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Friday, January 31, 2003

blogging around

megan macardle wonders aloud does he or doesn't he?

talkleft tells us the sad news that ed rosenthal, medical marijuana activist, was convicted by a federal jury. mimimum sentencing will be ten years; maximum will be life.

rabblerabbit has a new warren. looks cool.

ampersand (as well as letter from gotham) discusses intentional vs. unintentional anti-semitism in an anti-sharon cartoon.

thanks to elayne riggs, we went to peevish, where anne so much more politely said pretty much what we did in our rant about tamara baker's "to blog or not to blog." skippy's staff could learn a thing or two from peevish about polite discourse, goddammittalltohell!

hooray! lisa is back at ruminate this! check her out!

and the altercation links contest for 2003 is now under way. there are tons of great blogs in blogtopia (y!wctp!) so nominate your favs! (link courtesy of talkleft)
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really bad news for bush

awol better start a war soon, because things are looking so bad for him, that the fox news poll numbers for his job approval has slipped into the 50's! and this is after his state of confusion address!

that's right! fox news! and you know their questions were "do you think bush is doing a good job, or a great job, or is he just god-like?" and people still don't like him!
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happy january from the bush economic team!

the good news: the dow closed up today, over 108 points. the bad news? the month of january. period.

for january, nasdaq eased 1.1 percent, the dow dropped 3.5 percent and the s&p was off 2.7 percent. the gauges logged their third straight losing week and second straight down month.

good thing awol proposed that elimination of dividend double taxation. now, if we can just get a job to earn some money to invest...

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black people don't love him!

thanks to the smirking chimp, we find this article in the black world today by farai chideya: george w. bush, one-term president:

the prospect of body bags for oil will alienate swing voters. so will the administration's looming battle against affirmative action, which may erode their attempts to reach latino voters, and what the new york times describes as a war on women – not just against abortion, but also family planning, condoms and sex education. then there's that pesky problem of the economy: we can't blame 9/11 forever, and we certainly aren't going to solve the problems facing working- and middle-class families by giving tax cuts to the rich.

and, while we were there at tbwt, we took a look at anthony asadullah samad's tome, race/class politics in today's republican party give blacks no reason to switch:

the more people try to convince me that the republican party is a viable option for blacks in 2004, the more they show out, and the more convinced i become that the republican party is not the place for an unsuspecting, politically naïve black electorate to be. not if they don’t want to be eaten alive and forced to accept something that is against their will (as those blacks in the party are forced to on a regular basis). this is not a date for the innocent. if “no” means “no,” and “yes” also means “no” (as the ca state supreme court recently ruled), think twice about saying yes to the republican party.

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update on rush sponsor boycott

the boycott of limbaugh sponsors by take back the media is gathering some steam. thanks to atrios, we find out that the washtimes has mentioned it (look for the headline "rush haters." how subtle).

and, edward olshaker writes to the horse with some more examples of rush's vitrolic nastiness that make for good fodder for those emails and letters we should all be writing to rush's sponsors (look for the piece right after eric alterman's upcoming tv appearances).

go to tbtm and click on those links and write some letters!
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blog me with a spoon - a skippy rant

courtesy of pandagon, we find the usually estute tamara baker wondering aloud if blogging is all that worthwhile over on american politics journal.

tamara quotes fergy foont, who writes on a discussion board somewhere:

to my way of thinking, blogs are a form of self-flattery, and when their nature is largely political they are a waste of time that could be spent doing something with greater impact.

blogs were designed largely to be the on-line equivalent of a personal diary, for jotting down personal observations likely to be read only by one's future self and maybe somebody else who inadvertently stumbles onto it and opens it out of a sort of voyeurism.

when one commits one's political opinions and observations to a blog, the blogger's time could be far better spent putting it into a discussion forum or into a letter to an editor or public official.

well, we think we are great, and we are the best and most brilliant. oh, you're right! blogs are a form of self-flattery! ok, we'll spot you that one.

we're not sure that you can say blogs were designed to be on-line diaries; maybe they were, but they have evolved beyond that. to be sure, there are countless on-line diaries, but those are pretty self-evident, and not easily confused with political blogs.

political blogs have become a new form of dialogue. let's even leave aside the fact that a lot of blogs have comment sections for actual give-and-take, call-and-response, i-talk-then-you-talk conversation. heck, mydd and daily kos often have open threads, simply for discussing whatever their readers decide to talk about.

but the blogs themselves become parts of an open dialogue in blogtopia (y!wctp!*). witness atrios and instapundit opining about glenn's dad. witness our own often passionate but always polite arguments with gweilo diaries and mr. helpful. and what would mr. foont call fisking, if not a dialogue. a stupid, amateurish, intellectually-dishonest dialogue, to be sure, but technically a dialogue.

we wonder why mr. foont (and ms. baker, by extension) thinks bloggers don't write "letters to the editor," or anyone else, for that matter. has either of them bothered to to acquaint themselves with take back the media's boycott limbaugh's sponsor campaign, a letter-writing agenda that has so far succeeded with 3 different sponsors (now ex-sponsors) of the limbaugh show? how about democratic veteran's extolling everyone to help track down awol's discharge papers? hey, isn't that actually "doing something with greater impact"?

sorry to point this out, but skippy not only writes regularly to editors and congressjerks, he has participated in, and even organized recent marches and rallies.

so, we hate to pull out the landmark supreme court decision of rubber v. glue (1966), wherein the court stated "all of defendant glue's balements for consideration are out of necessity lawfully rescinded by plaintiff rubber and are hereby retracted to defendant permanently."

but one could apply mr. foont's logic to mr. foont (and even ms. baker). why are they wasting their time writing on line articles and dealing with on line discussion boards, when they could be tending to the sick, visiting congresspeople's offices in person, or running for office themselves? why is one form of on line writing more valuable than another?

and, to be perfectly honest, we were a bit non-plussed that this article appeared american politics journal, which links so often to blogs (today's first big link: scoobie davis -- a blogger!); yes, apj links to many blogs, including our own, and their editors have praised skippy's work in emails. besides, what is apj, besides a big blog written by a lot of different people? in fact, what are time, national review, wall street journal and the washington post, besides old-fashioned dead trees blogs?

ms. baker wonders if the plethora of blogs will become a time suck...again, the same could be said of online political 'zines (ibid, rubber v. glue), or in fact anything that anybody does to avoid dealing with the real world (not a reference to barbara and jenna). communications tools don't kill valuable time usage, people kill valuable time usage.

to be frank, we at skippy have encounterd mr. foont's opinions on discussion forums before, mostly the salon forum, before talbot asked us for money to express our opinions (that's when we got our own damn blog, thank you very much). correct us if we are wrong, (and if we are, we apologize in advance) but it seems we remember mr. foont being banned for a while from that forum. now, that has nothing to do with his premise, other than to cast doubt on the legitimacy of telling the rest of blogtopia (y!wctp*) exactly what and what isn't a useful vehicle for disseminating opinions (if you can't behave in a salon forum, goodness, who are you to tell us that we are wasting our time?)

mr. foont, (whose pseudonymn seems to be a bastardization of the handle for mr. natural's sidekick) we'd respectfully suggest that your time could be better spent not putting down the vessels through which other people express their views, and get a job.

ok, that was harsh. just re-focus yourself against the corporate invasion of our government, and don't be throwing those stones through your plate glass house, dude.

(*y!wctp! = yes! we coined that phrase!)
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Thursday, January 30, 2003

the first victim of political strife is always iambic pentameter

in a blow to free verse everywhere, the white house has cancelled laura bush's symposium on poetry, due to several poets threatening to read anti-war verse, says the uk guardian.

explaining the cancellation, noelia rodriguez, a spokeswoman for mrs bush, said: "while mrs bush respects the right of all americans to express their opinions, she, too, has opinions, and believes it would be inappropriate to turn a literary event into a political forum."

apparently mrs. bush respects the right of the white house to not listen to all americans expressing their opinions.

the symposium was supposed to focus on the works of emily dickenson, walt whitman, and langston hughes. oh, well, none of them were ever trouble-makers.

keep in mind that the next huge anti-war rally is set for february 15.

in other protest news, about 1000 people showed up to demonstrate against the war when awol gave his "gut medicare now" pep talk in grand rapids, mich, yesterday.

carrying signs with slogans including "don't attack iraq" and "peace is patriotic," participants in the rally - some of whom arrived as early as 8 a.m. - met across the street from spectrum health, the hospital in grand rapids that sponsored bush's speech. at about noon, the protesters marched several blocks to the devos center, where they were met by police officers, cars and barricades. during the rally, which lasted more than an hour, protesters loudly chanted "drop bush not bombs" and "peace now," accompanied by whistles and drums.

here's an article with a picture of the raging grannies protesting in detroit.

minnesota public radio news says anti-war protests increase in wake of state of confusion speech.

fort wayne journal gazette says student activism alive at area campuses.

pioneer press (illinois) reports that about police turned away about 125 people from congressman mark kirk's deerfield office.

and, most threatening of all, india socialists free pigeons in anti-war protest.

grannies, students, poetry and pigeons...bush should know we're serious by now.
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blogging around

patrick neilson hayden brings up some interesting facts about former new jersey gov. thomas kean, the new head of the commission investigating 9/11. seems mr. kean has done lots of business with osama's relatives. can anyone say "conflict of interest"? how about "treasonable offense"?

go see misanthropyst's cool vacation photos of kuala lumpur.

philip leggiere, over on stand down, has some observations on the new smear campaign against the upcoming anti-war demonstrations.

jane finch at the daily rant observes that the "new" evidence that awol will present to support invasion looks a lot like his "old" evidence...that is to say, "hardly any evidence at all." (plus she gives our post at stand down a plug! thanks, jane!)

we love atrios' headline for his discussion about col. pickering: black people love him!

kevin drum and josh marshall are talking about kenneth pollack's case for invading iraq.

maru the crankpot is great as usual. but today she links usto news about protesters demonstrating against awol as he campaigns in nebraska for his s.t.r.i.f.e. plan (stimulate the rich idle folks' economy) :

there were hundreds outside the hospital where he visited with health care workers and a medicare beneficiary behind closed doors, and hundreds more at several other intersections. they lined virtually the entire route from the hospital to the site of bush's speech.

gee, we didn't see that on cnn!
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the post formerly known as the john ashcroft neo-confederate link of the day

the staff at skippy can't believe their collective ears. while watching crossfire, starring carlson and begala (the jackie chan-owen wilson of the beltway set), an email from a fan was shown for all to see.

the email encouraged paul begala to support al sharpton's candidacy for the president of the usa. after much giggling by all in the studio, tucker carlson entreated paul to join him in endorsing rev. sharpton.

and then, our jaws hit the floor when tucker said to paul "come over to the dark side."

maybe we're just a little too sensitive, but, other than the obvious reference to the color of the reverend's skin, how else was that supposed to be taken?

if you are insensed as we are about this obvious show of trent lott foot-in-the-mouth bigotry, send tucker an email.

while you're at it, tell him that bow ties went out with barbershop quartets.
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shoe bomber gets 55 years for each shoe

convicted shoe bomber richard reid has been sentenced to life in prison for attempting to blow up an airplane.

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blogging around

the hamster has alan colmes ruthless interrogation of peggy noonan (no, no, put down that nerf bat, alan!)

thanks to the daily kos comment section we find out a high-raking methodist bishop (and a high-ranking comedienne) will appear in anti-war ads this weekend seen in new york and washington.

we agree with atrios, when he agrees with tom tomorrow and ken layne. we'd give money to salon if they dumped all the conservascists.
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we don't need no stinkin' smokin' gun

colin powell is expected to bring a series of photographs to the un next week, that won't show anything too much, as proof that saddam is evil and we have a right to his oil.

officials cautioned that no one photo or piece of evidence will conclusively prove the administration's case; instead, they describe what they say will be an accumulation of damning details. 'what we're showing is a pattern of behavior,'' a senior administration official said. ''you're not going to have pictures of warheads.''

of course, one of the silliest circular arguments that awol's administration keeps harping on is the old chestnut, "we'd like to give you proof, but if we do, then the guy we got it from would be in danger of being killed."

all of a sudden they seem so concerned about people getting killed. so, when we invade, we're going to take extra special care not to actually kill anyone?

another great one: "if we show you the proof it will endanger the intelligence systems we have in place now, which we will need when we invade."

but, if we don't invade, because you didn't show us proof, then, there's no need for those intelligence systems?

or are you just going to kill them?
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who said the media was f.a.i.r.?

here's an action alert from fair, concerning the fact that none of the electronic media are reporting about the new fcc rules for owndership consolidation of the electronic media. what a co-inky-dink, eh?

fairness & accuracy in reporting
media analysis, critiques and activism

action alert:
broadcast networks file fcc comments-- but not stories

the review of media ownership rules underway at the federal communications commission will have an enormous impact on the future of broadcasting and on media diversity. the fcc is considering repealing or altering a number of key rules that limit media consolidation. but you wouldn't know any of this from watching network television news.

media companies stand to gain a lot from a relaxation of the ownership caps. so it is no surprise that nbc/general electric, abc/disney and cbs/viacom have all filed comments with the fcc.

it's what they haven't done that is more troubling: none of the big three networks have found the story worth reporting in depth. since the fcc issued its notice on the ownership rules last september, a search of the nexis news database turns up one network story: a short summary of the fcc's announcement on abc's world news this morning (9/9/02), which according to the transcript aired at 4:30 am.

if you'd like to read the rest of this action alert, including email addresses to the major network news shows, please go to our sister blog, skippy junior.
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war coming, people will die. now, in other news

awol seems to think that the all-war-all-the-time news networks will take everyone's mind off of such piddling little problems as the fact that the gross domestic product grew any slower, it would be in negative numbers.

gross domestic product, the broadest measure of total economic activity within u.s. borders, crept ahead at a 0.7 percent annual rate in the october-december quarter, down sharply from the 4 percent growth rate posted in the preceding quarter, says yahoo news.

the u.s. economy slowed to a crawl in the fourth quarter of 2002, growing at the weakest pace since the recession of 2001, says cnnmoney.

wait a minute. aren't we still in the recession of 2001?

the good news is, if you actually have a job and some money to spend and want to buy a house, 30 year mortgages are under 6 percent for the record sixth straight week.

that's a relief. of course, it doesn't mean anything if you've got all your money in the market.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

rushing to judgement

the take back the media campaign to boycott limbaugh sponsors gets a little bit of press in the mainstream media (online).

cbs marketwatch profiles the whole thing in this article. and, cbs marketwatch reports, the campaign seems to be working.

"within 18 hours, radioshack had folded. within 36 hours, amtrak was gone and bose told us they were no longer advertising on the show," [tbtm co-founder michael] stinson said.

and, here's the goal, kids:

if enough advertisers put out the word that the show is a forbidden zone -- and they are not rapidly replaced -- the program will lose much of its economic value to local stations and station groups regardless of how well its audience numbers are doing. of course, the already-loaded limbaugh is never going to have trouble putting food on the table, but he and his fans could end up in less desirable timeslots or on fewer outlets.

we wonder if limbaugh ever has enough food on his table.

go to the take back the media limbaugh sponsor page. click a few links and write a few emails. let's keep this going kids.

and then maybe we can get randi rhodes in his place!

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bush's poll numbers sky rocket after state of the union speech

showing up all the nay-sayers, bush's numbers jumped a whopping 3 percent after last night's state of the union speech, confirming his status as the most incredibly influential speaker that the media has ever created.

the lastest abc news poll puts bush in the high 60's (assuming anything over 1 is high), thus assuring the corporate media and all other brown-nosers once again that bush is the best president that the united states ever has, and gee, we might as well just make him emporer while we're at it.

after hearing mr. bush make it all the way through an hour long speech without stumbling, his job approval ratings went from an already-incredible 59% rating, to an astounding 62%, giving everyone who works for rupert murdoch cause for rejoicing.

this is proof that the american people are totally behind bush and his policies, if you don't count 4 out of every 10 americans.

even better news for chicken hawks everywhere, bush's speech was able to convince practically 16 people that an invasion of iraq was a good idea.

according to the abc poll of 781 americans held after the speech, a whole 1% more think invasion is a good idea than just the day before, proving once again that when it comes to speechifying, bush has no clone.

even better, the poll that really counts, the stock market, closed up an amazing 26 points! when counted with yesterday's sky-high closing of over 100 points, we've only got another 800 points to make up to get to the month's highs, and a mere 4000 points to get to where we were when clinton left office. boy, we sure could use that dividend tax-reform today!

this should put to rest everybody who has had any doubts about the brilliance of the man, or at least anyone who is sleepy.
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the other response to the state of confusion speech

hey, thanks to the cursor, we get the green party's response to awol's state of confusion speech. our favorite highlight:

bush is no reluctant warrior, he is a warmongering draft-dodger, and together with a weak and compliant democratic party in congress, he is threatening american interests.
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setting the record straight

perusing the wonderful counterspin central, we stumbled across this claim in hesiod's comment section:

"axis of weasels" was not coined by rumsfeld. the term first appeared in this context in a satirical article by blogger scrappleface. the fake article attributed the term to rummy, but made it thoroughly obvious that secdef never actually said it. inklingcd@yahoo.com

we tried to set the record straight on that blog, but haloscan wouldn't accept our retort (that's why we use yaccs). so, here is the real story:

"axis of weasles" was first used by blogger max sawicky on january 18 to describe the right wing rushing headlong into war. scrapple face used it 4 days later on january 22.

as much as i love scrapple face, credit where credit is due.

now the right, bereft of original thinking as usual, has co-opted the phrase for its own.

personally, i think we should call trent lott and bill frist and pat buchanan and all the sons of the confederate the "axis of weevils."

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and now for the really important news

david kelley blames abc's move of "the practice" from sunday to monday night for its low ratings. personally, we at skippy tried to watch the season opener, having been fans of the show since its beginning episodes. however, we'd have to ask mr. kelley if maybe he wasn't just a wee bit culpable, since the show sucked.

sure, alfre woodard was good, but she's good reading the phone book. the plots used last night were old when they did them the second season, and there was no new direction evident (except down) during last night's opener. it's a shame they killed off that short angry guy, because at least he was interesting. or they could have always brought back the slimy john laroquette character, he's always good for a squeam.

and the show's ratings were definately not helped by it's lead-in, some bad indiana jones rip-off called "veritas: the quest," which we could have sworn was the name of an on-line mortgage service. we also wonder how long the show after the "the practice," a religious rip off of the x-files called "miracles" will last, as it seems destined to offend both people who are not religious with its emphasis on religion, and also people who are religious with its forays into humanistic new age spirituality crap.

one would think that after so many years, "the practice" would be perfect. of course, it will die a quick death being up against such stalwarts as nbc's 3rd watch, cbs's everybody loves raymond, and fox's bondage porn parade.

whoops! sorry, we mean joe millionaire! apparently one of the finalists in this staged reality series has been identified as a star of several bondage porn movies.

sarah kozer, 29, starred in movies such as "novices in knots" [ed. note: 5 stars!] and "hogtied," and a foot-fetish film "dirty soled dolls," according to the web site the smoking gun.

well, considering the bachelor is masquerading as a millionaire, it's only fitting that one of the girls is masquerading as wholesome. but if we were the guy, we'd steer clear of that lady after she finds out we weren't really rich, especially if she's got access to ropes!

under her stage name, cindy schubert, she made some, er, provactive movies. we called ms. kozar for comment, but, according to her representative, she was tied up at the moment (rimshot!).
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is tommy finagle working for the nsa?

kim over at free pie raises a good point. apparently the new connection between saddam and al qaeda is based on testimony from the prisoners at camp x-ray in guantanamo bay.

is it just me, or does this information not seem terribly credible? if they are interrogating prisoners and telling them that they can get better treatment in exchange for information, are the prisoners really going to admit that they don't know anything?

actually, it's not just you, kim, we have similar problems with the veracity of testimony of prisoners. remember the 5 terrorists who were crossing over the canadian border during new years? and look how true that turned out to be.
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say hello

to paula, the stonerwitch.
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more mary, less lott

whoa! mark kleinman has the scoop on john lott's veracity...or at least his penchant for imaginary cross-dressing.

although it doesn't actually rebutt the so-called "respondent" who claimed to have been interviewed by lott in the now famous "my computer crashed so trust me i did all the work long ago" survey about defensive gun use and brandishing versus firing, it does call into question mr. lott's ability to actually 'fess up and tell the truth.

you see, mark points out, thanks to work by julian sanchez and atrios, a certain john lott fan, one mary rosh, who has been emailing and commenting and even blogging all over blogtopia (yes! we coined that term!) about how great and scientific and just plain dreamy john lott is, turns out to be...john lott himself!

gosh, even skippy knows better than to use an assumed name to say skippy is great!

ok, it doesn't really negate lott's original thesis. or even his 98% of brandishing in dgu's number. or even anything, except maybe his masculinity. (just kidding john, don't shoot us!)

but it does, along with the interview 'respondent's' penchant for underhanded tricks, give one pause as to lott's whole scientific method.
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by the numbers

thanks to atrios, we found notes on the atrocities and emma's report on the schematics of awol's state of confusion speech last night. our favorite part:

number of times "saddam hussein" was uttered: 19
"osama bin laden": 0
"god": 4

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love those online polls!

go vote on a couple of polls:

msnbc: did bush make his case on iraq?

and the same question on cnn (with an adjective added): did bush adequately make his case against iraq tuesday night?

also on msnbc: how would you assess the balance president bush struck between domestic issues and iraq?

[ed. note: on the sidebar on the left of the page down towards the bottom]

(now, please ignore the fact that this is not even a real question, let alone a legitimate one. just go vote)
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say hello

to that said.
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some light housekeeping

first of all, we were a bit remiss yesterday in not adding two fine blogs to our permanent blog roll, and so we happily do so today. welcome to mouse musings and into the breach!

a few letters to share with you all:

dr. tom of thinking it through links us to his discussion of the first gulf war.

and doug mcgill links us to his article, a global citizen thinks about war

and, from reader ken:

i think you have a rare chance here to pull some right-wingers in on this boycott. after all, the same book of the bible (leviticus) that calls homosexuality an abomination also calls the eating of shellfish an abomination.

"if a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." (leviticus 20:13)

"and all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you;" (leviticus 11:10)

p.s. and definitely don't eat any ferrets (leviticus 11:30)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

write those letters!

now that awol's state of confusion speech is over with, let's all write letters to the editors of american newspapers and remind everyone that the man who will send american service men and women to their deaths on the sands of a foreign country to obtain cheap oil deserted his military post in time of war back in the 70's.

here's a handy table with the pertinent details in chronological order, thanks to uggabugga!
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hey kids, carnival of the vanities #19 is over at ipse dixit! check it out!
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blogging around

did you wonder what was in that 8,000 page report from iraq that the us grabbed before anyone else in the united nations could read it? tim dunlop has the scoop!

scoobie davis, who has been muted by the best of them, gets muted by bill o'reilly for daring to bring up mr. no-spin's associations with lunatics.

talkleft announces a rally tomorrow for those in new york who want to keep their right to protest and to peacefully assemble.

plucky punk wonders why we are rushing to one war when we haven't finished the other one.

good news! free pie is blogging again! good to have you back, kim!

hm. somebody linked to us from jane galt, but she still hasn't put a permanent link to us on her blogroll. oh well, we still like her, as her old "live from the wtc" was one of the first blogs that inspired us before we started our career. we proudly have a permanent link to asymmetrical information on our blogroll, because, to paraphrase nicholas cage in adaptation, "it's not who links to you that defines you, it's who you link to."
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state of confusion

we've got the tv on over here at the skippy home office complex, and, except for the home and garden television channel, everyone is broadcasting awol's big speech.

he has started off by hammering home his tax cuts, wanting to make them permanent (it's his s.t.r.i.f.e. plan - stimulate the rich idle folk's economy).

ok, we say. fair enough. but then how is he going to pay for the war with iraq and the subsequent nation-building?

next, he's crying those crocadile tears over the double-taxation of dividends. boo hoo, boo hoo. he says it's "unfair." well, we didn't get the memo. when did life suddenly become fair?

it's heartening to see awol go out of his way to make sure life is fair for all those sky-box wealthy folks.

now he's talking about addiction. well, it's good to stick with what you know!
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red lobster replies

here's the email we got from red lobster in response to ours stating we would not eat at their restaurants again until they stopped sponsoring rush limbaugh (thanks to the take back the media's limbaugh sponsor boycott):

thank you for contacting red lobster. comments from our guests are taken very seriously, and your feedback will be used to help us improve.

we try to make sure that our commercials are not aired during any programs that might be offensive. i will let our advertising department know about your comments. we certainly value your patronage, and look forward to serving you in the future.

sincerely, arlene, manager

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this will make bush mad

you know things are looking bad for awol when mad magazine is making fun of him.
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some housekeeping

first, we'd like to thank cursor.org for putting our blog on its permanent blogroll! cursor is da bomb, and they always have great insight into today's media (including a byte on take back the media's limbaugh boycott - good going, cursor!)

secondly, we want to remind everyone that after awol gives his state of confusion speech tonight, go write letters to any and all newspapers you can, and remind america that we are about to go to war led by a man who deserted his military post during war time:

“from may to november 1972, bush was in alabama working in a us senate campaign, and was required to attend drills at an air national guard unit in montgomery. but there is no evidence in his record that he did so. and william turnipseed, the retired general who commanded the alabama unit back then, said in an interview last week that bush never appeared for duty there.”
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happy end of the month from the bush economic team

well, it looks like consumer confidence has fallen again, folks!

consumer confidence fell in january for the second straight month, largely because americans feel less optimistic about the job front and any increases in their incomes, a private research group reported tuesday, says yahoo news.

the conference board, a business research group based in new york, said its closely watched index of consumer confidence fell to 79 from a revised 80.7 in december...the group's expectations index, which measures consumers' outlook for the future, fell to 81.4 from 88.1, says cnnmoney.

here is the actual table of numbers, thanks to forbes.com. notice the overall index is down 5 points from november.

why do things look so bleak? perhaps it's because everyone knows that a long, protracted war with iraq, or even a short one with destruction of oil resources (remember those burning kuwaiti wells?) would plunge the world economy into a major depression.

sky-rocketing oil prices and investor jitters could hinder any economic recovery for several years, says the christian science monitor.

damage to oil fields, high casualties, or effective use of wmd would send the price of oil surging to $80 per barrel, according to [center for strategic and international studies] economists.

worse, the cost of war itself will go up significantly if it's not the cake walk that poppy had in the early 90's.

in that case, the cost would rise from $us50 billion to about $us140 billion, says the financial review in this article, the economic consquences of conflict.

and even now, the uncertainty of war weighs heavily on the economy. while consumers have not been overly discouraged by higher energy costs or the risk of another terrorist attack, business leaders are clearly hesitant to make new investments until the smoke clears, says daniel altman of the nytimes.

and talk about betting big on a long shot: while no one wants war, equity participants are starting to voice their hopes that a quick resolution to the crisis in iraq could well be a net positive to the stock market and could send stocks higher -- at least in the short term. what investors really hope is that iraq president saddam hussein just packs it in and leaves town, says reuters.

yeah, that'll happen. and we're betting on the broncos to win this last superbowl.
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comin' in out of the desert storm

good thing all the veterans of the first gulf war are supporting awol's current rush to invade iraq.

what's that you say, norman?

norman schwarzkopf wants to give peace a chance. the general who commanded u.s. forces in the 1991 gulf war says he hasn't seen enough evidence to convince him that his old comrades dick cheney, colin powell and paul wolfowitz are correct in moving toward a new war now. he thinks u.n. inspections are still the proper course to follow. he's worried about the cockiness of the u.s. war plan, and even more by the potential human and financial costs of occupying iraq. and don't get him started on defense secretary donald rumsfeld.

please! don't get us started on rumsfeld!

(link courtesy of atrios)
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two polls walk into a blog

atrios wants you to take wolf blitzer's poll today (on the sidebar: "is the state of the union better now than one year ago?" duh!)

and lisa english of ruminate this! (whose blog is down due to repairs as she moves to movable type, an action under consideration at the skippy home office complex) wants you to take the newsweek online poll.

take both to see the results. you will be pleased.
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the king and i

as promised, here is the transcript from last night's larry king live program, featuring bob "bush is such a good guy we've all got to knuckle down and support him because he's just the best president we've ever had" woodward.

please feel free to ignore the fawning that woodward gushes all over the first half of the transcript. search for the word "caller" to get to the real meat of the show. a sample of what america had to ask mr. woodward:

phoenix: how do you defend the assertion that your time with president bush has jaded your objectivity and that's why you seem to defend and approve of the rah- rah antics of the bush administration?

tampa: how is that we can expect to get support from a russia, a china, a france, or a germany when each of these countries have economic trade deals, and with the united states using iraq oil to pay for the occupation. do you feel this creates a conflict of interest?

new castle, california: how secure do you feel that we really are in our country that when we do make an attack on iraq, what do you think the consequences are going to be our people here and our country?

daphne, alabama: my question to mr. woodward is, i understand about going to war against iraq. but in the past months i haven't heard anything about finding osama bin laden and is this all connected?

cambridge, massachusettes: if we go in there and kill the army, and many of the people, have we accomplished finding the weapons? maybe some of these weapons have been transported over to syria or pakistan. what are we going to do then, go in there and try and find them there?

and of course, our favorite, from benicia, calif:

in the presidential debate, george w. appeared to take perverse pleasure in the killing of many convicted on death row....are the peace marches in this country and throughout the world, are they having little impact on him? and also, ramsey clark at the peace march talked about impeachment issues that were applicable to bush. and is that...

at that point, larry cut her off with the words: "you're rambling all over."

rambling all over? she was talking about the peace demonstrations, and she brought up the idea of impeachment, proposed by ramsey clark at the san francisco demonstration. she seemed pretty focused to us here at skippy.

but at least the "i" word was said in association with the "w" perhaps for the first time on national tv. but don't let it be the last, folks.

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Monday, January 27, 2003

he's no robert redford

we can't believe the curious things we heard as we listened to bob woodward on larry king (don't go there!).

bob "bush is god" woodward droned on and on and on, and larry king asked those questions that were so softball, that if we had a park and some beer and a sunday afternoon we could have started our own a league.

but an interesting thing happened when larry opened up the phone lines (something he hasn't done for years). practically 100% of the callers asked estute, difficult and probing questions about awol's war stance. nobody was happy with it, and even bob "not redford" woodward had to admit that the peace movement was something to be reckoned with (we paraphrase badly, which is, of course, the only real way to paraphrase, because if we did it well, it wouldn't be paraphrasing, now, would it?)

even more exciting was the last caller, who asked about anti-war protesting. and then, as she starting to talk about ramsey clark's call to impeach bush, she was cut off. whoops! can't have the words "impeach" and "george bush" in the same sentense on national tv, can we, now?

we recommend everybody watch the rerun at 12 am eastern, 9 pm real time. we will attempt to find the transcripts of the show tomorrow.

and here's a video of mr. clark calling for the impeachment! as much as we like the idea, we are of the opinion that awol should impeached over his unlawful desertion of his military post during war time, not so much his hard-to-prove connection to the 9/11 events.
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the superbowl was really exciting

for about two minutes. it was nice of oakland to decide to play some football, too bad they waited till the fourth quarter to do it.

and although we got a kick out of tampa's win,*** overall, the whole program was a waste of hours of our time. mrs. skippy was right when she said it would have been more exciting to watch the murder, she wrote marathon on a & e.

not only did the game suck, but the commercials were lame as well. even the half-time show was nothing to write home about. the biggest thrill was seeing gwen stefani sing with sting. that's how lame it was.

***we know what you're thinking. skippy, living in los angeles, should have been rooting for the raiders. even worse, skippy used to live in oakland. so why didn't the skipster put on the silver and black and paint his face like darth raider yesterday? well, aside from the obvious question of fashion, the truth is, skippy lived in oakland about the time the raiders moved to los angeles! so asking him to root for the raiders is like asking anyone in brooklyn to root for the dodgers.
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blogging around

roger ailes (the good one) directs us to barney gumble's investigation into michael savage's book being #1 on the nytimes best sellar list. apparently it's due to a bulk buying scam.

via atrios, patrick nielson hayden responds to instapundit (in talkleft's comment section) about answer organizing the antiwar demonstrations. but will anyone comment about blog linkage as name-dropping?

hey, speaking of the wobblies, all you commies and pinkos may want to check out their planned protests for the day after awol's state of confusion speech.

and speaking of talkleft, did anyone besides the staff at skippy see her great performance on the faux news network just before the superbowl yesterday?
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we'd like to welcome a few blogs to our permanent blog roll. we've added thousand yard glare, and pax liberalis, and better rhetor, and the mad prophet, and joe 6 pack's elegant blog and gorilla-a-go-go and hedgetoad and also (take a big breath, now) mediawhoresonline watch watch watch watch to our political blog section.

and under media blogs, check out cnn lies and eriposte media bias commentary.

welcome to the funhouse, kids!

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write awol cod

ok, we've really got to look into our headline writer's breakfast habits before he comes to work. there is no 'collect on delivery' involved in this post.

no, we just want everyone to be aware of this listing of emails to newspapers by state compiled by the guys at awolbush (and thanks to the democratic veteran for finding it for us!)

we recommend that, after awol gives his state of confusion speech tomorrow night, everybody write letters to editors all across this great land of ours, and tactfully (without vitrol) point out that we are about to go to war led by a man who deserted his military post during wartime!
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taking back the media

well, we got quite a few comments (5, but for us, that's quite a few) in our comments section referring to our letter boycotting red lobster until they withdraw their sponsorship of limbaugh (post below). we started to reply in our comments section, but had so much to say, we'll do it here:

we'll first respond to chuck simmons, who has a fine blog himself, and whom we have linked to before. chuck defends limbaugh's numbers:

texas has an areaa of 267,339 square miles or over 7 trillion square feet. that gives just over 4.9 billion people about 1500 square feet each. hardly a lie since we don't know exactly how many people there are.

4.9 billion chuck? maybe in 1950. we perused the almanacs on the web and found this from the world almanac for kids (!!!):

In 1999, the number of people on earth hit six billion...back in 1959, earth had five billion people.

i couldn't find an almanac that states otherwise.

of course, if you're a ditto head, you allow for rush's bending of reality with a "we don't know how many people there are in the world." (not saying you are a ditto head, chuck, just saying it's the m.o. of such lofty thinkers).

while that statement is literally true, there is no reputable source that i could find (please direct me to one if you can) that says the population is any less than 6 billion right now.

and also, we're not even dealing with the ludicrousness of rush's meanderings into social population infrastructure...if everyone lived in texas, where's the food coming from? oklahoma?

over on his blog, chuck takes us to task for bringing up skippy's relatives in the concentration camps in reference to rush's use of the term "nazi" (as in "feminazi"). somehow, in chuck's mind, it's smarmy for us, with blood ties, to talk about the final solution, but it's ok for rush to use terminology connected with it. and we also are confused as to how a feminist, even if one "preaches hatred, unreasoned, unabashed hatred, [to men]" is equal to putting over 6 million people to their deaths because of their religion or ethnicity or sexual preference. but, to give chuck credit, at least the nazis were able to lower the population so rush's numbers about texas weren't fudged so much.

next, mr. helpful, always helpful, says

even though it wont make any difference at all, i am sure you at least felt better after sending it, eh? a fresh jelly donut says they send you a bunch of coupons....

mr. helpful...guess you didn't read the link to take back the media. the boycott has already gotten amtrak and radio shack to withdraw their sponsorship. bose sound systems also has said they would, but listeners have still heard their commercials.

also, we guess you're joking about the jelly donuts, mr. helpful, but we don't remember seeing them on the red lobster menu.

finally, our good buddy on the right, conrad of the gweilo diaires, says:

i note you praise the service but make no mention of the food. very tactful.

to be clear, the food was not bad, rather uneventful. our problem was that the portions were so small for the price. there are many better seafood restaurants available in los angeles. we highly recommend delmonico's.

and finally, we got an email from symbolman of take back the media, saying, among other things, that cbs marketwatch will talk about this boycott on wednesday, so let's stay tuned!

(hey, speaking of the market, how's it been doing this month?
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Sunday, January 26, 2003

is their face red (lobster)

in response to take back the media's limbaugh sponsor boycott, here is our letter to red lobster:

my wife and i have eaten at your beverly hills restaurant, and we found the service to be exlemplary.

however, we will no longer eat at that restuarant, or any of your red lobster restaurants, as long as you continue to advertise on the rush limbaugh show.

i have no problem with letting people of different political beliefs air their viewpoints. however, mr. limbaugh not only plays fast and loose with the facts, he is notorious for not allowing alternate viewpoints on his own show.

he recently said that every man, woman and child in the world could fit into the state of texas with 1500 square feet for each person. this is an obvious lie. and this is only one of many.

i am also upset that you would sponsor a man who uses the perjorative term "feminazi," which not only denegrates women as a whole, but also makes light of the people who suffered at the hands of the germans in world war ii. my wife's family had relatives in the concentration camps, and i do not find anything humorous about mr. limbaugh's attitude.

rest assured i will never set foot in a red lobster again until you have revoked your sponsorship from his show.
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america gets it

we at skippy are heartened to see opinions being expressed on the letters to the editors page (in this case, the la times), opinions which are not being mentioned other places in mainstream media. at least the normal american guys and gals are beginning to see through awol's smoke and mirrors.

we especially like this one from david rennie of studio city, who writes in response to the president's rhetoric and the realities of war:

so president bush says allies' challenges to his iraq policy are like "a rerun of a bad movie" (jan. 22). what movie is that? "the madness of king george"?

we also like the comment from rodney davis of la verne, when speaking about governement secrets and the administration's penchant for not sharing info with the citizenry:

these guys make hitler's crowd look like amateurs

and here's a great idea from peter jansz of reseda, talking about it's bush-hussein ii, another bad sequel:

to boost american morale i suggest sending bush, vice president dick cheney and defense secretary donald rumsfeld to spearhead the assault into baghdad. voila!

other interesting citizen repsonses to previous latimes stories:

president's shortcomings: when personal is political

lessons of vietname ignored in rush to war

antiwar demonstrations
gentlemen criminals win on wall street

double talk on double taxation

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vote for skippy!

hey kids, go on over to the smirking chimp blog rating page and rate skippy's site (down at the bottom). we just like to see our name in print! (we'd vote for ourselves, but it's against the rules, and we don't want to rig the election. what do we look like, a bush?)
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"piano man" billy joel released from hospital

"piano man" billy joel was hospitalized for several hours early sunday after smashing his car into a tree along a highway on far eastern long island.

sung to the tune of "it's still rock n roll to me":

what's the matter with the car i'm driving?
(don't you know the headlight's in the trunk?)
things are looking kinda woozy now baby
(are you sure that you aren't drivin drunk?)

my head is throbbin' and my eyes are kinda misty
i never been the same since i got divorced from christie
fast lane, past pain, even if i'm gassed again
it's still dui to me.

what's the matter with my brain now doctor
(do you think i'm goin' outta my gourd?)
what's the matter with my new insurance
(does it cover time at betty ford?)

a tree and i had a little fender bender
i guess i shouldn't drive with a margarita blender

tires squeal, crushed steel, vodka with an orange peel
it's still dui to me.

(with apologies to mad kane)

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Saturday, January 25, 2003

vote early and often!

hey, the sideshow annex has a presidential poll! go click on somebody! (but how come dr. carol put in paul krassner, but not al sharpton? they're both just a funny!)

also, on the subject of legitimate presidencies, the smirking chimp directs us to joyce lynn's online journal article, "call for bush's impeachment for 9/11."

now, we personally think there's better legal grounds for impeachment based on awol's dissertion of his military post during a time of war. but whatever works, folks.

and, thanks to atrios, we found this great gallup poll comparison of 4 different presidencies and george awol bush, compiled by the (in atrios' words) "invaluble" pollkatz.

and hey, the horse reminds us all to join take back the media's limbaugh boycott! (fatboy's sponsors, not just his show)
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cheers and jeers

we'd like to give cheers to this week's edition of tv guide, where they give a big jeers to the gum'mit's ridiculous "don't-do-drugs-because-they're-evil" campaign:

two blathering teenage stoners sit in a suburban den when one playfully pulls a gun from a drawer. bang! fade to black. but what is a loaded pistol doing in daddy's desk, anyway? and are we supposed to infer that guns don't kill people, pot does? hazy might be the best word to describe this psa.

we're still waiting for the one where the guy in the glasses tells his friend "when you use drugs, you support terrorism," so his friend says "then why don't they frickin' legalize the crap so they can make some goddam tax money off of it like they do alcohol and nicotine? i wouldn't have to buy it from terrorists then, you sanctimonious jackhole!"

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blogtopia gets a virus

in fact, the whole internet has slowed down because of the sql server worm, a computer virus that attacks vunlerable microsoft servers.

experts called it the most damaging attack on the internet in 18 months as networks across asia, europe and america were effectively shut down...the exact origin of the attack remained a mystery, and some experts warned that more destructive variants of the worm could appear soon.

browsers and web sites have been slowed down since early saturday morning.

the worm, called "sapphire" or "sql slammer," specifically targeted udp port 1434 in order to find sql servers to compromise. by blocking all traffic on that port and the primary sql server port, 1433, network administrators were able to quell the floods. affected servers had to be rebooted in order to stop the flow of data according to betanews.

the worst for most people was an inability to reach many websites, or a slowdown in service. the entire internet has been affected, indlucig the worm becalskd asl rahd )*&(*:lsl a12323!@ #1cqw"":? ss!
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letters, we get letters...

brian zick of brianzick.com directs us to the latimes story, us weighs tatical nuclear strike on iraq, as well as this clip from dr. strangelove (as a visual aid, we suppose).
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Friday, January 24, 2003

bush responds to polls...sorry, we mean un inspections team

the administration of george awol bush will "acquiesce to continued u.n. inspections [in iraq], at least for the next several weeks, according to u.s. and diplomatic sources," according to the washpost.

france, russia and china, three of the council's permanent, veto-bearing members, have said a new council resolution is necessary before military force can be used; all three have said they see no need for it while inspections are proceeding. although the united states is less convinced than britain that a new council resolution authorizing force is either achievable or necessary, it has agreed to keep the door open to a council consensus for now.

skippy had just made a bet with mrs. skippy that we'd be at war by valentine's day; now it looks like he may lose (dinner at el torito, not a bad bet to lose).

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blogging around

busy, busy, busy analyzes newt gingrich's opinions on the morals of hollywood ("hello, pot? this is kettle...")

atrios has more on the john lott "my dog ate my data" controversy, with links to other fine blogs and great comments about it all. also, thanks to atrios, here is take back the media's action alert to contact rush limbaugh's sponsors and tell them you will boycott their products.

looks like scrappleface is funny first, and right-wing second.

better rhettor fricases thomas friedman, nytimes hawk.
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happy new year from the bush economic team

the first month of the new year is looking to be a doozy, if you like slides that is. the headlines aren't helping any:

stocks sink; dow, s&p 500 at 3-month lows

dow falls in worst day since october

tech slide sends nasdaq to year lows - index sheds 3.3 percent, hits bottom for the year

lockheed, raytheon post losses on charges

mcdonald's reports first loss - ceo says double-digit growth is now 'unrealistic'

equities fade despite nortel boost

kmart files plan to get out of bankruptcy

dollar's losing streak hits nine days - greenback hits fresh three-year low vs. euro

at&t shares sink on sales weakness

american electric power to cut 1300 jobs in addition to huge 4th quarter loss

adm profit falls, hurt by soybean prices

red skies for american airlines

kodak falls short of profit goal - photo giant to cut about 2,000 additional jobs

but don't worry. the senate is trying to reinstate the monthly labor department report on layoff statistics, which was discontinued last year because, get this now, there wasn't enough money.
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a lady-like altercation

we recommend that everyone check out alterman's daily column today, because our buddy talkleft is sitting in to write altercation.

(and we aren't recommending it just because she gives this blog a plug, either!)

aside from the usual slacker friday reader comments, talkleft comments on the upcoming "drugs-are-responsible-for-all-evil-in-the-world" commercials sponsored by the gu'mmint on superbowl sunday, as well as a surprising poll result for the most favored dem to run in '04 (three guesses as to what her name is). plus, talkleft really promotes eric's other writings, which we suppose, is only good manners.
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Thursday, January 23, 2003

what has four wings and flies?

at least it used to. chinese scientists have discovered the fossil of a dinosaur with four wings: a "diminutive plumed dragon that could be a long-sought evolutionary link between dinosaurs and the first true birds."

the animal, called the micropator qui, was about the size of a chicken, apparantly had four limbs, all covered with feathers. scientists conject that it could glide from tree to tree much like today's flying squirrel.

``we now know the closest relatives of birds have four wings and live in trees.'' [paleontologist xing] xu said.

as opposed to our closet relatives who have four bucks and live in squalor.

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brother, can you spare a million?

no surprise to anyone, but yahoo is reporting that the wealth gap between rich and poor in the us is widening even further.

the difference in median net wealth between the 10% of families with the highest incomes and the 20% of families with the lowest incomes jumped 70% [ed. note: !!!!!] from 1998 through 2001, the fed said in its consumer finances report, which it conducts every three years. the gap between whites and minorities grew 21%.

wow! good thing the economy is doing so well!

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don't mince words, helen, tell us what you really think

found on thoughts on the eve of the apocalypse: helen thomas, the last white house reporter with integrity, was profiled in the california daily breeze. the comment quoted by apocalypse:

"this is the worst president ever,” she said. “he is the worst president in all of american history.”

no argument here.

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yeah baby! groovy!

matt prescott of earth-info.net sends us this "groovy" map of world wide anti-war protests.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

our pen stops for a moment

in his younger days, skippy doodled with cartooning...a few panels in the local college town paper, and tons of comic books for his school friends.

so it is with heavy heart that the staff at skippy notes the passing of two greats in the pen and ink arena this week.

al hirschfeld, the man who could say the most with the fewest lines about broadway and hollywood, passed away earlier this week at the age of 99.

in a career that spanned the 20th century, he probably saw more shows than anyone else. he drew a vast and imaginative portrait of the performing artists of his lifetime, particularly in the theater. he was a familiar figure at first nights and at rehearsals, where he had perfected the technique of making a sketch in the dark, using a system of shorthand notations that contributed to the finished product.

mr. hirschfeld's caricatures were famous for hidden instances of the name of his daughter, "nina," somewhere in the sparse, elegant lines. next to his signature he put the number of "ninas" in his drawings, creating a sort of pleasurable sunday game for his admirers.

take a look at a nytimes gallery of his work, you will realize you have been a fan of his without even knowing it.

here's what the blogging cartoonists have to say: elayne riggs and ampersand and pop culture gadabout (technically not a cartoonist, but he knows everything about pop culture!) on hirschfeld.

and for those of you who remember when the us waited for provocation before going to war, we are also sad to report the passing of bill maudlin, the creator of the willie and joe strip that got so many g.i.'s through the night in those hellish foxholes overseas during world war ii.

bill mauldin, the army sergeant who created willie and joe, the cartoon characters who became enduring symbols of the grimy, irrepressible american infantrymen who triumphed over the german army and prevailed over their own rear-echelon officers in world war ii, died yesterday in newport beach, calif. he was 81...after willie and joe won the war, mr. mauldin became a syndicated newspaper cartoonist and went on for more than 50 years to caricature bigots, superpatriots, doctrinaire liberals and conservatives and pompous souls in whatever form they appeared. he won the pulitzer prize twice, once in 1944 for his world war II work, again in 1959 for his commentary on soviet treatment of boris pasternak.

skippy's father, who served on a sub in the pacific theatre in that war, loved willie and joe, and would often regale young skippy with tales of their antics, and how much they meant to the grunts and swabbies on the front lines.

here's what pop culture gadabout and tom tomorrow and body and soul and ampersand (who has more great links to other blogs' memoriums) had to say about maudlin.

the world is a sadder place tonight...at least it is, in skippy's cartoon.

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say hello

to pax liberalis and the mad prophet.
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those darn polls! part deux

thanks to atrios, we are re-directed to today's wolf "how's my beard" blitzer's cnn page, asking the poll question, "would you support a war with iraq without france and germany's support?"

we know it's not scientific, but we can't help but chuckle at the results.
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happy to do it

we're happy to add skimble to our permanent blogroll. today skimble discusses the ridiculous tax break that george awol bush is giving to small businesses that buy suv's. it wasn't bad enough that the gov't. gave folks a $25,000 deduction for buying one of those road-hog gas guzzling reasons to invade iraq. now awol proposes to has tripled the deduction, so if the tax plan passes, a guy who owns a strip club can write off a hummer [ed. note: pun intended] to the tune of more than most of us make in a year!
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good stuff

hey, the hamster has lots of good stuff today. go read him.
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a sad annivesary

thirty years ago today, the last democrat with any balls passed away at the age of 64.

(and here's one of his dogs, thanks to barney!)
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hey, did bush speak about the economy today?
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Tuesday, January 21, 2003


you are the 60,000th visitor to skippy!

[ed. note: you actually may not be. however, real life concerns could keep skippy and the staff from blogging too much in the near future, and we may not see the actual count-o-meter turnover, which is like forgetting to notice when the speedometer on your plymouth turns back over to 00000: a shame to miss such a seminal moment.

[if indeed, you are not the 60,000 visitor, feel free to email us, and we will send you double what we would have sent the real 60,000th visitor. thank you].
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the lovely meryl yourish has done the honors of hosting this week's carnival of the vanities.
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those darn polls!

while researching our letter to the nytimes (for the post just below), we stumbled on this great page from the polling report. the question asked is basically, what are the most important priorities for the government to deal with right now?

please peruse each poll, and notice (a) which problem is invariably at the top of the list, and (b) how far down the list iraq is, as well as (c) what issues are usually found between the one at the top and the problem of iraq.

what the hell is awol thinking anyway?
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bcc: mwo

here's a copy of the letter sent to the nytimes in response to adam nagourney's ridiculous use of the word "popular":

in reference to adam nagourney's recent article, we take exception to the way mr. nagourney plays fast and loose with the english language.

he says that mr. bush is a popular republican president. the only way this can be true is if the definition of "popular" is now the same as "barely a majority."

mr. bush's ratings have plummeted: cnn/time has his job ratings at 53%. granted, it's the lowest of the low, with abc/washpost at 59%, newsweek at 56%, pew and investor's business daily/christian science monitor and ipsos-reid cook all at 58%. but the trend is downward, and most polls also show americans overwhelmingly do not approve of attacking iraq without proof, or without allied support, so mr. bush can't rely on a bagdad bump.

now, personally, we would define "popular" as 73%, or roughly 3 out of 4 people approving of a president, numbers bill clinton was able to pull the day after his impeachment.

we don't know how one can define "popular" as one out of two people approving of your job performance. if only half my bosses liked my work, i'd be fired!

oh, that's right! i was! but not because of job performance. i was downsized! thanks, mr. bush! i bet the guy standing right next to me really approves of your job performance!


etc. etc.
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eric alterman clarifies his position on answer and the recent anti-war protests:

let me be clearer this time. i was only slagging you if you belong to an iraq/north korea-admiring organization like a.n.s.w.e.r. or the wwp. i was also slagging some of the silly speakers I heard on c-span. i was not slagging the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who braved the bitter cold in support of their honest convictions.

fair enough. we at skippy would have preferred if we had learned about the protests from website that was not "red." wait a minute, in fact, we learned about it from the greens!

ok, ok, what we mean to say is, we at skippy would have preferred if everybody in the world thought like we did, so nobody could get mad that someone else thinks differently...no wait, that doesn't work either.

ok, let us be clear this time. when we made the remark "bloggers, get over thyselves," we were speaking directly to a remark made by instapundit, about himself and mr. alterman, and we did not mean any disrespect towards mr. alterman's opinions. actually, none either towards insty's opinions about the demonstrations, only about the fact that he thought "when you're getting slagged by alterman and me, you're not launching a viable mass movement." we suggested that someone may want to rachet down their opinon of themselves a bit. and this was not directed to mr. alterman, who made no such statement.

are we clear? ok then. we would have preferred the demonstrations to have no nutty people involved. but hell, we would prefer that we didn't have to wait in line at the supermarket with nutty people either. but a wiser man than we once said, you can't always get what you want.

and as for letting the anti-war movement get "hijacked" by such far left organizations as the wobblies, or stalin's kids, or whoever: we subscribe to fellow blogger martin wisse's wise words: if we had had to wait for the democrats or a similar nicely inoffensive group to organise something, we would still be waiting.

and, as max sawicky points out, the event was co-sponsored by united for peace, a coalition of organizations, none them seeming to be any more insidious than the vote hemp movement.

now, that's green!

addendum: upon further reflection, we feel we need to clarify our clarification.

we are under no illusion that instapundit actually meant his words to be taken literally, or even seriously. indeed, prof. reynolds has been nothing but gracious to skippy and his entire staff in our short career of blogging, and we don't want to appear to be jumping on the "let's knock instapundit" bandwagon that seems to be sweeping the left side of blogtopia (yes! we coined that phrase!)

but we must admit our response to his words, "when you're getting slagged by alterman and me, you're not launching a viable mass movement," while misdirected and muddled, was a legitimate reaction, accurate in its feeling if not its target.

we now realize that, like most pronouncements coming from the right, insty's words are merely pre-emptive distraction to keep others from making a similar statement, not to prof. reynolds, but to awol himself, to wit:

"when your invasion plans are getting slagged by everybody else in the whole wide world, you're not launching a viable foreign policy."

we regret any confusion our previous snide remarks may have caused.
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who are these guys

we have no idea how these guys linked to us...but they're pretty cool.
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blogging around

democratic veteran makes a pun.

the smirking chimp makes an observation about awol's losing votes from the center.

thousand yard glare makes a comparison between the republican revolution and the founding fathers (and finds it lacking).

south knox bubba makes mincement of awol's mlk day speech.

mydd makes a list of the dem candidates in order of poll-ranking (and he makes a link to daily kos' cattle call).

into the breach makes a point about saddam and the inspections.

scrappleface makes a joke in bad taste. a very funny joke in bad taste.
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