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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

some housekeeping

first, we'd like to thank cursor.org for putting our blog on its permanent blogroll! cursor is da bomb, and they always have great insight into today's media (including a byte on take back the media's limbaugh boycott - good going, cursor!)

secondly, we want to remind everyone that after awol gives his state of confusion speech tonight, go write letters to any and all newspapers you can, and remind america that we are about to go to war led by a man who deserted his military post during war time:

“from may to november 1972, bush was in alabama working in a us senate campaign, and was required to attend drills at an air national guard unit in montgomery. but there is no evidence in his record that he did so. and william turnipseed, the retired general who commanded the alabama unit back then, said in an interview last week that bush never appeared for duty there.”
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