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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

bush's poll numbers sky rocket after state of the union speech

showing up all the nay-sayers, bush's numbers jumped a whopping 3 percent after last night's state of the union speech, confirming his status as the most incredibly influential speaker that the media has ever created.

the lastest abc news poll puts bush in the high 60's (assuming anything over 1 is high), thus assuring the corporate media and all other brown-nosers once again that bush is the best president that the united states ever has, and gee, we might as well just make him emporer while we're at it.

after hearing mr. bush make it all the way through an hour long speech without stumbling, his job approval ratings went from an already-incredible 59% rating, to an astounding 62%, giving everyone who works for rupert murdoch cause for rejoicing.

this is proof that the american people are totally behind bush and his policies, if you don't count 4 out of every 10 americans.

even better news for chicken hawks everywhere, bush's speech was able to convince practically 16 people that an invasion of iraq was a good idea.

according to the abc poll of 781 americans held after the speech, a whole 1% more think invasion is a good idea than just the day before, proving once again that when it comes to speechifying, bush has no clone.

even better, the poll that really counts, the stock market, closed up an amazing 26 points! when counted with yesterday's sky-high closing of over 100 points, we've only got another 800 points to make up to get to the month's highs, and a mere 4000 points to get to where we were when clinton left office. boy, we sure could use that dividend tax-reform today!

this should put to rest everybody who has had any doubts about the brilliance of the man, or at least anyone who is sleepy.
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