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Thursday, January 30, 2003

the first victim of political strife is always iambic pentameter

in a blow to free verse everywhere, the white house has cancelled laura bush's symposium on poetry, due to several poets threatening to read anti-war verse, says the uk guardian.

explaining the cancellation, noelia rodriguez, a spokeswoman for mrs bush, said: "while mrs bush respects the right of all americans to express their opinions, she, too, has opinions, and believes it would be inappropriate to turn a literary event into a political forum."

apparently mrs. bush respects the right of the white house to not listen to all americans expressing their opinions.

the symposium was supposed to focus on the works of emily dickenson, walt whitman, and langston hughes. oh, well, none of them were ever trouble-makers.

keep in mind that the next huge anti-war rally is set for february 15.

in other protest news, about 1000 people showed up to demonstrate against the war when awol gave his "gut medicare now" pep talk in grand rapids, mich, yesterday.

carrying signs with slogans including "don't attack iraq" and "peace is patriotic," participants in the rally - some of whom arrived as early as 8 a.m. - met across the street from spectrum health, the hospital in grand rapids that sponsored bush's speech. at about noon, the protesters marched several blocks to the devos center, where they were met by police officers, cars and barricades. during the rally, which lasted more than an hour, protesters loudly chanted "drop bush not bombs" and "peace now," accompanied by whistles and drums.

here's an article with a picture of the raging grannies protesting in detroit.

minnesota public radio news says anti-war protests increase in wake of state of confusion speech.

fort wayne journal gazette says student activism alive at area campuses.

pioneer press (illinois) reports that about police turned away about 125 people from congressman mark kirk's deerfield office.

and, most threatening of all, india socialists free pigeons in anti-war protest.

grannies, students, poetry and pigeons...bush should know we're serious by now.
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