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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

more mary, less lott

whoa! mark kleinman has the scoop on john lott's veracity...or at least his penchant for imaginary cross-dressing.

although it doesn't actually rebutt the so-called "respondent" who claimed to have been interviewed by lott in the now famous "my computer crashed so trust me i did all the work long ago" survey about defensive gun use and brandishing versus firing, it does call into question mr. lott's ability to actually 'fess up and tell the truth.

you see, mark points out, thanks to work by julian sanchez and atrios, a certain john lott fan, one mary rosh, who has been emailing and commenting and even blogging all over blogtopia (yes! we coined that term!) about how great and scientific and just plain dreamy john lott is, turns out to be...john lott himself!

gosh, even skippy knows better than to use an assumed name to say skippy is great!

ok, it doesn't really negate lott's original thesis. or even his 98% of brandishing in dgu's number. or even anything, except maybe his masculinity. (just kidding john, don't shoot us!)

but it does, along with the interview 'respondent's' penchant for underhanded tricks, give one pause as to lott's whole scientific method.
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