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Thursday, January 30, 2003

the post formerly known as the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

the staff at skippy can't believe their collective ears. while watching crossfire, starring carlson and begala (the jackie chan-owen wilson of the beltway set), an email from a fan was shown for all to see.

the email encouraged paul begala to support al sharpton's candidacy for the president of the usa. after much giggling by all in the studio, tucker carlson entreated paul to join him in endorsing rev. sharpton.

and then, our jaws hit the floor when tucker said to paul "come over to the dark side."

maybe we're just a little too sensitive, but, other than the obvious reference to the color of the reverend's skin, how else was that supposed to be taken?

if you are insensed as we are about this obvious show of trent lott foot-in-the-mouth bigotry, send tucker an email.

while you're at it, tell him that bow ties went out with barbershop quartets.
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