing phenomenon that connect internet users with dynamic, diverse points of view while also enabling comment and participation," said david krane, google's director of corporate communication in an e-mail message. "in the coming weeks, we will report additional details. blogger users can expect to see no immediate changes to the service."

except, we couldn't access our editing window this morning, and we've lost more than one post today after trying to publish it. come to think of it, that's no change at all from blogger's usual service!

we suppose now it'll be blooging, not blogging, thus forcing us to coin an new phrase, bloogtopia.

the forbes article describes blogging:

blogging, as it's often called, has become, in the last year, a trendy web toy for the stream-of-consciousness set.

trendy? toy? stream-of-consciousness?

well, all we can say is and it's old and old it's sad and old it's sad and weary i go back to you, my cold father, my cold mad father, my cold mad feary father, till the near sight of the mere size of him, the moyles and moyles of it, moananoaning, makes me seasilt saltsick and i rush, my only, into your arms. i see them rising! save me from those therrble prongs! two more. onetwo moremens more. so. avelaval. my leaves have drifted from me. all. but one clings still. i'll bear it on me. to remind me of. lff! so soft this morning, ours. yes. carry me along, taddy, like you done through the toy fair! if i seen him bearing down on me now under whitespread wings like he'd come from arkangels, i sink i'd die down over his feet, humbly dumbly, only to washup. yes, tid. there's where. first. we pass through grass behush the bush to. whish! a gull. gulls. far calls. coming, far! end here. us then. finn, again! take. bussoftlhee, mememormee! till thousendsthee. lps. the keys to. given! a way a lone a last a loved a long the

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happy president's day from the bush economic team

the market is actually up today, and has been up for a couple of days, thanks, in our opinion, to the impending war in iraq being pushed back by world opinion and nato's filibustering.

but, war notwithstanding, the economy has not been looking so good as of late (even worse than usual, actually).

allan sloan writes in newsweek:

u.s. stocks have lost almost $5 trillion of value since bush took office two years ago, a mind-blowing decline. the market has fallen more (in percentage terms) during bush’s first two years than in the first two years of any modern president, including herbert hoover, who was in charge when the great depression began. and you can’t blame the bush market on the trauma of 9-11: stocks fell at a much faster rate from bush’s inauguration through sept. 10, 2001, than they have since. unemployment is up more than 40 percent (to 6 percent, from 4.2) since bush took office; gigantic projected federal-budget surpluses have turned into deficits; the dollar has fallen sharply against the euro.

martin crutsinger of the associated press writes:

some analysts think the national anxiety, heightened by the loss of the space shuttle columbia, could be enough to derail the feeble recovery and throw the country back into recession. "the probability of a double-dip recession has certainly risen," said sung won sohn, chief economist at wells fargo in minneapolis. "the economy is still mired in a pretty soft patch and we have not made it to firmer ground." "soft patch" was the phrase federal reserve chairman alan greenspan began using last fall to describe a significant slowdown in economic growth.

and, just in case you're not convinced, yahoo news tells us bankruptcies reached a record high in 2002.

but don't worry. awol's personal economy is doing just fine.
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let's freep wolfie!

wolf "how's my beard" blitzer is holding another irrelevant (we learned that word from bush) online poll. go vote (on the left sidebar).
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bush: who cares what you think?

headlines only reaffirm what we all knew in our hearts: bush unmoved by anti-war protests.

"war is my last choice," bush said at the white house as echoes of anti-war protests circled the globe. "but the risk of doing nothing is even a worse option as far as i am concerned."

uh, mr. bush, we don't want you to do nothing. we'd like you to find osama, deal with north korea, and fix the economy. then, after breakfast, do something about that whole healthcare thing.

as for the protests around the world by millions of people opposed to war with iraq, bush said they were irrelevant to his duty to protect america.

you heard it, folks. awol thinks you're irrelevant.

we're just surprised he used the word correctly, without mentioning circuses.
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a sacrifice for his country

we got this letter from reader sbmail:

"bush's sacrifice can't be matched

as we head for war with iraq, americans should reflect and be grateful for combat sacrifices made by our veterans, such as sen. daniel inouye (lost an arm), sen. john mccain (lost six years of his life in a pow camp), former sen. bob kerrey (lost a leg) and former sen. max cleland (lost both legs and an arm).

however, we veterans are most impressed by the sacrifices of vietnam-era veteran george w. bush, who lost his memory for nearly a year concerning where he was and what he was doing from mid-1972 to mid-1973, when he was supposed to be serving in the texas air national guard.

loss of limbs in combat and pow camps pale in comparison with our president's unique personal sacrifice. we are fortunate to have such a selfless and patriotic man leading us to war."

there is nothing we can add to that, except substantiating documentation.

addendum: thanks to cnnlies, we find that this letter was written by one chris riser, a veteran of desert storm, and it appeared in the atlanta journal constitution.
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my blog ate my homework

mucho gracias to jeanne d'arc of body and soul, who has pointed out that her blog and ours (along with rebecca's pocket and a couple others) have been used as examples for an assignment in internet politics over at suny, oswego.

we are not sure how to respond to the idea that we are instrumental in forming impressionable student minds. well, here goes:

above all kids, remember these rules:

1. subvert the dominant paradigm

2. clean up afterwards

3. to thine own self be true.
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Monday, February 17, 2003

sf protest marred by violence

san francisco, always marching to its own drummer, had an anti-war rally on sunday, one day behind the rest of the world. an approximate 150,000 people showed up, apparently one day after the rest of the world, so as to make way for the popular chinese new year parade, which is the largest chinese new year parade outside of china, and, skippy can personally attest, is also great fun.

unfortunately there was a large contingent of violent anarchists at the sf rally, which wrecked havoc on the city.

members of the group broke windows at several businesses and on a pair of police cars during their rampage. they spray-painted buildings and other objects with graffiti. they burned trash, climbed onto a cable car, and later tossed bottles and other objects at mounted police who were trying to control them.

those are the kind of demonstrators that give the left a bad name. luckily, the majority of the folks who attended the rally do not condone that sort of crap.

let us go on the record that we at skippy do not endorse violent protest. and if you don't agree we'll kick the bejesus out of you.
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say hello

to the greeblie blog 2k3.
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Sunday, February 16, 2003

secretary of homeland security emily latella may soon lower terror alert level

the terror alert level may soon be lowered from orange to tangelo, according to the washpost.

a number of factors go into this decision, among them are:

all the protests are over with, and damn if the terror alert level didn't stop anyone from showing up;

the guy who told tom ridge that something was going to blow up turned out to be a big fat liar; and

wal-mart is out of duct tape.

secretary of homeland security emily latella issued this statement today: "never mind."

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who needs free speech when we've got trial lawyers?

thanks to atrios, we found the only news report about awol's administration filing a brief in support of some judges upholding the denial of the new york city peace march permit. that's right, bush went to court (again) to stop (again) things that might bring an opposing viewpoint out into the open.

and, as atrios points out, if there were a liberal media, they'd be all over this.
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we've got a ticket to drive

yesterday at the rally, we got some free samples of a great fake-but-real-looking parking ticket you can put on suv's to let them know how you feel about their gas guzzling ways (with apologies in advance to talkleft, who loves her suv).

there are different violations on the ticket that you can cite the driver for, such as "polluting twice as much as regular cars," or "compensating for lack of manhood," or "holing self up in two-ton metal fortress."

it's all very tongue in cheek, no vitriol or invective, and in fact the instructions on the ticket say "1. close your eeys, take a deep breath, and try to have an open mind. 2. read the entire ticket and at least get a good chuckle out of it."

go to this page to download your own copies of the ticket to pass out at your convenience.
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say hello

to joni electric
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Saturday, February 15, 2003

back from the front lines

skippy and his staff have just returned from the anti-war march in los angeles. by our estimation, the crowd numbers were somewhere between frickin' huge and jes' plain humongous.

several thousand, by our count, at least 5,000, maybe more. [ed. note: fellow angelian mmd was also there, and estimates more along the line of 30,000. what do we know? we dropped math as a major the first year of college.] the line of the marchers walking down the middle of the street stretched 12 blocks from vine street, down hollywood blvd. to la brea, turned south one block to selma, stretched three more blocks to highland ave., turned south one block to sunset, turned 3 blocks west again to la brea, where a stage for speakers was set up. that was about 20 blocks of marchers.

people of all ages, classes, sizes, colors, tastes in clothing and walks of life were there. kids to grannies, and dogs included, plus a giant puppet head of awol with bottles of motor oil stuck in his ears, and another puppet of awol in royal purple robes and a crown, followed along with the crowd.

with plenty of signs, some more clever than others. a few of our favorite slogans: drop bush not bombs; wwii vets for peace; bush, cheney, rumsfeld = axis of evil, what would jesus bomb; bush, dick, colin: hide the kids!

a great sign had a cartoon of awol pointing to a blackboard on which was written the words "iraq" and "al qaeda" with the q's in both words circled. awol was saying "we finally found a link!" another sign had a picture of awol giving saddam a noogie.

and the winner for the best slogan at the march:

wrap this administration in duct tape and plastic.

skippy, being a bush kangaroo of many faces, participated in several aspects of the march. at first, he ducked under the cordon rope that separated the proletariat from the press (we figured, being an online poltical blog counted as the press; at least as much as fox news, which actually didn't seem to have a presence there).

skippy walked (backwards) along with the cameras and reporters in front of the crest of the protest march as it advanced down hollywood blvd. he could see many hollywood celebs at the face of the line the way, including tyne daley, mike farrell, daniel benzali, brad whitford & jane kaczmarek, martin sheen, greg germann (technically not a celeb), james cromwell & others too unknown to include.

seeing as how skippy has acted with more than one of these people, he decided to duck out of the press contingent, walk down the line a bit and duck under the rope to join the celebrity pack. there were more celebs than you could shake a stick at, if that's your idea of a good time (thanks to groucho for that one), and in fact, skippy accidentally stepped on one of christine lahti's kids. christine was not amused.

skippy said hello to his buddy joe estevez, with whom he has worked. joe is son of martin sheen, brother of emilio and charlie, and a damn fine fellow. skippy also chit-chatted with brad whitford, another acting partner, and was able to send shelly faberes (with whom he did an episode of coach) his good wishes via her husband, mike farrell.

having satisfied himself that celebrity-hood is as much a state of mind as an actual condition, skippy fell back down the line as he marched, joining the regular thousands of joes and janes and their kids and dogs who came to protest any invasion of iraq. there were plenty of call and responses, mostly along the lines of "no blood for oil," "what do we want? peace! when do we want it? now!" and, our favorite, "impeach bush." a truck with a sound system slowly drove behind, playing edwin starr loudly.

also marching along, somebody playing a bagpipe, not in tune with any other song being heard at the time. but that's what america is all about.

the line of protestors stopped (for reasons we never figured out) in front of the chinese theatre, so skippy took that opportunity to get on the sidewalk and speak to the on-lookers. he asked wonder woman and spiderman, who are regular attractions for the tourist trade in front of the chinese theatre, what was the superhero stand on the war. "we're in favor of it" said wonder woman. go figure.

skippy then asked a rodeo clown what the official clown position was on the war. the clown said, "give inspections more of a chance, but if they find any weapons, to bomb everybody in iraq." the clown went on to say (quite unasked) that iraqi children of 3 years old are taught to say "we kill america." when asked if he'd ever been to iraq, the clown said no, and skippy moved on.

finally, at the terminus point of the march (la brea and sunset) there was a stage set up for speakers to rally the crowd. volunteers helped rope off the area, to keep the marchers from spilling out into open mini-malls and live (not barricaded, ie, full of traffic) streets. skippy, having been a monitor at several sag events, stepped right in and handled the rope, telling people, with an air of authority, "you can't get through here, you have to go back around the other way." until a policeman asked skippy if he had an orange armband (symbol of an official march monitor), where upon skippy was forced to disappear in the crowd or face the wrath of the lapd.

we think it was a successful event, and it took us back to the days of anti-viet nam protests. the differences being, there were plenty more people of all ages this time around, and absolutely no odor of smoked herbs in the air. we are glad for the former and regret the latter.

bob morris of politics in the zero's has some more comments plus pics from the la rally.

kerim friedman links you to some photos of the nyc rally.

atrios says there was about 10,000 marchers in philadelphia.

max and tom post some pics from various protests, including the nude one in fla.

dr. menlo estimates 100,000 in seattle.

over on stand down, there are posts on the nyc protest by phillip leggiere and kerim freidman and aron tauring.

talkleft has links to many individual stories from cities around the world (as well as one linking back to us, so don't get lost)!

we are too tired to find links to all the stories about all the marches around the world. here's the most comprehensive story we could find on the wire.

here's the official version of the la march.

and here's a google page for protest stories.

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finally we get on tv

the staff at skippy cannot believe their eyes. cnn has actually been reporting on the world wide anti-war protests all day long, as a top, major story. pictures of millions of demonstrators from cities all over the globe, and interviews with individual protesters.

here's a cnn pop-up with coverage from several world-wide cities.

here's another covering individual protesters, here in the us.

and of course, larry king has priscilla presley.

fox news is of course, harping on tom ridge's oranges, and msnbc is talking about the columbia disaster.

but cnn, we salute you. actually reporting the news today. thanks.

and there were (and still are) protests all over the world.

one million in london: more than one million people have staged an anti-war protest in london, making it the uk's largest ever peace demonstration, organisers claimed.

at least an estimated million also gathered in rome to march.

400,000 in paris.

they must have gotten the permit, because thousands of people are stretched 8 blocks long near the u.n. in new york.

80,000 people protested in dublin.

more than a thousand marchers in auckland, new zealand.

an estimated 20,000 were expected to gather in beirut.

up to 40,000 in bern, switzerland.

other crowd estimations: in syria, a nation on the front line if war comes, some 200,000 protesters marched through damascus. in bulgaria, athens, south korea, australia, malaysia and thailand, demonstrations attracted thousands, while the crowds were in the hundreds or less in bosnia, hong kong, indian-controlled kashmir and moscow. police estimated that 60,000 turned out in oslo, norway, 50,000 in bitter cold in brussels, while about 35,000 gathered peacefully in frigid stockholm. crowds were estimated at 10,000 in amsterdam and copenhagen, 5,000 in capetown and 4,000 in johannesburg in south africa, and 2,000 in dhaka, bangladesh.

and don't forget, thousands in thessaloniki!

at last, the media is beginning to realize that the u.s. anti-war movement is based in the mainstream.

for example: in palm beach, people took off their clothes for peace (or is that, "for a piece"?)

in berkeley, law students raised $18,000 to take out an anti-war ad in the new york times: "there was a total disconnect between what we were learning in the classroom and what was coming out of attorney general john ashcroft's office and other washington, d.c. agencies," says abby reyes, a second-year boalt hall student. "we were quite alarmed, and we started thinking about how many other law students across the nation might be feeling this way."

skippy is giving his staff the afternoon off to go participate in the los angeles march at hollywood and vine at 1:00 real time. we expect to be back with a personal report later today.

all we are saying, is giving blotopia (yes! we coined that phrase!) a chance.
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Friday, February 14, 2003

rally 'round the flag, boys!

the anti-war flag, that is. remember to attend one of the several peace marches and anti-war demonstrations happening tomorrow. there will be rallies in new york, chicago, houston, orlando, san francisco, st. augustine and santa cruz, plus, many, many more.

and to those of you who don't want to be associated with the wobblies, please note this website we linked to is not in our name, which has no affiliation with commie pinkos.

we personally wil be at hollywood and vine at 1:00 pm tomorrow in los angeles for that march. see you there!
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future shock

the better rhetor makes a great case against awol's supposed arguments for why we should invade iraq. basically, rhetor says that the realities of what will happen if we do (mainly, the deaths of untold numbers of children) far outweight the possibilities of what might happen if we don't.

while we're on the subject, we hope everyone caught our favorite liberal author eric alterman on talkback live today. eric was very erudite, and seemed like a calm solid rock of reason compared to the shrill harpy from the heritage foundation.

unfortunately, cnn broke away for a pr release from colin powell before the segment was over, so eric didn't get a great deal of face time. but he's looking good on his tv appearances, and we hope sales of what liberal media? are going strong.

be sure to buy it if you haven't already.
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goodbye, dolly

it's a sad day for clones everywhere. dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal ever (if you don't count awol) died today.

there'll never be another ewe.

we wish we could say she died peacefully, in her sheep sleep. but she was put down after contracting a terrible lung disease.

new science says,

the type of lung disease dolly developed is most common in older sheep. and in january 2002, it was revealed that dolly had developed arthritis prematurely. she was cloned using a cell taken from a healthy six-year-old sheep, and was born on 5 july 1996 at the roslin Institute, edinburgh, scotland.
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we don't even know what language this is

we're happy to get links from anywhere, and we are at the top of this fine list of skippy's on the net, but, what the hell is a lapoo superzoek?
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three polls walk into a blog

let's freep the freepers. go to this cnbc poll and vote "yes" - the inspectors should get more time. you might want to email them and point out how when hans blix spoke about giving inspections more time, the market went up a hundred points, but when powell spoke against it, the market is now in negative territory. (the results are close, 52% say no more inspections, 48% say give it more time, but that's pretty amazing considering cnbc is watched by rich white guys. you can still vote, so go already).

here's another cnbc poll asking if this is the last u.n. report before we go to war. might as well vote there, too.

and while you're at it, surf on over to wolf "how's my beard" blitzer's page and vote "no" on his poll (left sidebar) asking if you approve of awol's showdown with iraq (interesting results).
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Thursday, February 13, 2003

say hello

to that said.
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with apologies in advance to eric of the hamster

when we first heard about the daredevil being made into a movie, we were excited.

we didn't get into marvel comics much when we were young marsupials in our mother's pouch. we preferred dc comics for the simple reason that they had less words. we figured then, and we stand by it today, that if you're going to read, pick up a frickin' novel, and use your brain, dickwad! comics is for veggin' out...

but we digress, which is one of our strengths, in our opinion. let us go on record to say that of the marvel line up, daredevil was our fave. we don't know why. maybe we identified with the ably-challenged aspect of matt murdock (he's blind, but has really keen super senses for his other four). we don't know. we just loved daredevil.

so we were really looking forward to a big screen version of our favorite marvel hero. but then, the worst possible thing happened.

they hired ben affleck!

now, as we have said before, we think ben affleck is great in those commercials with the duck. but otherwise, he's pretty darn lame.

he gets washed off the screen every time by whomever he is acting with. now, matt damon, we'd go see. even josh hartnett. but affleck? please.

we imagine jennifer lopez standing at the alter, looking at affleck, and yelling, "wait a minute! i thought i got engaged to the cute one!"

so, daredevil is not high on our list of must-see's. we just can't force ourselves to watch ben "paint drying is more exciting" affleck. sorry. that's just the way it is.

the only actor that we think is lamer than ben affleck is that zero girl from abc's "not necessarily la femme nikita." what's her name? oh yeah, jennifer garner.

what? what's that you say?

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blogging around

uggabugga has the new msnbc line up.

suckful warns us about supernatural beings in the bush administration here and here.

among other things, liberaloasis disproves a comment by awol on the economy (like that's so hard to do).

the hamster points out the the cato institute isn't so hot for awol's war, either.

kim, over at freepie, is becoming annoyed with liberals who advocate war with iraq.

jane galt, with tongue in cheek, is asking readers to come up with slogans for the left.

skimble has a good way to freep the freepers.
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happy valentines day from the bush economic team

consumer spending fell in january by .9%, more than the .6% most economists thought. but the spin is, if you don't count drooping auto sales, the consumer spending rose.

(that's like saying, if you don't count all the money skippy spends on rent and groceries and bills, he's doing pretty good.)

outside the auto category, spending rose, especially at building and garden materials stores. that's where you buy duct tape and plastic sheeting, which, cnnmoney says, "apparently have some magical powers to twart chemical, biological and radiological weapons."

stocks have fallen to a new 4-month low, says forbes. and has anybody besides the staff here at skippy noticed the dow jones is now lower than the 9/11 bottom?

speaking of forbes, that magazine reports that the national bureau of economic research has declined to declare the recession of 2001 over. apparently they're waiting for more data. we wonder when they will declare the beginning of the depression of 2002.

the daily kos explains that the bush budget is the explicit cause of deficits, and he also talks about the cbs poll on the economy (hint: most americans think it sucks).

don't think it sucks? here's a google search of news items for the words "economy" and "sucks."

notice how many of them mention the word "bush."
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a colorado coup

our good buddy talkleft scored big today...she got to interview gary hart one-on-one-on-one (his media person was present as well).

go check it out. and check out the comments section, a lively discussion, as always.

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say hello

to marstonalia
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kiss it simple, stupid

according to the scientific american, people are twice as likely to tilt their heads to the right than to the left, when kissing, giving warbloggers yet another reason to think they know more about things than the rest of us.

onur güntürkün of ruhr university in bochum, germany, watched lovestruck couples kissing in public places such as airports, train stations, beaches and parks in the u.s, germany and turkey. after setting guidelines for a scientifically valid smooch--which requires lip contact, an obvious head turn and a lack of luggage that could influence a person's movements--güntürkün analyzed 124 kissing pairs. he found that 65 percent of the liplockers tilted their heads to the right.

strangely enough, right-handed behavior is eight times more common than left-handed behavior, but kissing to the right only beats the left-leaners by about 2 to 1.

so maybe more people swing both ways?

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

politics and romantic comedy don't mix

sean penn is suing producer steve bing over a supposed reneged oral pay or play contract for a movie they didn't make due to politics.


well, sean says steve told him he'd get 10 mill to agree to make "why men shouldn't marry" even if the flick never got made. then, sean maintains, bing dumped him because of his radical views on iraq.

bing is suing penn, saying penn is trying to publicly extort him.

they both seem like spoiled brats to us.

on one hand, nobody should be hired or fired because of their beliefs. but on the other hand, if you're not man enough to take the consequences of speaking out, then shut yer frickin' pie hole.
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blogging around

cursor links us to the businessweek interview with the demographer who got fired for correctly estimating the number of iraqi civilian casualties in the first gulf war. cursor also points us to this story where afghans claim civilians are being killed by us bombs.

cyndy at mousemusings directs us to the mideastlog, a blog purportedly by one of the iraq peace team.

jeanne over at body and soul takes us to the motion magazine article who armed saddam.
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you are the 70,000th visitor to skippy!

but we've got a while to go before we catch up to atrios!
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hey, didn't he get the memo?

whoops! didn't anyone tell fed chairman alan greenspan that the motto of the day is "tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts"?

apparently not. the maverick husband of andrea mitchell is warning congress to make sure that "growing budget deficits [do not] again become entrenched.''

in response to legislators' questions on both days, he also warned against congress making spending and tax plans -- including bush's plan to make 2001's $1.35 trillion tax cut permanent and immediately effective -- without safeguards to keep them from wrecking the budget. the 2001 tax cut was originally intended to be phased in over a period of years -- a plan greenspan supported.

but what about repealing the dividend tax, uncle alan? who needs social security for the middle class next decade, when the sky boxers want tax free money?
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los angeles rally this saturday

questions about where and when to assemble for the peace march in los angeles this saturday? click here.

(for anyone who doesn't want to be caughty by john poindexter clicking onto the wobblies, the answer [ed. note: get it?] is 1:00 pm at hollywood and vine this saturday)

also, for all you commie pinko america-haters out there, there's a march 1 converge on the white house rally planned. we should be at war by then. (looks like skippy is going to lose his bet with his wife about the valentine's day deadline. but that's ok).
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we prefer osama's earlier stuff

we agree with jimmy kimmel (whose late night show is starting to grow on us) that, after listening to osama bin laden's new audio tape released yesertday, we prefer his earlier stuff.

that being said, let's get down to the facts, however twisted they might be.

as posted here and elsewhere, the original translation broadcast over msnbc and other outlets yesterday had osama calling for the overthrow and death of saddam hussein. but, everyone back tracked, and now only say that osama called saddam an "infidel."

somehow, osama's calling for unity with the iraqi people in the face of an american invasion, while decrying saddam as an infidel, is "proof" of a link between saddam and al queda, at least in the administration's eyes. (we still like gil christner's version of proof, with saddam linked, through 6 degrees of separation, including kevin bacon, to osama).

however, not everyone is buying the corporate media line. germany especially. (and if that's not enough for you, the u.s. general in charge of operations in afghanistan doesn't even think it proves that osama is alive.

and here's mark kleinman (again, link thanks to atrios) with his analysis of lies that colin powell told, and a theory that maybe osama isn't dead, but instapundit is (as judy tenuta would say, it could happen). and, cnnlies has a rant or two about it.

here's the official ap transcript.
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say hello

to suckful
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rush to judgment

thanks to atrios, we learn that take back the media's boycott rush limbaugh sponsors campaign has scored another victory: midas mufflers. we join atrios and tbtm in suggesting you email midas and thank them (and go get your brakes fixed there).
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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

osama says, "kill saddam." now that's a connection!

al-jazeera has broadcast a tape, purportedly made by osama bin laden, in which the bearded one calls saddam hussein a "socialist" and says that the iraqi people should overthrow hussein and kill him.

this happened just hours after colin powell told a senate panel that the tape would claim osama to be "in partnership with iraq."

poor mr. bush, just can't catch a break. it's like he's been saying for months that there was a definite connection between the hatfields and the mccoys.

uh, mr. bush, if hatred connotes a close connection, then you are close to most of america.

in other news, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

addendum: skippy's staff heard on msnbc and cnn tv this afternoon, a translation that said osama called for the iraqi people to overthrow saddam. however, now the closest thing that can be found in the news is this report wherein osama calls saddam an infidel.

here's a report from the uk independent which states "the tape contains no evidence of an organisational link between iraq and al-qa'ida. indeed it specifically differentiates between true muslims and 'infidel' and 'socialist' secular regimes such as iraq.

just so you don't think skippy is crazy (at least for this reason) somebody in the bay area noticed the same thing. also, atrios is reporting that the translation has changed over the course of the afternoon.

personally, we wonder if there are any independent translators out there who have heard the tape and have a non-bushian translation.

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Monday, February 10, 2003

blogging around

we're not sure why, but devra at bluestreak does a public service by telling guys how to pick up girls. (we stopped long ago giving advice to either sex about mating; we figure it's darwinian: the ones that are supposed to procreate finally will, and we're doing the world good by not encouraging the losers). [ed. note: however her admonition about personal hygiene is always welcome in any situation!]

the smirking chimp has a couple of good reads today: ronald brownstein: at the latimes: 'our children will pay the bill for bush's budget' and harley sorensen at the sfchronicle: "bush's 'good cop'' (colin powell).

dr. tom of thinking it through directs us to this article by dave johnson of the commonweal institute which talks about "the very small number of folks who are behind the attack on academics who are speaking up against the war."

atrios points out that nytimes at least mentioned bill o'reilly's "wetback" comment (and the daily kos weighs in, too).

scott over at the gamer's nook came up with a better headline for this story than we did, so we defer to him.

james "why can't anyone spell my last name right" capazzola of the rittenhouse review was quoted in eric alterman's book, what liberal media? good going, jim! but if you had named your blog "the capazzola review" instead of after the margaret dumont character in animal crackers, maybe you wouldn't have this eternal spelling problem!
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u2 agrees to fly over where the streets have no name

iraq has agreed to let u2 fly over that country to help in the weapons inspection.

iraq sent a letter to u.n. weapons inspectors monday approving the use of u.s.-made u-2 surveillance planes and pledged to pass legislation next week outlawing the use of weapons of mass destruction, iraq's ambassador to the united nations said.

bono and the edge, as well as the rest of the band, are apparently volunteering for this dangerous mission to help avoid going to war.

ok, we're just kidding. a u-2 spy plane is not the same as the world-famous band. for one thing, the plane actually will go to iraq, something bono has decided not to do.

what's the difference between the bono and a spy plane? one rattles and hums, and the other's in a rock band.
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Saturday, February 08, 2003

say hello

to manish, the damn foreigner.
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Friday, February 07, 2003

blogging around

ted barlow saves us the trouble of browsing through the economic blogs and their opinions about the record deficits coming our way.

atrios tells us symbolman from take back the media and american stranger from blah3 will be on msnbc at 4:30 this sunday. set your vcr's!

speaking of blah3 and tbtm, check out their new flash flick: bill o'reilly: shut up!

found a great new legal blog: is that legal?

gail davis has a moving piece from a veteran about war, and when you should or shouldn't fight one.

dr. avedon carol at the sideshow condences a great editorial from consortium news: bush's nation of enablers.

thousand yard glare reports on an internet news site having to retract its erroneous story that muslim terrorists were behind the recent sql worm virus that slowed down your viewing of skippy a couple of weeks ago.

soto, filling in for kos on the daily kos, tells us that the general accounting office has given up on its attempts to sue dick cheney into revealing his energy task force details.

talkleft has too many posts about the new patriot act for us to link to each one. just go to her blog and read it. the details will frighten you.

hey, lean left has a new look! lookin' good, kevin!
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