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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, January 26, 2003

america gets it

we at skippy are heartened to see opinions being expressed on the letters to the editors page (in this case, the la times), opinions which are not being mentioned other places in mainstream media. at least the normal american guys and gals are beginning to see through awol's smoke and mirrors.

we especially like this one from david rennie of studio city, who writes in response to the president's rhetoric and the realities of war:

so president bush says allies' challenges to his iraq policy are like "a rerun of a bad movie" (jan. 22). what movie is that? "the madness of king george"?

we also like the comment from rodney davis of la verne, when speaking about governement secrets and the administration's penchant for not sharing info with the citizenry:

these guys make hitler's crowd look like amateurs

and here's a great idea from peter jansz of reseda, talking about it's bush-hussein ii, another bad sequel:

to boost american morale i suggest sending bush, vice president dick cheney and defense secretary donald rumsfeld to spearhead the assault into baghdad. voila!

other interesting citizen repsonses to previous latimes stories:

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