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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

the king and i

as promised, here is the transcript from last night's larry king live program, featuring bob "bush is such a good guy we've all got to knuckle down and support him because he's just the best president we've ever had" woodward.

please feel free to ignore the fawning that woodward gushes all over the first half of the transcript. search for the word "caller" to get to the real meat of the show. a sample of what america had to ask mr. woodward:

phoenix: how do you defend the assertion that your time with president bush has jaded your objectivity and that's why you seem to defend and approve of the rah- rah antics of the bush administration?

tampa: how is that we can expect to get support from a russia, a china, a france, or a germany when each of these countries have economic trade deals, and with the united states using iraq oil to pay for the occupation. do you feel this creates a conflict of interest?

new castle, california: how secure do you feel that we really are in our country that when we do make an attack on iraq, what do you think the consequences are going to be our people here and our country?

daphne, alabama: my question to mr. woodward is, i understand about going to war against iraq. but in the past months i haven't heard anything about finding osama bin laden and is this all connected?

cambridge, massachusettes: if we go in there and kill the army, and many of the people, have we accomplished finding the weapons? maybe some of these weapons have been transported over to syria or pakistan. what are we going to do then, go in there and try and find them there?

and of course, our favorite, from benicia, calif:

in the presidential debate, george w. appeared to take perverse pleasure in the killing of many convicted on death row....are the peace marches in this country and throughout the world, are they having little impact on him? and also, ramsey clark at the peace march talked about impeachment issues that were applicable to bush. and is that...

at that point, larry cut her off with the words: "you're rambling all over."

rambling all over? she was talking about the peace demonstrations, and she brought up the idea of impeachment, proposed by ramsey clark at the san francisco demonstration. she seemed pretty focused to us here at skippy.

but at least the "i" word was said in association with the "w" perhaps for the first time on national tv. but don't let it be the last, folks.

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