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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

bcc: mwo

here's a copy of the letter sent to the nytimes in response to adam nagourney's ridiculous use of the word "popular":

in reference to adam nagourney's recent article, we take exception to the way mr. nagourney plays fast and loose with the english language.

he says that mr. bush is a popular republican president. the only way this can be true is if the definition of "popular" is now the same as "barely a majority."

mr. bush's ratings have plummeted: cnn/time has his job ratings at 53%. granted, it's the lowest of the low, with abc/washpost at 59%, newsweek at 56%, pew and investor's business daily/christian science monitor and ipsos-reid cook all at 58%. but the trend is downward, and most polls also show americans overwhelmingly do not approve of attacking iraq without proof, or without allied support, so mr. bush can't rely on a bagdad bump.

now, personally, we would define "popular" as 73%, or roughly 3 out of 4 people approving of a president, numbers bill clinton was able to pull the day after his impeachment.

we don't know how one can define "popular" as one out of two people approving of your job performance. if only half my bosses liked my work, i'd be fired!

oh, that's right! i was! but not because of job performance. i was downsized! thanks, mr. bush! i bet the guy standing right next to me really approves of your job performance!


etc. etc.
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