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Thursday, January 30, 2003

we don't need no stinkin' smokin' gun

colin powell is expected to bring a series of photographs to the un next week, that won't show anything too much, as proof that saddam is evil and we have a right to his oil.

officials cautioned that no one photo or piece of evidence will conclusively prove the administration's case; instead, they describe what they say will be an accumulation of damning details. 'what we're showing is a pattern of behavior,'' a senior administration official said. ''you're not going to have pictures of warheads.''

of course, one of the silliest circular arguments that awol's administration keeps harping on is the old chestnut, "we'd like to give you proof, but if we do, then the guy we got it from would be in danger of being killed."

all of a sudden they seem so concerned about people getting killed. so, when we invade, we're going to take extra special care not to actually kill anyone?

another great one: "if we show you the proof it will endanger the intelligence systems we have in place now, which we will need when we invade."

but, if we don't invade, because you didn't show us proof, then, there's no need for those intelligence systems?

or are you just going to kill them?
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