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Thursday, December 12, 2002

favorite christmas songs so far

please keep emailing skippy (or visit our comments section) with your suggestions of your favorite christmas songs...remember, we want specific versions, including artist, record label and arranger's birthdate (ok, we're kidding, but don't just say "angels we have heard on high"...let us know if you prefer the manheim steamroller version over the christine aguilera take.

so far, here's some favorites of our readers:

todd laclair likes martina mcbride's "o holy night"

maru the crankpot nominates rockin' round the christmas tree - the classic brenda lee version - and merry f*cking christmas from south park. she also likes, with which we heartily agree, the boston pops arrangement of sleigh ride, complete with horse hooves clopping, whips cracking, and trumpets neighing.

kevin of lean left is fond of merry christmas baby by the boss, the little drummer boy by bob seeger & the silver bullet band and christmas in hollis by run-dmc from a very special christmas (the album from which we previously mentioned stevie nicks' version of silent night). kevin also nominates a song we were holding on our top ten list (to be released later this month): christmas wrapping by the waitresses.

the lovely crinkle cutz apparently didn't read our whole post, because she mentioned a song sans artiste: sleigh ride. but she does manage to wrap it back around to the letter from gotham christmas riddle: what christmas carol is not about christmas? you get points for cleverness, crinkle!

keep those suggestions coming in, folks! also, what's your fav christmas movie? ours is the classic kid's eye view of christmas: a christmas story, starring darren mcgavin, peter billingsley, melinda dillon, and directed by bob clark. it's based on the wonderful writings of the man whose act was stolen by garrison keillor: jean shepherd. folks, if you're an american and you haven't read this man's work, your life is worse for it, we assure you.

cheat sheet: if you're having trouble remembering specifics, here is a similarly-themed article on the in music we trust zine in which author gary pig gold asked the same question (plus the clever "which christmas song annoys you?") of various critics.

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