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skippy the bush kangaroo

Monday, January 27, 2003

he's no robert redford

we can't believe the curious things we heard as we listened to bob woodward on larry king (don't go there!).

bob "bush is god" woodward droned on and on and on, and larry king asked those questions that were so softball, that if we had a park and some beer and a sunday afternoon we could have started our own a league.

but an interesting thing happened when larry opened up the phone lines (something he hasn't done for years). practically 100% of the callers asked estute, difficult and probing questions about awol's war stance. nobody was happy with it, and even bob "not redford" woodward had to admit that the peace movement was something to be reckoned with (we paraphrase badly, which is, of course, the only real way to paraphrase, because if we did it well, it wouldn't be paraphrasing, now, would it?)

even more exciting was the last caller, who asked about anti-war protesting. and then, as she starting to talk about ramsey clark's call to impeach bush, she was cut off. whoops! can't have the words "impeach" and "george bush" in the same sentense on national tv, can we, now?

we recommend everybody watch the rerun at 12 am eastern, 9 pm real time. we will attempt to find the transcripts of the show tomorrow.

and here's a video of mr. clark calling for the impeachment! as much as we like the idea, we are of the opinion that awol should impeached over his unlawful desertion of his military post during war time, not so much his hard-to-prove connection to the 9/11 events.
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