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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

setting the record straight

perusing the wonderful counterspin central, we stumbled across this claim in hesiod's comment section:

"axis of weasels" was not coined by rumsfeld. the term first appeared in this context in a satirical article by blogger scrappleface. the fake article attributed the term to rummy, but made it thoroughly obvious that secdef never actually said it. inklingcd@yahoo.com

we tried to set the record straight on that blog, but haloscan wouldn't accept our retort (that's why we use yaccs). so, here is the real story:

"axis of weasles" was first used by blogger max sawicky on january 18 to describe the right wing rushing headlong into war. scrapple face used it 4 days later on january 22.

as much as i love scrapple face, credit where credit is due.

now the right, bereft of original thinking as usual, has co-opted the phrase for its own.

personally, i think we should call trent lott and bill frist and pat buchanan and all the sons of the confederate the "axis of weevils."

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