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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, January 25, 2003

vote early and often!

hey, the sideshow annex has a presidential poll! go click on somebody! (but how come dr. carol put in paul krassner, but not al sharpton? they're both just a funny!)

also, on the subject of legitimate presidencies, the smirking chimp directs us to joyce lynn's online journal article, "call for bush's impeachment for 9/11."

now, we personally think there's better legal grounds for impeachment based on awol's dissertion of his military post during a time of war. but whatever works, folks.

and, thanks to atrios, we found this great gallup poll comparison of 4 different presidencies and george awol bush, compiled by the (in atrios' words) "invaluble" pollkatz.

and hey, the horse reminds us all to join take back the media's limbaugh boycott! (fatboy's sponsors, not just his show)
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