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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

blogging around

did you wonder what was in that 8,000 page report from iraq that the us grabbed before anyone else in the united nations could read it? tim dunlop has the scoop!

scoobie davis, who has been muted by the best of them, gets muted by bill o'reilly for daring to bring up mr. no-spin's associations with lunatics.

talkleft announces a rally tomorrow for those in new york who want to keep their right to protest and to peacefully assemble.

plucky punk wonders why we are rushing to one war when we haven't finished the other one.

good news! free pie is blogging again! good to have you back, kim!

hm. somebody linked to us from jane galt, but she still hasn't put a permanent link to us on her blogroll. oh well, we still like her, as her old "live from the wtc" was one of the first blogs that inspired us before we started our career. we proudly have a permanent link to asymmetrical information on our blogroll, because, to paraphrase nicholas cage in adaptation, "it's not who links to you that defines you, it's who you link to."
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