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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

and now for the really important news

david kelley blames abc's move of "the practice" from sunday to monday night for its low ratings. personally, we at skippy tried to watch the season opener, having been fans of the show since its beginning episodes. however, we'd have to ask mr. kelley if maybe he wasn't just a wee bit culpable, since the show sucked.

sure, alfre woodard was good, but she's good reading the phone book. the plots used last night were old when they did them the second season, and there was no new direction evident (except down) during last night's opener. it's a shame they killed off that short angry guy, because at least he was interesting. or they could have always brought back the slimy john laroquette character, he's always good for a squeam.

and the show's ratings were definately not helped by it's lead-in, some bad indiana jones rip-off called "veritas: the quest," which we could have sworn was the name of an on-line mortgage service. we also wonder how long the show after the "the practice," a religious rip off of the x-files called "miracles" will last, as it seems destined to offend both people who are not religious with its emphasis on religion, and also people who are religious with its forays into humanistic new age spirituality crap.

one would think that after so many years, "the practice" would be perfect. of course, it will die a quick death being up against such stalwarts as nbc's 3rd watch, cbs's everybody loves raymond, and fox's bondage porn parade.

whoops! sorry, we mean joe millionaire! apparently one of the finalists in this staged reality series has been identified as a star of several bondage porn movies.

sarah kozer, 29, starred in movies such as "novices in knots" [ed. note: 5 stars!] and "hogtied," and a foot-fetish film "dirty soled dolls," according to the web site the smoking gun.

well, considering the bachelor is masquerading as a millionaire, it's only fitting that one of the girls is masquerading as wholesome. but if we were the guy, we'd steer clear of that lady after she finds out we weren't really rich, especially if she's got access to ropes!

under her stage name, cindy schubert, she made some, er, provactive movies. we called ms. kozar for comment, but, according to her representative, she was tied up at the moment (rimshot!).
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